Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, June 30, 2017

Another busy day enjoying friends at Rock glen resort, flooring almost done.

Where are we today?
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      What a wonderful day, nice and warm mostly sunshine and temps to 84 f (28c) but nothing we can't handle. Another nice morning walkabout and watching all the campers pull in here all day long. Campground is quickly filling up for the Canada Day long weekend to Celebrating Canada's 150th birthday. Lotsa stuff happening around here to enjoy the celebrations.
      Many people we have not seen for a while and many dropped by to say hi and inspect our new flooring. As I have sad and will say again, it sure is "awesome".
      Walt walked by early as usual we were outside said he would come by about 8:30 and begin getting stuff set up. No noise allowed in the park before 9am for him to use his saw.
9:05 he began cutting
    While waiting for him I removed our toilet because today he was working on the bathroom and bedroom. All of this required a lot of cutting and angles, very intensive work. Yes he is good at that too.
at one point Gerry walked by and Tiucker made himself right at hime
         Before noon this part of the coach was complete with trim and I reinstalled the toilet.
looks so good
this is the product we are using.from Home depot
Sawn Oak Gray, 100%  waterproof
Love the light woodgrain look of
this engineered flooring
           After lunch Walt returned with his dog Maya, so Suzie got another doggie fix.
Maya right at home here
Suzie dog sitting
Such a cutie
Walt works non stop and as I said does an amazing job.
we help when we can.  Damn he does good work.
        Just before 4 pm he was done all the flooring, but decided to call it a day. All he has left to do now is all the trim work mate a couple hours tomorrow and we will be all done. Did a test with our slide and looks like it will not be an issue. Just need to install our pantry tomorrow (part of the slide) It is stored in Walt's trailer.
Bathroom looks so good and the bedroom as well
carpet pretty well all gone.
      Now to relax a bit outside, a few more friends dropped by to inspect the new flooring, and enjoy some chit chat with us. Every one loves the new flooring. Of course Gerry and Melinda (Happy Hour) joined us too and Suzie got another doggie fix , three in one day, she is loving this!
kisses from Tucker
       Then time to whip up supper another easy one tonight reheat our Chicken helper from last night with a few extra ingredients (always taste better the next day) and a small side salad.
quick, easy and very tasty
         Still warm and drizzly out but enjoying the rain showers under our awning, finish posting this blog and read a bit more before calling it a night.
          Thanks for stopping by and enjoying our flooring with us.
Where have we been this summer ?

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Great progress on our new floor and wearing me out, Looking amazing!

Where are we today ?
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        Wow what a nice mild night, last night, windows open and a cool breeze, perfect for sleeping. Think it got down to 63 f (16c). we can handle that, just keep the windows open and fantastic fan running was a great night's sleep.
       This  morning got the coffees done and a walkabout, Walt was here to begin working at 8 am. After his walkabout the park too, with his dog (Maya)and said hi.
        Not far from here just south of us is the orchards. Cherries , peaches etc are soon ready . so we can hear the canons , should like shot guns going off every few minutes, Keeps the birds from ravaging the fresh fruit.
         Walt was right back at it again, this guy never stops.
looking good after his second day here
Waiting for Walt
       Walt is  a handy man/tradesman and sure knows his stuff. right to work from one spot to the next just keeps on going. kept Suzie and I busy helping out when we can.
Even Suzie got into it as well, on the  floors and removing staples and nails
from the old flooring.
      Me I helped when I could, staying out of his way, opening new boxes of flooring, taking old carpet to the dumpster running for parts etc..
entry way all done looks wonderful
Walt in the dinnette
     Walt has a seasonal site here and loves doing flooring., Yup he is very good at it and is a perfectionist. not only that very reasonable as well.
hard at it
    Around 3 pm our friend Gerry stopped by to tease Walt with a beer. He will not have a beer while he is working. So Gerry offers to remove the last of our carpet from the bedroom . Something that I was in no shape to do. He got right too it and an hour later all the carpet and underpad was removed, Thanks Gerry !
Gerry going right to it,
yup that is Gerry working !
     Now it was time to call it a day, time for a beer for all of us. Flooring is going better than we figured and is looking amazing ( in our opinion) sure beats the old dirty carpet that we can't keep clean. And really brightens up our house.
not done yet but looking better already    
tools still here hope to finish up tomorrow
bathroom and bedroom left to do
lots trim work
     I reinstalled the dinnette and cleaned things up looks up just looks so much better.
dinette back in place
          Eventually time for supper after 5 pm I found a package of Tuna helper in the cupboard so just added a lb of ground lean turkey , a mess if veggies and a nice easy meal after a busy day and just made a small side said to go with it.
what a nice treat for a change with no time to set up our Weber Q again
and of course leftovers for another meal
       Still very warm outside so posting this blog out here and gonna enjoy a relaxing book for awhile.
These old bones are pretty tired to day, gotta stay up as late as I can.
        Thanks for stopping by and checking out our flooring, If all goes welt will be wrapped up tomorrow .
Where have we been this summer ?

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Missing Ma...Sunshine, warmer today. and our new flooring project is finally underway, yahoo!

Where are we today ?
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         Again not a bad night at all windows open with a nice breeze was wonderful.  Today ( am remembering my mother (MA)Last year on this day we get together with her to celebrate her 89th birthday at her extended stay facility in Lindsay Ontario. she was not well but was still glad to see us, me, my sister, brother and our spouses. with cake, candles and decorations . But sadly she passed on January 6th this year, my brother's birthday. We flew home from California for the funeral. Sad to see her go, with so many memories and will always miss her.
me ans ma last June
     My first early morning walkabout by the ponds was wonderful, nice reflections on the pond.
so peaceful here early mornings
this is the flooring we will install
     About 8:30 I made trip to Sarnia Home depot to pick up the new flooring and trim for our coach. Home by 10':30 All set  to go I thought. After a light lunch I did a bit more prep work and check things out . I bought the wrong colour stair nose and carpet transitions.. Hm, A quick trip back to exchange for the right stuff. In the meantime your friend Walt showed up at 1 pm to begin the process. I got back just after 2 and he was well under way. He had removed some of the carpet and was beginning to work on the entry stairs to the coach.But I had the flooring in the car.
      I got here in time and he carried on with doing the entry stairs.
this part ready go 
he will do a section at a time
cause we living in it
      The next couple pics Walt is hard at work. He sure knows what he is doing.
I try to help earn I can
       About 3:30 Melinda came by with a hand dipped ice cream cone. Well Guess what? Suzie got a craving so down to the store for a small caramel Praline cone each. A nice treat just enough to tide us over for a later supper tonight.
sure hit the spot on a warm suuny afternoon
      Just before 5 pm the stairs we done, (need a bit more trim, but I am goofer), my recliner back in place and time for us all to call it a day.
wow, looking good we gonna love it! no more carpet
      Now time to whip up supper. not really that hungry so a fish burger will do  the trick tonight. Topped with cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayo.
yummy? yes
     That was our busy day, good not that our new flooring dream is becoming a reality, finally!
     Thanks for stopping by and will keep you posted as we make progress. Nice that we can document the project right here on our blog.

Where have we been this summer ?

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A pretty decent day, sunshine and getting ready for our new flooring, we can hardly wait !

Where are we today ?
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       Just another wonderful day here at Rock Glen resort in Arkona Ontario. A bit cooler this morning but we have sunshine, not a problem here. We are getting ready to install our new flooring and Walt stopped by this morning told us he would bring his trailer by this later afternoon so the we can store some stuff in it while he works on the flooring. So I whipped into Forest for a few  food things and home to get a few things ready.
someone flying a nice kite up on the hill
           First was to unbolt our recliner from the floor, Then set to work to empty our pantry that is in the slide getting ready to remove it. I have done these things before so know the routine. Takes a couple of hours to get this done. To remove the pantry I have to remove the stove and oven to get to the screws and bolts. Then put the stove back in place.
this what we had carpet and throw rugs
looking to the front
looking to the rear
through the bathroom to the bedroom
        Most of this all done, the we can enjoy our reading in the afternoon shade and a wonderful warm sunny day.
Suzie in the shade back there, while I prepped our chicken for our Weber Q 
a perfect afternoon sunny and warm up to 75 f 
Walt came by about 4:30 with his storage trailer for us to store some stuff
out of the way. done in no time.
     Shorty after this was done our chicken was ready as well, perfect timing!
done to perfection on our Weber Q as usual 
added to our salad was excellent.
more leftovers for more soup
once the flooring is done
      We are getting excited as the new flooring project is getting underway, sure will be nice to get rid of all this old carpet that is very high maintenance and getting pretty worn after 18 years.
       Now to relax a bit outside after supper, finish this posting and enjoy some more reading  Only 8 pm and still have more great weather on a wonderful evening out here to enjoy.
     Thanks again for stopping on by.

Where have we been this summer ?

Monday, June 26, 2017

Moving on down the road again, new places, new faces and new neighbors.

Where are we today ?
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       Another wonderful day in the forecast. Visiting with Chris and Bill this morning for a bit then a nice country walk down the road for a while after coffees and computing . The morning sunshine is wonderful, nice and warm.
nice and quiet here for my morning walk
this be their place
this used to be tobacco country and still a few of these
drying sheds around
this where we are parked, beside their driving shed
       After chatting for a while and more coffee we said our see ya laters, secured the coach, hooked up the car and headed on down the road about 10:30 am. Later than usual but only a 2 hour drive today.
nice back country roads most of the way, so peaceful and no traffic.
         By 12;30 we checked into Rock Glen resort our home membership park that we can enjoy 2 weeks free camping with full hookups. And we make good use of it year round. Many more parks that we can stay at with the same features.
here we are all set up, after making a light tasty lunch
one site away from the one we prefer, but someone
 has booked it for a few days
so we can stay here for2 weekend not have to move.
still a nice view, weather pretty nice except for  a
bit of rain at 4:10pm.
       We did get some quality reading time in. I finished a Robert Crais book and started another. I am really enjoying this author.
my new book that I have started
        Supper on our Weber Q tonight I cooked a salmon fillet for Suzie and a Tuna steak for me. The salmon fillet is easy to do but the Tuna is pretty precise to get it done the way I like it,( 2 minutes a side ) for that recipe click HERE or my recipe blog top right side bar.
in no time supper is done
My tuna and salad
perfect !
Suzie's salmon and salad
     This sure hit the spot for the 2 of us and now we can enjoy a wonderful warm evening outside on a pretty nice mild, bug free evening with no wind. Posting this blog and more reading time in. This is what we really enjoy about this lifestyle.
      Just want to thank you again for taking the time to drop in for a peak.
only 91 miles today mostly quiet back roads
Where have we been this summer ?