Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Relaxing Sunday after a big party day yesterday!

Where are we today ?
        Wow what a another wonderful day. A few cars left here overnight and people still sleeping after a very late night for some. Sure glad we packed it in early and got a good nights sleep. I got yesterday posting done this morning, then we helped with a bit of early morning cleanup and enjoyed some pork on a bun and salads for for lunch.
         Then we returned to our house relaxed for a while enjoying our books in the shade on a very peaceful sunday afternoon.
perfect campsite
      Decided a nice light supper with BBQ'd garlic shrimp, a rice pilaf and a garlic bun, just nicely hit the spot.
one day with out my Weber and miss it already
      This done and enjoyed a few strawberries and blueberries (with whipped cream) for desert that Ma gave me the other day. Perfect ending to another perfect day.
       That's it for a relaxing sunday, does it get any better than this? Think not.

       Want to thank y'all for stopping in just to see what we are doing and hope you are enjoying your Canadian and soon American long weekend wherever you are.
        If you missed Saturday's posting about our HUGE Canada Day party you can lick here if you care, took way to many pictures but sure had a great time.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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Saturday's Canada Day party was perfect

Where are we today ? 

        Celebrating Canada Day officially on July 1st Canada is 146 years old this year. At John and Lea's They have had a large Canada Day Party on the Saturday just before July first every year and it seems to work out best for more people. Well over 100 people again this year.
        The weather forecast for today was to be thunderstorms, after all the rain we had yesterday looked like it might be kinda wet. The Nith river water level across the road is getting pretty high.
Nith River
        But them weather guessers were wrong again, we had very nice warm sunny day perfect for a little outdoor back yard party. The location perfect 4 plus acres of lawn, with a few shades trees near the house. Heated in ground pool, nice large deck, there is four rv's parked here and a few tents so people don't have to worry about late nights or drinking and driving.
I made a large bowl of pasta salad,
for the recipe click the recipe tab above
         Took a lot of pictures and finally narrowed them down to just a whole bunch, I will let them tell most of the story about the fun day we had here.
bouncey castle
first tents set up
two pigs on the spit
Diamond the dog loves the pool
Ruff not so crazy about the water 

John making his famous Slushies
tents and trailers here
home for the night
the patio was part of the stage for the band that
 cancelled because of possible rain.
pool deck 
fireworks set up for later
Fireworks set off from here
trampoline got a workout
pool got a workout too
thats the spirit of the day
even diamond got into it 
ladder ball
carving the first pig
so tasty
carving the second pig
          There was quite a few door prize drawn as well the you lady picking her prize.
         Then a 50/50 draw netted the winner $65.00, lucky person for sure.
one of three cakes
        The at 9:50 pm dark enough for an awesome fireworks display that lasted over 20, minutes and just lit up the sky. Hard to take decent picture with my little camera but you get the idea.
       The final big bang and everyone had a wonderful day . Quite a few head home, others choose to socialize and party into the wee hours of the morning. and we just headed home about 11 am way past our bedtime.
         John and Lea put on an awesome party and everyone always has such a great time. Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great weekend too.
         No Weber cooking today, them pigs way too big!
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