Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Another productive day here just doing what we are here to do.

Where are we today ?

          This morning we have no plans so far. But by 9 am they fell into place. Family members coming over to help sort, purge and organize stuff for the auction to take place here Friday May 8th at 3pm.
        Making  progress and slowly working our way through stuff, possessions etc.... that need to go to the sale.
         With the help we had and input from family members we made some leap and bounds. As I said before it's one day at a time and will happen, no problem. We were at it from about 10 am until around 4 pm when we called it quits.
had a nice sunny day and getting warmer here
snow going away quickly
         The crew was all gone mid afternoon and we can get ready for supper, relax a bit while I prep it and all will be good. No time for my walkabout today but sure got my exercise moving stuff from the basement to the garage and working on patching the drywall booboo behind a huge cabinet we moved.
         Fired up our Weber Q to grill a couple boneless pork chops, made some fried potatoes with onions that Suzie loves, from some left over taters the other night.
our Weber Q sure does the trick
       To the pork chops and fried taters, I added my usual healthy salad and we were more than satisfied.
thats it we done
        Thanks once more for stopping by. 
        The weather is improving almost by the hour we are loving it !
        The weather guessers predicting a heatwave here for a few days. looking forward to it.
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Monday, March 30, 2015

Making progress and moving right along.

Where are we today ?
       Now no more hockey tournaments the grands are done. We will miss the family time that we have been enjoying kinda sad.
       Gonna get back to "work" here at Suzie's mom and dad's house. Had a few family members arrive late this morning and began sorting through stuff. Purging and getting things done. Few hours and we made great progress. Still have more to do but baby steps are getting things done.
       Todays's weather has been weird. Above freezing and mild this morning, then we had some major snow fluffies. Huge snow flakes and white outs. But at least it is not staying on the ground. Got a few errands done, drop stuff off at the thrift store and picked up a few more empty boxes
at least the snow is not staying on the ground
       Eventually when the storm stopped I tuned in our satellite dish and have excellent reception. Sun was shining an beautiful blue skies. Yep summer is on it's way, the weather is just playing games with us.
all is good here, dish back up and running
       Eventually the crew left and time for us to whip up supper. Salmon and dill sauce, one of our favourites. For the recipe click HERE or you can find it on my recipe blog right hand sidebar. This time I made with half greek yogurt and half mayo, makes it healthier and more flavor too.
baked in the  oven , or  you can do in the grill
last few minutes add the dill sauce
added to a green salad, and a bit of broccoli
apple salad from yesterday wonderful!
now after supper clear blues skies= amazing!
      That was it for today, busy, productive day, moving forward.
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by.
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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Final hockey Tournament for the Grands we think!

Where are we today ?
         Today a hockey tournament in New Hamburg. At the Wilmot Centre. This is the 35th Annual optimist Novice and Pewee Local League Tournament. And gonna be another fun day. As far as we know this is the end of this years hockey for the Kids. Minimum three games for them.
      After this game invited them back to the house we are sitting ( Suzie's Dad's) for lunch.
      I grilled some turkey burgers and salmon fillets on our Weber Q. Added a tasty apple broccoli salad I whipped up for the recipe click HERE or check my recipe blog on the side bar.
      A nice quiet couple hours away from the arena for us and relax a bit.
turkey and salmon on our Q
        Now this car below is cool , looks like all stainless steel Cadillac Escalade. Really catches your eye.
nice ride!
     We got back here shortly after 4 pm, got a few things done and whip up a light supper. After a pretty decent lunch. A very tasty light one too Tuna melt that we enjoy for the Tuna melt recipe click here, Sure hit the spot.
Tomato slices and melon finished it off
       Next weekend is Easter so looks like another busy one on the horizon for us.
       This has been a busy weekend and very enjoyable family time. Now maybe slow down just a bit we hope.
        Now just as I was gonna retire and watch the tube for a bit, our satellite dish blew over in a huge blizzard thats going on right now. (first time it ever blew over, no damage is good) So no tv tonight. Not a big deal anyway, just puts me to sleep, I will check it out in the morning, maybe.
      Thanks once again for stopping by and hope you are enjoying some great weather wherever you are.
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The rest of Saturday Part 2.

Where are we today ?

This is Part 2 of Saturdays posting, got too late last night to finish it.
you can Read Part ! HERE.

       Back at the arena for a 10:15 am game. Everyone ready to get back into it.
check the main directory to confirm
 which arena we are in
double check play times, 10:15 and 5:15
love their jerseys
Plattsville Raging Bulls
Pizza, Pizza sponsored Festival
Chuck the Puck
Jungle Jack entertaining young and old,
with his ballon sculptures
What will this be?
why a motorcycle of course
       Then we went back to Kelsey's for lunch today, their choice, and their ended up being 10 of us 6 adults and 4 children (2 hockey players). Kelsey's was busy as were most of the restaurants in town with hockey families. We were able to get a booth in the bar area (same great waitress as last night too) and the kids enjoyed sitting at the bar. It was pretty quiet except for being packed with a bunch of fun loving hyped up kids in the dining room. We all had a ball and enjoyed some more great food and conversation.
young bar flies, playing video games of course
Suzie's Chicken Quesadilla
My excellent Sonoma Salad, what a feast
Peppercorn burger somebody had
         Drove around a bit then just hung out back at the arena parking lot relaxing in the car, in the warm sun, with our e-readers and I got a few walkabouts and fresh air. Though the air was pretty fresh, below freezing  brrrr... but sunny makes a big difference.
       Game over, we congratulated him for a well played game and hit the road back to New Hamburg arriving shortly after 8 pm. Lotsa traffic through Toronto but no slow downs. Put a few things away finish posting the blog relax a bit and hit the hay. We have another 3 games tomorrow here in New Hamburg. More hockey excitement !

       Thanks for taking the time to stop by and hope you had a wonderful day too.
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Saturday, March 28, 2015

More hockey fun in Whitby, 2 Saturday games and fun times we had! Part one .

Where are we today ?
Whitby Ontario Canada

This being a long posting and a long day, its in two parts
Second part  clear HERE

          Finished off last night at the Iroquois Sports Centre with a hockey game at 8:15 pm.  The sports centre is a huge complex and lots of activities for the kids before and after the games. What do these kids do when not playing hockey on the ice? Why play more hockey of course.
Ball hockey
remember these old time hockey games
and a nice slide too
        A new family member came along to watch the games too.
all raring to go
thats him in great form
         It was a fast paced game with our team being defeated 5-0. Everyone had a great time, then we said good night to our family there and headed back to our room to call it a night.

          This morning after a good nights rest, our 7am complimentary coffees and a breakfast burrito from Mc D's next door to hold us over till this afternoon. First Game at 10:15 this morning. This first game was about the same as last nights' they were defeated again 5-0. But spirits were up and Team photos were taken and games played in the fun arena.

      Well getting late so gonna call it a night have a busy day again tomorrow, so guess this posting will be in 2 parts.

      Thanks for taking the time again and stopping by.  Good night all.... zzzzzzzzzz

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Hockey Festival for 2 days in Whitby Ontario.

Where are we today ?
       Another cool day again just below freezing and more light snow fluffies. Up too early again but raring to go. No rush just puttering around a bit, made a couple chicken sandwiches for lunch and headed out to Whitby Ontario just 100 miles down the road but on the other side of Toronto. Left about 9:30 stopped at Picard's Peanuts again for some treats and especially more Habanero Peanuts for me.
163 kms (101 miles)
love these double decker commuter buses,
make an awesome rv I think?
           About an 2 hour trip including the stop, no traffic issues and checked into the Motel 6 about one mile from the Iroquois Sports Centre  which has 6 ice pads and 2 indoor pools. We were here last summer with grandson number 1 for his Lacrosse tournament. If you missed the Lacrosse postings last August 2nd you can click HERE. was a fun time staying in the parking lots with the kids camping out and all 5 grands here as well.
           This is for the OMHA (Ontario Minor Hockey Association) Pizza Pizza Hockey festival.  For Grandson Number 4. At last count there was 72 teams registered to play and will be a great time for all I am sure. Sure good for the local economy with people from all over here for the weekend. Each team has 3 games, our first tonight at 8:15, tomorrow 10:15 am then 5:15 pm. We are not in our Rv yet but are least we are getting away for a bit and more family time as well.
this is the place 
a huge complex 
this gull not too shy
         We managed to a get a room at this Motel 6 about a mile from the centre (closest one actually). Rate including taxes $82.00 not cheap but compared to the Holiday in across the street at $180.00 it was a bar-goon. The room is neat and clean, cable tv, queen bed, nice shower and free high speed wifi, thats all we need is a place to sleep. Wish we had our coach out yet but would have cost more than that in fuel to park in the parking lot for one night, and still kinda chilly out.
very convenient for the night
       Next door is a huge Canadian Tire store that I had to check out, and right across the parking lot from our room is five eating places Kelsey's Roadhouse, Sunset Grill, Subway, Swiss Chalet and Harvey's. Then the next parking lot past there we have Wendy's, New York Fries, Mc Donald's and Tim Hortons all convenient if we need to eat and we will, so many choices and we very seldom go to any of these places.
        We had a very nice relaxing afternoon, got a few walkabouts the area though kinda chilly to walk too far, some reading done and head out for supper, think we will try Kelsey's tonight. Before the Kids get here later. They eating on the road but will definitely be here for the game.
       We had an awesome supper at Kelsey's Roadhouse next door,  excellent beer battered fish and chips for me and a seafood alfredo for Suzie. Good service, good food and reasonable prices (not cheap but reasonable) sure can't beat that. Lotsa food but not enough leftovers to take with us.We do treat ourselves occasionally, especially when I don't have our kitchen with us. Probably even again tomorrow as well, we will see what the gang wants then.
Kelsey's Bar we early so not too busy, perfect
excellent fish and chips,
nice creamy coleslaw too
Suzie enjoyed her Seafood alfredo as well
      They should be here soon now, so will post this now for today, gonna be a late night so will update at some time tomorrow hopefully.
       Thanks for the visit again and hope you had an excellent day too. Is nice that we can get away even if just for one night!
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Thursday, March 26, 2015

SOLD !!!

Where are we today ?
        Yep the house is sold, (Suzie's Mom and Dad's) .We got an offer the other day and they accepted the sign back. Got a few things done this morning including a phone call from our agent, the sign back on the house offer was accepted!
         Good firm offer, decent price and no conditions, sure can't beat that and closing end of May. Gives us lotsa time to purge the house, have an auction and move back into our coach! Perfect timing.
         A bit warmer today, got up to 3c (37F) but overcast a chilly NW wind and some snow fluffies. But the snow piles are melting real quick now. Went to the walking track and got a good 3 miles done sure felt good.
         Suzie took her Dad to visit her Mom, sign the deal and and had an Auctioneer come by at 4 P.M. assess the stuff and give us some tips and an auction date. Looks like Friday May 8th at 3 pm.
sqiurrels attacking the bird feeder
          Lunch today we each had a tasty bowl of chicken noodle soup I finished up making this morning , oh so very tasty. And a Chicken sandwich for Suzie to go with it as well.
love homemade chicken noodle soup
       Over to the Rec Centre for my walkabout (3 miles today) noticed that the Geese have landed, making a lot of noise, good sign that spring is really here.
         Did the tour with the auctioneer from 4 till 5:30 and whipped up hot chicken sandwiches ( some of our left over Weber Q chicken)with boiled potatoes, carrots and broccoli for Suzie and I as well as here Dad, he missed the meal at his retirement complex. Was so excited did not take a pic of supper. But just a hot chicken sandwich anyway.
       So we are making progress right on schedule and all will come together very soon.
       Thanks for stopping in again and hope you are enjoying this wonderful spring weather too.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

They won the playoffs last night! Lot of happy faces!

Where are we today ?
       Well we missed the last 2 periods of the game last night and would have been amazing! But we had things to do here at the house. They defeated Paris 4-1 winning this playoff series and came out with a trophy so many happy faces sure makes this very worthwhile !
          In the meantime Grandson number 4  has a major playoff series in Whitby Ontario Friday and Saturday, about 2 hours east of here, and guess what? We will be there too! Gotta do it!
          This morning headed into Plattsville at 7 am to get our car serviced at Pettigrew's garage, wanna beat the freezing rain predicted. Got service done and back to New Hamburg and no freezing rain, bonus!
snow is gone on the deck
          Cleaned up a few things around the house, Suzie into Kitchener with her Dad and I got a few more things cleaned up here. Couple miles on the indoor track and a load of laundry done before I fired up our Weber Q to grill a whole chicken and a couple turkey legs. Love left over chicken and can make a nice pot of homemade soup as well.
smells wonderful
added to a salad and Swiss Chalet sauce we are good
        The chicken and turkey was excellent as usual and we had a great day. Just working on the soup broth right now.
         Hope you had a good one too and thanks for taking the time to stop on by.

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