Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday and just rolling along.

Where are we today ?
          Almost sunny Tuesday is wonderful! Quick trip to the store, temps close to 70f (22c) too. Back home, walkabouts the resort a few times. Ron and Sharon are packing up and heading out we bid them farewell, safe travels and see you guys on down the road.
          Then more walkabouts, check out Mother Goose still keeping an eye on us.
Mother Canada Goose doing her job
        Oh yeah they turned the water on in the campground and found a few leaks here and there. Small ones fixed no problem but the big one in the middle of the road. So back hoe out and dig until they found it and broke another water line. 
        Maintenance worked on the problem and before the day was done looks like we have water!

        Tomorrow is May 1st and should not have too much more major frost to freeze our water lines again until fall.
        This afternoon we stopped by to visit Jim and Linda for while, chat for a bit, as they are heading out in the morning to their seasonal site near Burford Ontario.
        After a nice afternoon visiting we headed back home to fire up our Weber Q 100 and fry daddy for cook up a mess of chicken wings and homemade fries.
        Added some celery and carrot sticks, blue cheese dip and my suicide sauce for the wings, we have a wing night right here at home and at a very good price too.
really hit the spot
       Now after supper, we can relax outside "in shorts"until 8 pm. Then inside so Suzie can watch her tv show and I can finish posting our blog.
        That was our day, not too exciting for you but just another day in the life of a fulltime rver and we just love the lifestyle.
        Thanks for stopping in for a peak, hope you come back again soon. Never know what tomorrow wil bring.
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Monday, April 29, 2013

Almost quiet Monday!

Where are we today ?
        This morning was warm but very foggy. No problem will take that any day over the cold! Was 10 +C (over 50f), sure beats the freezing weather. I ran off to the store for couple things.
that's our Rv in the center
9:30 am heading to the store still very foggy
        Got back home and Suzie sitting outside chatting with Ron and Sharon enjoying morning coffees. I did not find out until after they left that they had brought over some AWESOME homemade peanut butter cookies! Thanks guys!!! So tasty ...
excellent cookies thanks Ron and Sharon
        Then after lunch and a cookie Suzie sorted the laundry and I took it to town and put in three machines to work. A not much more than and hour later had three loads of laundry washed and dried, and I even got to read my book for a bit too.
        Back home as she folded the and packed away the clothes, Vanesa dropped by for a visit and I made up some bread stuffing for our rolled ribs.
          Fired up put Weber to preheat and wandered over behind us to take a photo of a Mother Canada Goose that has decided to nest in the middle of the campsites in the Valley behind us. Not sure what is going to happen here yet. She is very protective of here nest.
Canada Goose on her nest
          Weber preheated and I had made a nice sage dressing for our Ribs all rolled and tied, In a pan with sauerkraut for a while , them sear them on the grill before serving. Couple baked potatoes there too.
           Jim and Linda dropped by for a vist while supper was cooking and had a nice vist them, then time for supper.
ribs almost done 
       Then supper ready, company gone a was so very tasty!
Thats it rolled ribs with dressing, sauerkraut,
 baked potatoes and brocoli, awesome!
        Ok thats it, Monday done, chores done and friends dropped by, tasty supper too. 
        Does it get much better? Think not.
        Thanks for dropping by again. Our life is good.  Hope yours is too!!
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saturday and Sunday all rolled into one.

Where are we today ?
        Friday night we were heading to bed after supper had an awesome sunset, after I posted the blog just have to share this picture with you.
nice sunset friday night at the farm
        This morning ( Saturday) we just packed up and hit the road, New places, new faces to see. To Rock Glen Resort our home R.O.D. (Resorts of Distinction) membership park in  Ontario.
110 kms(54 miles) Saturday
        A beautiful country drive on a sunny spring day. We arrived before noon and found a site to set up on.
the road to the campground
        We were lucky arriving today, the ground had firmed up a fair bit after all the heavy rains they have had lately. Just a few days ago three rigs got stuck trying to back into sites and had to be towed, so they are parked on the roadways where they won't get stuck.
Ron and Sharon parked on the road
we got a nice site and did not get stuck
        All set up and relaxing a bit while we had lunch. A few friends dropped in to chat too. Here we find out  Emile and Monique, Ron and Sharon, Jim and Linda, and Larry and Shirley all are here for a bit. All fulltime Rv'ers from Ontario that we know, stopping in for a while waiting for their respective seasonal sites to open up in at various parks in the next week or two.
        Jim and Linda we met in Abita Springs Louisiana in January. Ron an Sharon in Willis Texas in March. Emile and Monique we run into over the winter here and there, same with Larry and Shirley.  
        Then of course a few other people that are regulars and seasonal campers here too.
         It was such a nice day I thought I would take advantage of it to install our new airconditioner shrouds, that took a beating during the ice storm we had shortly after we arrived in Ontario.
badly damaged front shroud
sturdy new one
        Pretty easy install with a minor modification and 14 screws to re and re but then all is good to go. Much better quality shrouds then the original ones that are 14 years old.
rear shroud damaged too
looks much better  now
        With this done I set up our Weber to grill supper. Potato pockets and 1/2 chicken, some steamed broccoli and we are good to go.    
hit the spot, so tasty
        Then after supper wandered over to visit Mike and Trish, for a bit to catch up after our winter away. And Suzie got another dog fix playing with Maggie.
Suzie Keep me warm please
        Then Jim and Linda dropped in and we chatted some more, such a beautiful evening.
a nice warm night
          The conversation flows so easy with rv'ers then before we know it's getting chilly, and dark ! Like 10 pm, way past our bedtime and I have not even started posting our blog oops. Thats what we get for being sociable. It sure is a tough life but we do enjoy every minute of it. So a two days in one posting.

Fast forward to Sunday now

        Now Sunday its gonna be cooler and overcast gonna have some light rain. At least we had one awesome day yesterday, that wore us right out. So just puttered around for a while tgis morning walkabouts and chat with a few people, and a quick trip to the store, so nice that is only about 4 minutes away.
         We had pre arranged with Jim and Linda to get together for Happy hour this afternoon, have a few snacks chat, me some more people and sit around a campfire with a few beverages. Well the campfire was started, but then it began to drizzle. Eventually was drizzling just to much so we gonna take cover. First we thought maybe the clubhouse then Jim offered his trailer. (kinda a "Man Cave") Too cool, he had it custom built and paint to match their coach, and has all his tools, storage cabinets, inside and they put their SUV truck inside for towing. Today we also found out it makes a great party room out of the weather too.
       More people were invited but did not show probably because of the rain. We met Ron and Laurie (think I spelled that wrong, sorry). We had snacks chips, dips, cheesies, crackers and cheese and a a favourite of mine that Linda made, chicken wing dip.
Car trailer doubles as a party room
lotsa snacks
nice and cozy here
         Eventually we headed home around 5 o'clock to fire up our Weber and grill a couple burgers and heat up a can of pork and beans. Glad I opened our awning earlier so I could grill out of the rain.
Tasty burger and beans for supper
        So there, we had two busy days here, glad I installed the AC shrouds yesterday while the weather was nice enough to do so.
        And get together when we can because in a few days some are going their separate ways, not sure when we will meet again.
        Now relax after sunday supper, post our two day blog and enjoy a quiet evening with the raindrops on the roof. Really enjoy nice rainy days too, just don't need anymore rain here right now. Maybe even watch the tv for a bit tonight for a change.
         Thanks for dropping by for a peak, hope you had a good weekend too.
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Oh heck too tired!!! too late....

Where are we today ?
Rock glen resort in Arkona Ontario

          Nice drive today , go here and just too busy and too tired tonight to post. so this is it.............

          good night and have a great day!
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Friday, April 26, 2013

A busy last day here and good deals to be had.

Where are we today ?
        Today we have a busy day ahead of us. Up before the sun as usually coffees and computing then headed out at 7:45 to the Lab in New Hamburg for my annual blood work. Well the lab was very busy there at 8am, opening waiting room full. About a 45 minute wait then head out.
         Stopped by to visit youngest daughter in Drumbo and drop off some Easter gifts for our grandsons (better late then never). She was just walking back from taking some of the daycare kids to school. The younger ones she has all day. Also she gets to walk the dogs too. The weather was awesome so we got to hang out and chat for quite a while.
        Then I carried on to Hamilton, Sicard RV to pick up the airconditioning shrouds that we had ordered a week or so ago. If you remember they were both damaged from the freezing rain and ice storm we had here shortly after we were wlcome back to Canada.  Jeff Intini is the parts guys here to contact and gives us an awesome deal on parts. Even better than the best price that I can find in the USA. For $212.00 we got two new shrouds and saved $300.00 compared to what a local dealer in this area wanted.
just barely got them in the car
         When I got there cars are parked all down the side of the hiway. Forgot this weekend is their spring Open House. Exactly the same weekend we purchased our coach here 7 years ago from Mr. Larry Vanstone. And I noticed his car was here so tracked him down to say hi. But this poor guy is doing what he loves most, selling Rv's and helping people follow their dreams, just like he did for us.
        Ok Larry is a cool guy and his wife Marilyn she is such a sweetie, even puts up with him too, for a lot of years!
        We have Rv'd with Larry and Mar in a few spots, Ontario, Arizona, Texas and even followed them to Mexico in 2009. He is retired (kinda) but just can't stop having too much fun selling. He does have a blog and  posts some nonsense and even interesting things occasionally you can check out the Amazing Vanstones if your are so inclined,by clicking HERE.
        Now if you wanna buy an RV and are in the area check out Sicards and talk to Larry, if he is there and not hanging out in their RV. He won't let you buy something you don't want to buy, tell him I sent you and he might even buy me a beer. If you don't tell him I sent you he will buy me a beer anyway, that's just the kinda guy he is.
          So after loading the covers in our car I grabbed a free sausage on a bun and pop then wandered about the lots looking at dreams. We have the perfect coach so not buying, just nice to look and see whats out there.

        Suzie was not with me today, she took here father to the Hospital in Stratfordfor a minor operation on his wrist. So I was free to browse the lot enjoying the great weather and enjoy my "free" lunch. 
lotsa pretty good deals here
picnic area to relax and eat, dream about a new rv
and listen to the entertainment,
        Well finally got back to the farm shortly after 2 pm, unloaded the shrouds, then ran to the store to pick up a few things for supper.
nice new sturdy shrouds, now just need to install them,
 when I can make time!
         Then got a call from Suzie to pick her up at her Mom and Dad's and get her back home. Now she can play with another great Niece Addison while I was prepping supper.
        I made up some potato pockets for our grill with potatoes, onions, green peppers spices and olive oil, wrapped in foil. After 40 minutes I set them aside to keep warm and grilled some very tasty bone in pork chops, on our Weber of course, to enjoy with mixed veggies and a tossed salad I whipped up. 
tender juicy chops
put it together and we had another tasty meal
        That was it for our busy day here in New Hamburg. In the morning we are making tracks for Rock Glen Resort in Arkona our home membership park. To relax (maybe?) but will be back here in 11 days for a couple more appointments.
         Thanks for stopping by for a peak hope you had a good day too!

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Car fixed and the weather is almost good?

Where are we today ?
         Today started with a wonderful moonset, kinda like a sunset but the moon was setting outside our dinette window to the west. Gonna be a nice day, I think. 
        So a trip to town and putter around waiting the hear about our car. At noon we headed into New Hamburg have a few things to do. Passed by Hillcrest motors and our car was just pulled out of the shop. So there ya go, we stopped and picked it up . Oh, but had to pay the bill first. The problem was the passloc sensor, (security), ignition cylinder, housing, labor, tax and towing total $598.00. Towing was discounted to $75.00. Really not too bad considering we have never had any real repairs on this vehicle in 11 years. Just tires, 1 brake job, and one battery with about 250,000 kms (155,000 miles). Now working good again, we happy! I dropped Suzie at her Mom and Dads' (fix the computer) while I picked up a few groceries in town.
         Then a trip to Stratford (the scene of the crime, were the car broke down). Exchange some clothes I bought the other day. Can't believe that extra large does not fit me it was skin tight! So refunds and got xxlarge shirts and way too big!!! Not sure how these are sized but I usually can wear, med, large or xtra large, never a xxlarge before. Guess depends on the country they are made in. 
        Now while we were in the store in Stratford it snowed! Could not even see across the street for ten minutes. Then suddenly it stopped, we headed out and no snow on the ground just lotsa water, good thing it was pretty mild.
          OK back home put our stuff away and peel some potatoes for supper, whip up a tossed salad and frozen veggies to add the the roast beef that Sandy popped on the oven.
          While we are doing this the skies get dark, wind picked up and we are getting hail!
dark skies
hail on the porch
hail on the steps of our coach
        When Dennis is done chores supper is ready around 6:45, mashed the taters, Sandy thickened the gravy, served up the veggies and salad add my very special xtra hot horseradish and it is a wonderful Roast beef dinner. No Yorkshire pudding tonight, need to be wheat free for Dennis.
its been while since we had a good roast beef dinner
        Now we had a wonderful day , got our car back, not too cold, ran some errands and had a very tasty supper with excellent hosts. Does it get much better ? Think not!
        Thanks for stopping in for a peak, one more busy day here then we run away for almost two weeks!
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