Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Not much on the go today, but it was fun!

Where are we today ?
                A great nights sleep again, cool and quiet. Up early as usual, coffees and computing waiting for the sunrise. Right outside our front window it did not disappoint us, looks like it will be a nice sunny day. But guess what ? Did not happen.
         So first thing  I baked up a 1/2 dozen blueberry muffins just because I could and was in the mood.
Suzie got a hot one already
          Then I ran a few errands, puttered around a bit and decided to whip a bowl of potato salad for supper tonight.
potato salad done
          It was not really a great day weather wise, at least not like yesterday's almost summer weather. Only about 70f (21c) today, but cloudy skies and a cool north wind. So, got stuff done then pulled out our chairs, and put on a sweater, sweat pants and socks, we can read out side for a while in the fresh air.
todays weather all day
         Soon time to fire up our Weber, gonna BBQ a couple bacon, cheese burgers to go with our potato salad for a almost spring time supper.We pretend its summer ok? But need to eat inside.
really hit the spot tonight
        So there thats it for today, not much happening but the time just flew by, just fine by use we enjoyed it.
         Our day was awesome hope yours was too! If you are back home in the cold snow and ice, stay inside and keep warm. We gonna be  back there too soon I think.
         Thanks for stopping by and joining us.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Almost summertime day, gotta love it!

Where are we today ?
          A wonderful sunrise this morning and going to be an awesome day. So after coffees, computing, walkabouts and exercise our plan is to enjoy this great weather right here.
wonderful sunrise
         Putter about, with all the stuff we enjoy then after a bite for lunch, lets get the chairs our and relax in the shade with our books. Gonna be almost hot today, just like summer weather. We will take it while it is here. As you know we love reading !
awesome day
         Enjoying our books in the shade, chat for a while, even chat with a few neighbors as they walk by too. Was about 82 f today not to shabby! And only a very slight breeze. We are close to the local airport and can enjoy the small planes coming and going not too far away. Almost like bees humming in the distance, so nice that this is the only sounds we hear.
        Involved in our books the day just slips on by. Next thing we know its time for our own Happy hour which means grab a beverage, fire up our Weber Q-100 throw on a couple taters in foil with onions. Add a huge turkey breast I picked up this morning on sale, only $4.18, almost 4 lbs.
on the grill ready to go
looking good
        An hour later turkey, taters, a red pepper done to perfection. Add some steamed broccoli, garlic bread with cheese, turkey gravy and we had a great supper with leftovers for another meal.
soo tasty
          Not sure where the day went but it was awesome, we will take this great weather whenever we can, soon heading north and will start to get cooler for a while.
          Thanks for stopping by in for a read, hope you had a great day too!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sunshine, no wind, Mustang Island and a Birthday celebration.

Where are we today ?
        The wild winds from yesterday left the area overnight, leaving it a bit cooler, but bright sunny skies today, just lovin it. Coffees computing and walkabouts was good first thing. Then at 9am headed down the street a bit to see if Suzie could get another back adjustment. We tried phoning but the call was dropped (we are in a fringe area here). No problem Dr. Beth took her right away and now she good as new.
        But seeing as its early in the day, sun is shining, not much wind and we are in the car anyway, lets take a trip over to Port Aransas on Mustang Island and check out the beach. We haven't been there yet this year.
the road to the ferry dock
        The trip to Port Aransas was about 30 minutes, where we board the free ferry across the channel. They had 5 of these operating today, so only wait a few minutes. But of course all the ships in the channel have the right of way.
boarding the ferry, you can se the front of a ship there
notice the rear of the ship too
ferry arriving beside us, tractor trailers on it
another ferry passing with rv's on it too
heading to the beach and sand dunes
         Once off the ferry we headed to the beach. Here we can drive along the hard packed sand for miles. Lots of Rv's parked here for a few days. We did that in 2006 for one night. But it was a cool breeze and we did not really feeling like hanging out too long, thou was sure was nice to come back for a drive and see the sights again. This place would be a zoo in the summer time I am sure.
driving along the beach for miles
camping on the beach too
grading the roadway 
beach patrol
back on the ferry heading home.
         Once again our ferry had to wait for a small ship, they do have the right of way.
         It was a nice sight to see all the dolphins swimming in the channel today too, but was hard to get pictures of them, they were everywhere, the crossing takes less than 10 minutes.
         No back home in time for lunch then putter around for a while.  While Suzie had a nap , then we even had a chance to read for a bit out of the wind and almost too hot in the sun.
        Then time to head for supper at Blackbeards too in Ingleside TX about 20 minutes away. Meeting up with Rob, Pat, Ted, Katie, John and Barb to celebrate Pat and Katie's birthdays. Happy hour here with great service and good food at reasonable prices.
Katie and Pat
Pat found a flamingo
        Lots laughs, a few stories, celebrations and good food was in order. Nothing like a bunch of friends to celebrate your birthdays!
Suzie had the grilled catfish fillets
I satisfied my craving of suicide wings and fries
thats all of us
        Then with full tummies we slowly made our way outside and back home to our individual campgrounds. Gotta get home before dark ya know.
        Not look at this rig we passed on the highway, large coach, towing and large SUV towing a boat and trailer. Is that really legal?
taking it all with you
then home just in time to catch a bit of a sunset, one in the sky
 and a reflection on the side of our coach
        Thats it for today did not do much yesterday because of the wind but sure made up for it today.
        We do appreciate y'all for dropping in and joining us at the beach and hope you enjoyed supper with us too.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Wow is it windy!

Where are we today ?
Rockport Texas
        Well got up early this morning (as usual). Nice and warm about 70 just waiting for the sun to come up. After a bunch of computing and coffees it did come up, but couldn't see it. Was hiding behind a bunch of black clouds. Not raining and not windy so after a walkabout, hopped on my bike to pedal around.  But then... skies got real dark and the wind picked, not just a little but a whole bunch. Blowing stuff all over the place. Our coach is a rocking and a rolling and its not us doing it either. Checked the forecast and says winds ("hunnert mile and hour" as Billy Bob would say) actually 25-30 mph with gusts up to 50mph. Dust is flying, trees are leaning, garbage blowin' about, sure glad we are not travelling with our coach today. But at least the sun is shinning and its warm out.
        So here its only 10 am, but gotta take Suzie for a chiropractor adjustment down the road  "By the Bay Chiropractic" to see Dr. Eliza "Beth" Thomas. Well Suzie got herself all fixed up and while there I thought may as well get adjusted too. Reasonable rates only $25.00 each so now we are both brand new!
        Back home for lunch, put on the feed bag, then I tied my hat on and headed back downtown in the wind for a few needed supplies. The important stuff beer, wine, oh and a bit of food too.  On the way back downtown the wind is blowing like crazy, just look at the plam trees below.
my hat is tied one
palm trees blowin' in the wind
        Just had to stop by the beach to take a picture of this huge blue crab statue below, too windy here to even get outta the car.

        After shopping stopped at a light an noticed the emblem on the back of of this Ford F-150 pickup truck. Check it out "Texas Edition" not so sure what is special about it but here is a cool video  if you care to click on the link here.
         Now after this shopping excursion got home and noticed our Satellite dish had blown  over. Not good! First time ever in about 4 years that we have had this dish! Luckily we are in a sandy soil so no damage done to the LNB (head). I set it back up secured with three more 18 inch  spikes (7 total now) and all seems to working well now.
         The fierce wind can come on down now we have it taken care of.
our dish is now "VERY" secure
          Then put our Weber on the ground, dropped down the tables, laid the bike down so all will be good for tonight. Needless to say no grilling tonight on our Weber  just way to windy.
          By the time this was done so was most of the afternoon.
almost have waves in the pool
across the pond trees gonna blow away
          So alternative supper for tonight has just been waiting for this kinda weather. A dish that we both love. Liver and Onions. Its the kinda meal either you love or hate, no in between. Something I found out with my restaurant. Simple quick and easy. Saute the onions, quickly fry up the liver add a bit of gravy to some garlic mashed potatoes and a few peas we have ourselves a meal we have been craving for quite a while. Throw in a tomato slice for a bit of color and all is good.
good for us
        So there that was our windy monday, but hey shorts, t shirts sandals, windows open, just too windy to do too much outside. Like bike riding and walking on the beach etc....
        Thanks again for stopping by, checking us out and hope you had a wonderful day too.
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