Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, October 31, 2019

A good nights sleep and a busy day

Where are we today ? 

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     Another pain free night and slept pretty well through from 9 pm until 4:15 am with a couple of nature calls. Got up then had some cereal, coffee and my meds then back to lay down for another hour or so. About 9 am decided to have a shower, we get our sewage pumped out tomorrow. At this point I noticed my ankles were swollen, so called our Doc in Stratford and she had us come in for 11:15 this morning.  Nw problem, so we headed into Stratford, No Frills for some groceries, have out jug of RO water refilled  the see the Doc. She gave us a few tips after reviewing more of our tests and bloodwork and went into the Life Labs here for even more blood work. These vampires are loving me especially on Halloween! Fuelled up the car and back home for lunch.
heading into Stratford on a rainy day
mind you rained pretty much all day.
       That taken care of put our feet up and had a very nice short visit with Bill and Patsy (Chillin' with Patsy)  they are heading out on their winter adventure to the southwest this Saturday, (safe travels guys). After they left Suzie enjoyed short rest and I puttered around on the computer for a while. Just taking it easy and thinking I could make a Highliner Fish and chip supper tonight just because we have this package the other day and do love our fish and chips. And I feel like I can eat this tonight.
Patsy and Bill before they head out in 2 days
the field beside us is getting lotsa water as are many more
our choice for supper tonight in the oven easy and reason able 

this sure hit the spot tonight
at least I can eat a bit
      Daughter #2 posted these pics go GS #4 and his sister # GD 3 being devils so nice to see sibling love!
         Another productive moving forward a bit more and looks a possible visit to the liver Doctor sooner than Nov 7th to discuss my options. Guess we will see.
Thanks for dropping by and hop you had a great day as well.
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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

More packing , family help, no pain today,car ready for winter.

Where are we today ? 
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     Hey a pretty good sleep last night again, no pain, slept 2 hours, nature call.
Slept 3 hours nature call,  about another 2-3 hour shift then up at 5 am feels pretty good. Suzie's sister Rose had a nice Duvet that they don't use, too hot for them. We tried it out and very warm but we found it perfect we can now open out bedroom window for fresh air that we are used to for a cool bedroom at night.
     Got some cereal, juice and coffee into me, some computing done, then laid down for a 1/2 hour just because I can. I get tired very quickly. At 8 am Suzie whipped in The Stratford Walmart for a Duvet cover, then to Pettigrews Garage Plattsville to have our winter tires installed and car serviced for 9 am.
winter tires installed and car serviced
as ready as the car can be for the winter
    Shortly after 10 am #1 daughter Kim arrived to help do some packing like she had planned. A few minutes later Suzie got back from Pettigrew's and they set to work. First thing on the agenda they put the cover on the duvet that Suzie picked up this morning, hey. I love the colour and will be so much easier to wash, Then they packed and packed mostly pantry stuff, 6 cupboards 4 large boxes, moving ahead more progress.
      Then shortly after noon Kim went down the road to Tim Hortons, got herself some soup, toasted cinnamon raisin bagel w/cream cheese for me and a chicken wrap for Suzie.
the duvet cover is like one big pillow case
push. pull and shake
love the colors perfect for our new apartment
Kim and I just before she left
so much wonderful help
        We chatted for a bit then she headed back home another 2.5 hour drive for her. Thanks Kim for your help and tasty lunch for us. About 1:30 she left so we both laid down for a 90 minute rest. Re energized again.
       Feeling rested again on a cold rainy day we relaxed, some reading and toasty warm not much more we wanted to do today read for a while then heat up the rest of the shepherds pie Kim made  for us. This sure hit the spot again.
this did the trick along with some Ensure
     That was it for another pain free day, getting more packing done, car serviced and relaxing moving ahead. Supper done wrap up this using relax a bit take my meds and look forward to a pain free good night's sleep.
     Thanks for joins us today only 8 more sleeps and we can move into our new apartment. Then winterize our coach and store it.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Good night's sleep pain free, more packing.

Where are we today ? 
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     Yahoo! boy did I get a good sleep last night took my whole pain pill and a sleeping pill and heating pad,  slept right through until 2 am, nature call and back to sleep until 5:15 am. What a nice treat that was. Good sleep without pain the meds are helping.
      Outta bed at a good time, had some cereal, OJ and a coffee, puttered on the computer for a bit, watched the news, and stretch out on the bed for a bit. Shortly after 10 am SIL Sandy came over to help Suzie sort and pack some stuff and of course me just sitting on my ass giving directions.
          Then got a phone call from Home Health Care (used to be called CCAC). My Family Doctor referred us. Where they come into our home to help out when needed, and track my health on an on going basis. From before, during and after.
     Then at noon Sandy, offer to go down the street to grab a bagel for me, and the grocery store with small containers of water melon, strawberries, kiwi, blue berries, raspberries  and black berries that they eat any way, so we took some out to nibble on when we feel like it. Thanks Sandy for all you help, and tasty snacks.
        Then I stretched out on the bed for a bit and by gosh fell asleep. for 2 hours! Suzie woke me up, a good friend (cousin) Joyce Roth dropped by for a visit.  So I got up and chatted with her for a while then she headed home,  just up the road about 1/2 mile. A very nice visit Joyce, thanks for stopping by.
       As she was leaving she noticed a Racoon under our coach, Suzie grabbed my camera and got a couple of pictures of this masked bandit. They look so cute but can be vicious.
so cute
      Then soon time for supper. I wanted some wieners and beans. So heated the beans and a hot dog for Suzie in a flower tortilla. That sure hit the spot for us tonight.
love these beans
hot dog for Suzie in a tortilla,
wieners and beans for me hit the spot
      Now that was a pretty good day, no pain some more packing done mostly under my direction. We are moving forward slowly one day at a time. Hoping yet another good nights sleep, and no pain sure does feel good. Thanks for taking the time to drop on by for a nice visit.
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Monday, October 28, 2019

Made it through another night, slowly getting some packing done.

Where are we today ? 
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       Another weird night sleep. but we got through it off and on, slept till 11 pm, full strength pain pill and sleeping  pill at 1 am , did not help sat up at 3:30 for a bit back to bed for an hour, 4:30 and again had some cereal and juice, back to bed 5 am, dreaming about a heating pad, Suzie got ours out for lower back and slept until 8 30 the heating pad seems to help, so will be using that some more.
       This a a picture my sister Louise posted on here facebook page, a blast from the past in the late 50's, thanks LULU.
Me and Lulu, then Mom and Me blond hair blue eyes
     It is a nice sunny day not too windy and temps in the 50's. Did eventually get to 65 F.  Suzie did some sorting and packing a couple of boxes, a bit at a time, still no energy at all.  I had a high protein smoothie my from my brother the other day, that seemed to help a bit and a healthy homemade soup from daughter Kim.
     About noon I stretched out on the bed fo a bit, 2 hours later woke up felling rested some more, Being a nice sunny day went outside for a while. topped up our batteries and removed a few things for the outside compartments, our 2 carry on bags (they have some nice winter clothes in them) plus our Christmas decorations and Christmas tree.
      Then because it was so warm and sunny I sat on the porch with Suzie's sister Rose and BIL Ross for a about and hour. Gus joined us as well. I was getting chilly so back inside. Until time for supper. Then supper a couple of breaded chicken breasts stuffed with cheese and broccoli, broccoli and cheese on the side, and scalloped potatoes for Suzie.
on their porch sheltered from the wind was wonderful
Gus came to visit me for a bit
then sit on Suzie's lap
    A bit later Ross joined Suzie and Rose just as I came in side, getting too chilly for me
     I came home a got supper together not long in the oven was very tasty,
this was mine but could not finish it
so I had an ensure for desert
Suzie's larger portion
this was the sunset out our living room window
       A fairly relaxing day,  just a bit of pain got some packing taken care of and some outside fresh air on a warmer sunny day.
       Glad that y'all dropped on by and hope you enjoyed you day as well.
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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Relaxing Sunday and Doggie fix made our day.

Where are we today ? 
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   Well after a pain free day yesterday that sure felt good. No pain pills needed I took 1/2 of one at 8 pm, slept pretty good till then 1:30, then another 1/2, still had pain off an on and at 4:30 took a whole pill sleeping until 7:45 this morning. Not too bad. Just wish I had no pain at night, usually the only time it happens when I am trying to sleep during the night. Will see how today goes so far no more pain at 10 am, a good sign.
     A few lay downs off and on, at 10:30 Suzie's Brother Dennis and SIL Sandy came over with some empty boxes. We were going to pack some outside stuff but was too cold and rainy so they had a short visit and left to meet friends for lunch in town..
     Then about 2 pm we enjoyed a nice visit with Gerry, Melinda and Tucker, good friends from Rock Glen Resort. They head south Nov 7th to their trailer they have stored in Florida so nice to see them again and we wish them safe travels.
Tucker right up on Suzie's lap
Gerry and melinda love their smiles

Tucker just had to jump up and kiss me all over
Gerry Tucker and Melinda
Tucker looking out the door
         A while later they left we decided for supper tonight to enjoy some of this Shepherds Pie #1 Daughter Kim made a brought for us, we do love shepherds pie.

oh my this was awesome !
    That was a pretty good relaxing day, very little pain. Just hope later I am able to get a good nights sleep.
    Thanks for dropping on by to see what we are up to. Not much nowadays. Hope you enjoyed you day as well.
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Saturday, October 26, 2019

A weird night and a pain free day doing nothing.

Where are we today ? 
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     Started off with a good sleep until 11:30 pm, pain woke me up, on no. Suzie said earlier I could take 1/2 of my pain pill, so I did, Back to bed tossed and turned until 12:30 more pain. No, I don't want to go back to hospital, so woke her up, She said I could another 1//2 pain pill. Did that and sat at my computer the eventually the pain went away. So back to bed, up at 3:30 no pain yeah! Back to sleep until 4 :30 had some cereal , juice and coffee, no pain compute a bit got tired and back to bed slept well until 6:45. Wow, well rested I got up more coffee and feeling pretty good. No complaints here still no pain!! Not sure how this worked but so glad it did.
       Now with nothing on the agenda today that is what we will be do nothing, rest, relax and be pain free, feels so good after over 2 weeks of no sleep and too much pain. At least it is sunny only 36F at 7 am but we toasty warm inside here. At noon 53 F and still sunny went outside for a short walkabout then inside to whip lunch, for me a protein bar an ensure did the trick and I made a salmon sandwich for Suzie.
     Next about 12:30 thought I would stretch out on the bed for a few minutes that ended up being 2 hours. Wow still feeling pretty good so more relaxing don't wanna push to, rest while I can. Still no pain.
     Ross and Rose can home this afternoon and invited us in for Dinner spaghetti squash, one of our favourites,  Even though not hungry I went in and joining them for a bit to eat, fading quickly. So back home to wrap up this posting for tonight relax some more, (I and exhausted)  Take it easy a nice hot cup of herbal tea, and heading into bed hoping tonight for a pain free one that will provide a good nights sleep.
Rose layered the spaghetti squash in a casserole dish like lasagna
and turned out perfectly
this was so tasty sure hit the spot
Thanks guys for a wonderful dinner
      R & R today sure felt good, not sure where the time went but its was quite nice to have a pain free day.
     Thanks for dropping in and hope you had a good day as well.
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Friday, October 25, 2019

Another long night and day in the hospital

Where are we today ?
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    Wow, what another adventure!  I woke up shortly after 11 Pm in  lots of pain again,  So Suzie and I bundled up and headed into Stratford Hospital. Had to go see more pretty nurses and Doctors, and surprising there is a a few there all night long.
      Gave me a room in emergency, intravenous and but this time they frozen the area before with a patch so was pretty painless.
     A bunch of blood work and decided a Cat scan was need to check further, Unfortunately the Cat must be out roaming not back here until 5 am I did get a few shot naps then at 5 and they gave me some liquid taste like peach juice. I had to consume over an 2 hours tine frame.
      The 7 am Cat scan one back in the room, they also gave Suzie a room with a bed rest, nice.
Wait for results the to see the Doctor, They were all tied up with a big emergency and waiting to air flight to London Hospital. I did manage a few naps all drugged up with no pain.
trying to rest in the hospital
      Number one daughter Kim came to visit today from Aurora  Ontario and met us at the hospital just as I was think it took her over 3 hours to get here, She bought us a tiny Shepherd's pie she made.
Me and Kim
     We got back to the coach about 1 pm. Kim went down the street to Tim Hortons, picked and bagel w/ cream cheese and some chilli for her and Suzie. Thanks Kim. When she left here she dropped off our snow tires and rims in Plattsville at Pettigrews so Dale could mount them and we will go there next week to get the car serviced and winter tires installed..
     When she left around 3 pm we both headed for a nap 3 hours was wonderful. Back up again relax a bit, not much else I can do that's for sure.
     I do love all your wonderful comments and usually reply to each. Not tonight. Just kick back relax a get some more rest.
     Thank y'all for dropping on by.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Couple more things checked off the list and catching up on my rest.

Where are we today ? 
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     A very good sleep last night 9 till 5 am with only 3 nature calls, Heck its about time lets see if I can keep that up to help build my strength and feel better.
     For 9 am we had a follow up doctors appointment with our family doctor in Stratford to go over the procedure and renew some prescriptions also get her to sign for a Handicap permit for our car.  I really need it right now with my limited walking ability low energy and balance.
     Then a quick stop at Canadian Tire to pick up rims for our snow tires, next New Hamburg for prescriptions, and the handicap permit for the car. Thank goodness Suzie driving me around.
      Back to Tavi for a tasty light lunch, I had a protein bar, ensure, more water and almonds and walnuts. Then a  relaxing afternoon but for me Suzie she spent a couple of hours on the phone trying to arrange a U-haul trailer, then eventually SIL Sandy suggested we park the coach at their place begin unpacking and put stuff in their garage until moving day. That will be a help, we can only do a bit every day as I burn out very quickly.
a nice sunny day but chilly
we sat on the porch for a bit then I got too cold
our coach from the porch
      I did get some relaxing and reading time in today then time for supper. We picked a tasty Tortiere that a looked and was tasty as good as the ones I used to make but was quick and easy hit and the spot
this was pretty tasty hit the spot
     I split it with Suzie and she had some scalloped potatoes from the deli counter did the trick
with the tomatoes was plenty for me
     There ya go got a few things taken care of in the morning before fatigue hit me so can rest up again for another day tomorrow. The weekend is just around the corner so need to be rested to whatever parties, come our way. Hey, I can at least dream about them and have fun in my brain lol.
    Thanks for dropping in for a virtual. I like when people can do that.
    Hope y'all had a good day as well.
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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Biopsy done easy peasy, just a long day in the hospital.

Where are we today ?
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    Heck last night I got a total of 5 hours sleep in 3 shifts, one 3 hour shifts then 2 separate separate 1 hours shifts, between 9 pm and 5 am gotta do better than that, working in it.
    Up at 5am and left here at 7 check into the Stratford hospital they got me in a day surgery bed, IV installed (ouch) blood work etc, the up to see DR Wan, the surgeon for my liver biopsy, 2 pretty nurses got me ready on monitors cleaned up the the Doc came in with the ultra sound the area he was to target, Sterilized the are a painless freezing of the are then a deeper freeze into my liver. The biopsy results take about a week, so more waiting until the next move. Next a tiny long needle inserted to draw out 4-5 samples, then put a bandaid on it! So easy quick and painless. The IV was much more painful than the biopsy, go figure.
      Now back to the day surgery recovery and have to wait 4 very long hours until they set me free. 2  hours before I could even have a sip of water, man was I thirsty!! Now it is noon, in one hour and they can bring some food. I would like to thank all the friendly helpful staff here at the Stratford General Hospital.
here I am hurry up and wait
          Not bad food today but heck better than nothing Finally they set me free shortly after 2 pm . Yippee a free man. I even was able to slowly walk to the exit, and sit in the warming sun while Suzie got the car. Here I am signing in my head a John Denver tune, Take me Home Country Roads. This felt wonderful taking  the country roads back to Tavistock and relax at home. By 2:30 pm I am kinda whipped so just relax, really can't much more for 24-48 hours. Keep an eye on the tiny incision for infection.
waiting for Suzie
this the place 
nice country road back to Tavistock 15 minutes
took a short walkabout down the rear of the yard
moving very slowly but a bit
of exercise and fresh air was wonderful
loving the clear blue sunny skies
about 55 F today
        Now for supper thought I would try some good ole Campbells chicken noodle soup my sister brought, very tasty but not low sodium is our choice. It went down wonderful though.
a tasty bow of soup for supper yummy
    So other than no energy at all an still feeling week I seem to be getting somewhat better every day. Not out of the woods by a long shot, they still have to figure what these tumours on my liver are all about.
    Another long day at the hospital and Suzie there by my side (what trouper she is) taking notes from the doctors and nurses. Especially the stuff I can't hear very well with my hearing impairment.
    Time now to relax for the evening read a bit and hopefully get an even a better nights' sleep 
     Want to thank everyone again for all those wonderful positive thoughts, and prayers coming in on the blog, via facebook, emails and text messages.
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