Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A short trip but a long day!

Where are we today ?

        The plan today was to be on the road at 8 am and be at Daytona Speedway shortly after 10 o'clock for an early checkin. Left Walkabout Campground on time , and got slowed down in Jacksonville Florida for about 10 minutes, not too bad so far.
Today's journey,132miles  (212kms)
great travelling day
Slowed down for a bit with a fender bender
        After Jacksonville a rest area shortly after 10 am, Walkabout stretch and water the dog. Nice looking rig here with a huge trailer too!
        Now ready to hit the road and noticed Rob and Pat have a flat tire on their trailer. OOppss. gonna put on the spare.
only flat on the bottom eh?
all fixed and on the road again
        Well about 20 minutes later tire changed and we are on the road again. Sounds good eh? But then another 10  minutes down the road a trucker is blowing his horn at them! Pull over and guess what another flat tire! Same side other tire.
        Now we are in a predicanment, two flat tires and only one spare. Hmmph !!! Well they got on the phone and after an hour finally found a shop that could bring out 2 new tires and install on the  side of I-95 just south of exit 323. By the time they arrived it was 1 o'clock and in short order the tires were changed and installed (less than 30 minutes).
another flat
waiting by the side of the road

we are being patient
finally they arrived with two new tires
        Less than two 30 minutes, tires changed and installed and we are ready to hit the road again.

        But now its 1:30pm and we had a morning check in for the Daytona Rally. No problem got there at 2:30 and all was well. We had an early check in anyway, Rally officially starts on friday.
Gate 40
that be us
We had a tiny spot to park, check the map for our location
        Inside the track and around we drove until we were guided to our spots.
the pits
on the track
hey its Halloween and everybody is having fun
HUGE rig!
        Got squeezed into out tiny spot and hopped on the trolley to find registration. There we spotted a few antique type rvs.
the original rv
Trolley back to camp

we are home
        Finally are set up, relax in our tiny spot and enjoy a couple beverages, re hash the day and our fun  (expensive for Rob and Pat with a service call and two new tires). But hey we are alive and well, no damage to their rig. The sun is shining and we are in Florida, think we are doing pretty well.
race track behind us
New rigs on the race track coming for the show
Lady girl enjoying some attention from Suzie
        Now time for supper, fire up pour oven whip up a chicken pot pie and small lettuce salad , now all is good.
yep its tasty
        Put our feet up and guess what its Halloween, Trick or treaters knocking on the door. Never would have known except for Lady Girl being there, a couple of wild characters looking for treats.

         They got their treats and then before we know it's time to call it a night.
         Like I said it was a short drive but a long day, especially after 4 hours sitting on the side of the intertstate. But we sure had a great time, another experience for the memory banks. Looking forward to more fun stuff tomorrow.
       Glad you could drop by and experience a day of fulltime rving. Never know whats gonna happen next. 
        Have great day tomorrow I just know we will!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Walterboro South Carolina to Woodbine Georgia

Where are we today ?
        After an actually quiet night at "Camp Walmart" with over 35 rv's parked in the parking lot we had a leisurely morning. Early shopping in the 24 hours store and on the road at 9 am. 

163 miles (262 kms) today
        Its was a beautiful bright sunny day about 60f (15 c) but a bit of a cross wind here at there. We made good time thou no hills or rain. Stopped at a Camping World around 10:30 to look around, stretch  our legs and Lady Girl too. Just to see what kinda stuff we don't need to buy. And we didn't, but (Rob and Pat did thou)
nice driving day
Welcome to Georgia

        About noon we stopped for fuel and bite to eat then 25 minutes latter arrived at Walkabout Camp and Rv Park in Woodbine Georgia. This is a nice clean park with 40 pull thru level sites 30 and 50 amp service, about a mile off the interstate. Our CTC  memberships gets us in for $10.00 a night. 
        Very friendly new owners right from Australia, very obvious from the theme of the park and the heavy Aussie accents from the young owner and his wife.

the entrance
clubhouse and office
nice pool but not heated

our sites
nice quiet and friendly place
        I set up the dish and Rob and I puttered around outside enjoying the nice warm sunny day. 
Then "Happy hour" and plan tomorrow
       Five o'clock it began to cool down so fired up our Weber's and for us tonight baked potatoes, onions, rib eye steaks, peas and garlic bread kind of took care of our appetites for the day.

yep tasty meal agin
        After supper filled our fresh water tanks and dumped our sewage getting ready to hit the road in the morning for The Rally tomorrow at Daytona Speedway. This is the reason we are going to Arizona via Florida. Why? Because we can and we will have too much fun.
        Thats it for another awesome day, gotta try and rest up a bit tonight, we have a busy 6 days ahead of us in Daytona. You are welcome to come back and join us.
        Thanks for dropping by again and hope you are not stuck in the mess of caused by Sandy.
        Be safe out there.

Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter
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