Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New year !

Where are we today ? 
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Wishing all our families and friends a very Happy and Healthy New Year,
Hard to believe it is 2019 already 
        Much warmer last night for sleeping and next to no wind we had an excellent sleep. Being New Year's Eve day I wanted to pickup a few supplies in Yuma and as always headed out early, it was 7:45 should have left at 7:30 driving into the rising sun. No problem this time, Walmart and as usual in and out quickly and back home by 9 am.
Leaving the campground the sun is rising looks wonderful
on I-8 eastbound more nice sunrise
         We enjoyed a light lunch then I went for a short drive down the road, some more exploring, never know what I will come across. Then a light rain began being overcast and all a much cooler day especially with no sunshine. So relax inside in my new recliner, very comfortable for reading, much better than the old one.
this old deserted Motel from long ago
yup it is done and just left like so many other places here in the desert
probably was nice in its day
this the road I cruised not far from the campground 
another deserted building too
even this deserted inspection station 
new one on the other side heading westbound
      Below is the views we had most of the day , not great for relaxing outside though did get a few walkabouts done, only a couple of miles today.
another good author I enjoy
          For supper tonight a small pork rib eye roast on our grill mat with a salad. Hit the spot. This afternoon we both got some nice reading time done. I finished my last one by Wendy Corsi Staub very interesting about a group of women bloggers with breast cancer and of course an interesting plot of whodunit murders. Now started another book by Robert Crais another author I enjoy this one is Hostage. Don't think the temperature got above 54F so not a great day for hanging around out side.
      Soon time to begin supper on our Weber Q tonight a tasty pork ribeye roast to go with our salad
about 25 minutes done to perfection 145F internal temp
The salad Pork roast and homemade applesauce
Suzie's dad had made
      Then for New Years Eve over to Rob and Pat's with the rest of our Rock Glen Resort friends from Ontario. For some early new Year's eve fun.
All 8 of us here, Loree, Ron, Suzie, Pat, Rob. Me
and Patsy and Bill
Patsy getting set up for a group shot
then I mixed up a treat Macadamia and Tequila
but I guess too much Tequila, no matter  was tasty
         Ron and Loree headed home and the 6 of us played a card game wizard, a fun game, but by shortly after 9 pm I am falling asleep as usual so we finished the game and back home. wrapped up this posting and soon to Bed, Missing the new years eve fun but we have a great time with friends anyway.
Wizard is a fun card game they taught me
     That was out New Years Eve and a great one it was with good friends. Hope y"all had a wonderful New Years eve as well and all the best for 2019.
      Thanks for dropping on by. good night.

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 Where have we been this Winter?

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sunny warm, Imperial sand Dunes, and fun with friends.

Where are we today ?
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     A great sleep and the usual up early on a warmer morning with next to no wind, and the sunrising warming the desert up very nicely. Got a few walkabouts around the campground. Then seeing as we have not plans today we can pack away our Christmas decorations for another year.
a cool morning cloud this morning
soon to be a nice sunrise
           Clear blue sunny skies and no wind!! Loving it, is gonna be an awesome day.
 After a light lunch I hopped in the car to check out the Imperial Sand Dunes about 10 miles down the road west of here. And being a nice week during Christmas busy as always. Amazing to see all these people camped here with their dune buggies, atv's, motorcycles and sand rails having fun in this desert playground.
this is an amazing place to see
we have camped here couple if times years ago
     I headed down the the Plank road and checked it out , nice to see it has been restored very nicely.
sample of this plank road
the original plank road  kinda cool
another se action that was used as well
         I drove around just because I could checking out all these rigs and families here, amazing family times and memories for the people.
a nice looking sandrail
very fast machine
I stopped to let this guy fly on by
all lined up to climb the sand dunes here
the rangers are here keeping an eye on things 
another nice sand rail
lots of these huge rigs here too
need flags etc , they have it here
         Back home to relax in the sun enjoying our e-readers. Bill has his drone out taking pictures of us from the air.
      Now 2 pm ice cream social at the clubhouse so 6 of us headed on down for our ice cream fix, Nice that they do it here every Sunday afternoon.
Rob, Suzie, Bill, Patsy, and Pat
Barb scooping the ice cream, and Gordon doing the toppings
a Nice sundae for a buck
     Back home to enjoy a wonderful very warm sunny afternoon with a more reading, Then at 3:30 over to Bill and Patsy's for Happy hour, a perfect warm day for it and next to no wind.
      8 of there plus Freddy and Clemson, flapping our gums and sharing stories solving all the world problems.
Here is Freddy an amazing friendly dog we
have come to love over the years

always glad to see you
Freddy got his Happy hour drink
and Clemson being Clemson
our fun happy hour group today
Suzie got her doggie fix with Freddy today as well
      About 5 pm we all headed home for supper. Tonight we are enjoying some catfish fillets and fries.
I cut these fillets in half so they cook nicer in our fry daddy
       Fresh cut fries done and a set them in a pan on our weber Q to keep warm while the frier came came back to temperature  and fried our catfish fillets,  just so they are perfect.
fries done
    Fries keeping warm and heat the lemon to make it juicy and in a few short minutes the fish was done. So moist tender and crispy just the way it should be. We do love our catfish.
        Now we both enjoyed a wonderful fish and chip supper, with a few mixed veggies on the side
oh yeah catfish and fries 
          Then we managed to catch another wonderful desert sunset, never tire of these.
a perfect sunset after a perfect day
       Now inside for the evening we can kick back, relax, finish this posting and watch a show/ movie on tv that Suzie has picked.
Info about The Arizona Market place
A local resident posted a information about why the Arizona Market Place
has fall out of favor here in Yuma
  The guy that runs Marketplace (tenant) had a disagreement with the property owners. The tenant put up billboards around Yuma dissing the owners. He specifically called out Dr. Awar. The billboard idea backfired because Dr. Awar is a very well liked and respected Yuma doctor. Local people got mad at the tenant and stopped going.
    That was our wonderful desert day enjoying more sunshine, warm weather and fun with our friends, Hope y'all had a great day too. Tank s for dropping in.
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 Where have we been this Winter?