Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just a nice day and went for drive in our coach.

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        Well we had a cold start to the day, at 6 am it was 4c (38f), but at least no frost (that's a good thing for the crops). Coffee's and computing then an 8 am appointment in New Hamburg for a yearly hearing test and have my hearing aides tuned up. Hey it does make a difference, I can almost hear everything Suzie says now! Now I could go on and on about hearing loss and wearing hearing protection. My last five years at work in a Tool and Tie and Press shop I was the Health and Safety co-ordinator, and I did orientation and training for all the employees there . Over two hundred training sessions and I could not stress enough to these employees about all the aspects of health and safety especially wearing hearing protection in this very noisy environment. From lift truck training, crane operation and press operation, but noise is the one that sneaks up on you then before you know it you have done irreversible damage. So wear your hearing protection, when using lawn mowers, chainsaws, shooting guns, riding motorcycles, even loud music and concerts will damage your hearing, did mine!

        Now with my hearing tune up done I went upstairs to the lab to get my blood work done, not too busy at 8:10am. Then back home to see what we need to do today. First on the agenda was secure our coach for a nice 10 minute drive to Nith River campground to dump our sewage tanks. One of these days we are going to have to camp there, it's a pretty nice spot.

a nice country drive
small entry sign 
they have a nice cement pond for swimming, great for kids
        While I was gone Suzie did our laundry here thanks to our lovely hosts allowing us to use their washing machine. Then back home set up house again, a quick bite to eat and a couple hours playing on the grasshopper mowing some of this grass that has been growing like crazy since the rain. Maybe I can finish it off tomorrow.

        At 3:30 we packed up our Weber Q 100 and off to Suzie's mom and dad's to make a nice BBQ'd chicken, baked potatoes and fresh broccoli for supper. We all love chicken and we have to eat so there, that's what I can do to help. While I was cooking supper her Dad cut some grass while Suzie visited with her mom. 

chicken a taters done
        Then with the BBQ'd chicken we need some Swiss Chalet Sauce, and our veggies all was good.
tasty supper
        Now that's it, packed up our stuff and back home to kick back and relax for bit before calling it a night.

        Glad you could drop by and check us out again. It was a wonderful warm day here, hang around its gonna get hotter for the weekend.
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  1. Not having good hearing sure could get annoying. Looks like weather has improved a great deal since you first got there. I bet Suzie's folks are glad you both hung around especially when you're doing the cooking.

    1. Very frustrating and sometimes embarrassing not having good hearing. The weather is just about perfect, the cooking part is fun.

  2. I've always been careful to wear ear protection whenever needed, but for some reason or other I've developed tinnitus in the last few years and it sure is annoying. Once in a blue moon it decides to not come around, but it's there most days.

    Your weather has been a bit up and down. Usually it's getting pretty hot by mid June, so that's a bit different. It's supposed to go up to over 30 here on the weekend. I can dig it.

  3. Sounds like you are all geared up, physically and RV wise to get on the road.....sometime soon. Meanwhile enjoy your extra time with family.

    1. Yep we are enjoying our time here, will be nice to move, even if not too far.


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