Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Frost, recliner repair, sunshine and a fun happy hour

Where are we today ?
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        We made it through the cold night and we are toasty warm . At 4 am was 34 F outside not a problem our blue flame heater keeps us very comfy inside. Got a couple of short walkabouts done at 6:30 this morning (love the early sunrises) and noticed the FROST in the windshield of the car. Hmmm not what we are here for.
yup we had frost this morning
right behind us nice mist over the ponds 
     Last night a cable on my recliner broke so I set two work to remove the recliner and the cable as well . This is  big chore. This is the 4th time the cable has broken so I set out to find a new one. A couple of hours later and 2 RV places I finally ended up at Berryland RV A huge rv dealer. Eventually got sent to Tina 3 buildings back . and she took care of me, She did some research and found the part we needed. Gonna cost about 60 bucks plus shipping to our next destination.
this be the broken cable
This is a huge rv dealer I  have been to before
    I got back home set my recliner back in place and another cable broke!! Hmm. Think we need to go to plan B, Maybe replace my recliner with a newer model would be a good choice, kind of a no brainer in our minds.
     This all done and enjoyed  a light lunch then we can read outside in the warm afternoon sunshine. But I wanted to make quick drive to Rouse's and pick up a good supply of catfish, we now have freezer space, So a nice 4 lb box of these fillets IQF. will keep us going for a while.
we now have a nice supply of catfish
what a great afternoon reading in the warm sunshine
I began another Robert Crais,  #11.
I am hooked !
a pretty perfect sunny Day
       Now at 3 pm time for Happy hour at Jim and Sharon's they have full sunshine to keep us warm,
I tried and enjoyed this IPA
very tasty
    Its was cooler but in the high 60's F the sunshine make it much nicer.
Sharon, Suzie, Jim
people walking by and Suzie got a doggie fix!
        Another couple that Jim and Sharon knew came by and joined us for happy hour. Frank and Angie . Always fun to meet fellow rv'ers
hey we shared some wonderful
stories as most rv'ers do
        At 4':30 it was getting chilly so we headed home to whip up supper. And tonight a real treat. We had small french loaf here and lotsa leftover chicken, So my plan was to make a chicken Po'boy. Cause thats what you eat her in Louisiana. Lotsa cooked chicken, tomatoes, salsa, onion, swiss cheese,  olives, chopped lettuce, olive oil and mayo. I wrapped in foil and heated up on our Weber Q.
about 20 minutes  and were toasted nicely
Now this sure was a very tasty supper tonight all that we needed

    Now that was our productive day getting things done and enjoying the sunshine with friends.Hope y'all enjoyed you day too .!

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 Where have we been this Winter?

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Covington Louisiana Farmer's Market with good friends.

Where are we today ?
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      Another cold one over night we were asked to leave a tap dripping so the water lines don't freeze, and will do that again tonight. 37F at 5 am and only got to 45F all day overcast. First walkabout at 6:30 was refreshing  and so quiet here just the ducks quacking always nice to hear. Then consumed more coffee and more computing stuff and another couple walkabouts We really enjoy this area right here in the campground.
nice nature trails around here
nice mist over the pond behind us 
our coach across the pond
        About 9:30 this morning our good friends Jim and Sharon dropped by to say hi again, fellow full-time rv'ers. They just check in to this park a few minutes ago. We have been meeting up with these guys for many years, from California, to Key West Florida and many places in between always fun to hook up again. They being from western Canada and us Eastern Canada. They asked if we had plans today and yes we were planning to check out the Covington Farmer's market this morning.
Jim showing me his new fishing pole
       So headed to to the Covington Farmer's Market  them driving to check it out every Wednesday 10 am till 2 pm. again it's been a while since were there.     Because it was so cold 45F not a lot of vendors there but we not far away and a nice drive. Apparently a lot more vendors on Saturday but we are going to another market then in Mandeville.
Covington Tail Head Water Tower
we bought a package of these shrimp rolls to take home
will try then maybe tomorrow
these look so tasty
these Tacos looked tasty
Jim and Sharon each got one
this band was playing they were good
but looked cold
           After here we stopped again at Acquistapace's just around the corner to pick up a couple of things and show them this wonderful grocery store.
how's this for a bottle of Brandy?
Jim says "Look at this will ya"
spirits, wine and beer from all over the world
so many varieties and prices
then I stopped by to sample more cheese
 and buy a small package 
       But I also picked up a Party pack of Abita Springs Beer. I do enjoy these different brews they have 6 of their beers 2 of each. We can enjoy at home.
a nice selection of brews here
          Back home by noon for lunch we finished of the rest of our chowder and gumbo, my this was such very tasty treat.
       We were given a Satsuma Orange last night and reminded us that they are now in season here and are amazing ! So juicy and tasty easy peal and mostly seedless.  Satsuma Oranges are wonderful we first tried them here in 2006 and when we see them always pick some up.
local Satsuma oh so juicy
        Then I took a cruise about the area for a bit and Abita Springs loving the atmosphere of this southern Louisiana town.
     We have seen a few Shot gun houses down there and below is a couple of pictures of these unique dwellings.
renovated Shotgun house
more original shotgun house
   Another walkabout here. Nice the laundry here now is state if the art!. You can download an app to your smart phone and pay for it, Now it that too cool? We don't need that yet but sure looks like the way of the future.
this looks quite interesting 
       Now at 3:30 over to Jim and Sharon's for Happy hour, inside of course much to cool to sit outside. Catch up some more, tell some stories and lies, flapping our gums.
      They have a very nice diesel pusher with no slides  and so much room inside, really love their coach over 20 years old and looks like new.
we being happy
Sharon being Sharon
even got me in the pic as well
Jim took it
lotsa room in this coach for sure
          About 5 pm we headed on home to fire up our Weber Q to grill a couple of Turkey burgers from home with onion and parsley that we love.
not long they are perfect,
English muffins warming in foil
sure did the trick and finished the potato salad too
      All in all was a wonderful day. And meeting up with friends again a real bonus.
      Hope y'all had a wonderful day and keeping warm wherever you are. Thanks for stopping by!
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 Where have we been this Winter?

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Much cooler but we had a fun day and are toasty warm.

Where are we today ?
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        Woke up this morning at 4:30 am and was 43F outside ,much cooler than it has been, overcast all day with a bit of drizzle off and on but never got above 48F. We have had some really amazing weather so far this fall so no complaints at all. The rain has pretty well stopped.  I did get a couple of nice early walkabouts enjoying the scenery in the park, it has not changed much over the years but has been cleaned up and improvements made, always nice to see.
this be the place we enjoy
nice ponds and bridge to the club house
around the pool area very nice,
but too cold right now
   Then into the clubhouse on my walk, again a very nice place to hang out.
puzzle corner
upstairs a nice pool room if you like
          About 9 am we headed to Covington LA about 10 minutes away to one of my favourite grocery stores in this area Acquistapace's  a family owned grocery store  in business for 150 years! And Suzie even went with me !   Checked out their amazing Liquor, beer and wine selections. Some very expensive wines displayed in a locked glass case. Then the rest of the store lots of different interesting foods. Then the cheese section all kinds of different cheeses (rather expensive ones) but were were able to sample maybe a dozen or more. A real nice touch.
love this store
beer selections from all over the world
local beers too
you want the best wines?
they have them here !
not in our budget  thanks
    Back through Covington to Rouse's this is a nice small southern town.
         From there on the way back stopped at Rouse's grocery store Louisiana owned and some more very interesting different foods, fresh seafood and spices. Oh my I could have a field day here. Gotta eat up some food in our freezer then will go back and grab some things.

expensive aged beef but I am sure these would be amazing
again not in out budget
excellent fresh seafood here as well
good prices
    Then home for lunch we had enough fun for today.    
    After lunch I did quick trip in Abita Springs Auto Zone for some injector cleaner for our coach, think it needs to be done after all a lot of fuel has passed through those fuel injectors in 142,000 miles at 7 .5 miles per gallon.
    After noon temps not any better down to 46F so no sitting outside today. A few more walkabouts though. Got some computer purging and back ups done and enjoyed our reading inside where we are quite comfy.
         Back home for the rest of the day. Our Neighbours have left so we now have this huge area all to ourselves , just the way we like it.
perfect and so very quiet
        Now because of this colder weather we decided to indulge in a couple of delicacies that we have. I wanted this Creole style chicken and sausage gumbo for supper. But too spicy for Suzie. So I heated up this New England Clam Chowder for her.
       I bought an Abita Springs Brewery Beer to try, they have so many different kinds. This one I bought today is called Strawgator . I have tried most of their beers here in the past (they used to have free tours and tastings) and enjoyed most all of them in the past, and this one very tasty their Andy Gator Beer infused with Strawberries, but pretty high test, (8%) and oh so smooth.
hmm very different and tasty
       So for supper tonight I really enjoyed the chicken and sausage gumbo , always add rice to it, potato salad on the side and some fresh hot french bread.
wow was this ever tasty
I know I can do this gumbo again
leftovers for lunch tomorrow
Suzie's clam chowder, was excellent
she let me taste it
    There ya go we did actually have a wonderful day that just flew by and enjoyed some very tasty southern foods as well. Did not warm up at all and probably not even tomorrow. A lady from the park came by and advised that we let our taps drip tonight just might freeze ! Oh my we go from one extreme to another. No problem we are toasty warm and our Blue Flame does a wonderful job, best investment we ever made.
    Thanks for joining us today and hope y'all had a wonderful day as well.
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 Where have we been this Winter?