Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On the Road to Plattsville Ontario

Where are we today ?
Plattsville Ontario
        Ok now we have been at Rock Glen resort for a whole week. Time to move on, only 120 kms today a couple hours of nice back country roads, rolling hills and nice farm land. Today we are heading to Plattsville Ontario, not to far from the farm.
today route
a few of the small villages we drive thu
just nice quiet roads and peaceful scenery
        Just before 1 pm we pulled into Plattsville and stopped at Pettigrew's Garage. Disconnected the car and Suzie took off to the farm for mail and New Hamburg to vist her mom. 

        I hung out at the garage to talk to Dale our "awesome mechanic" once he got back from lunch at 1 o'clock. We needed a tail pipe bracket for our coach repaired and as busy as he was said " hey, lets take a look at it now". Wow I am always  impressed with Dale. He crawled under our coach took the broken bracket off, fabricated new a one and welded it in place. All done in a very short time and for a very reasonable price too I might add.
new bracket fabricated then welded in place.
        Just as I was pulling out Suzie showed up and we headed a couple blocks to Lea and John's place to set up for a week. We can park next to her school bus, lotsa room for us. 
Lea's school bus
we have a nice spot dry camping here
        We chatted with Lea and John for bit and the guys that were just putting the finishing touches to their new deck. Then Suzie cleaned up their garden a bit while I fired up our Weber to cook supper.
Suzie in the garden
nice new big deck
our Weber doing its job
Finished product, Garlic sausage, potatoes and carrots done on the grill
         After supper we enjoy some a nice warm evening for a while, clear blue skies, a  crescent moon then the Skeeters came out!! We hightailed it inside then, don't much like them skeeters.
Crescent Moon
we can look at her school bus for two more days, the school's out
        Now them pesky bugs chased us inside but it's already 8:30 anyway, so can now relax a bit, post blog and watch the tube for a few minutes before I fall asleep. 

        Thanks once again for checking us out. Hope y'all had a great day too.
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  1. It's really a good thing that you have all these friends and family members with nice big lawns. There's plenty of room for you to move right in with a beautiful site. You're just one of the lucky ones, I guess. Enjoy!

    1. Yes we are so very lucky and we keep getting to visit with everybody too.

  2. About those in Texas it's been said if you mix vanilla and water in a spray bottle and spray it all over yourself, it will keep the mosquitoes away and you'll smell like fresh-baked cookies. Apparently the oil field workers swear by this recipe.

    I haven't tried it because the mosquitoes aren't bad right's too danged hot. But when they come out again I'll be using the vanilla spray to see how it works.

    If you use it, let me know if it works.

    1. Thanks Susan will have to keep that in mind for sure.

  3. A week already.....good that Suzie got to see her Mom right away. Hope all is well there.

  4. Time sure flies when your'e havin fun.
    Yea she had the care and while I hung out she took then 10 minute drive to New Hamburg.

  5. YAY Plattsville !! Lea and John are the best and their July 1 party is always a great time - sad that we will have to miss it this year. Welcome back to Plattsville and have a Happy Canada Day!!!

    1. Too bad you can't make it, we will have extra fun for you!


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