Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, November 30, 2018

Cruise, Day 6 at Sea

Where are we today ?
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    We have been busy the last 3 days and lotsa walking done and fun times , about 6 miles a day and lotsa fresh air. In the ship a lot of stairs to climb so thats gives a better work out we are on deck 9 the pool 11, buffet 10 casino 5, entertainment deck 4 and 5. So we got a very good sleep last night until 6 am. 72 F enjoying our balcony in the early morning quiet. No where to go so that was good.
nice to sit on our Balcony first thing in the morning
 up one deck fresh juice
fresh coffee all day long
        Got a few miles walked this morning after coffee and computing and a tasty breakfast at the Blueiguana Cantina.
small Taco with chicken refined bean salsa
fried egg on top
very tasty 
enjoying a quiet breakfast
        Next we off to the Liquid lounge on deck 4 at the front of the ship to watch them play a trivia game and the morning show with the cruise director always a few laughs. Today was DR. Seus. for the show then a parade with lots a children and music around the deck, big smiles for every one.
the Morning show laughs
    Then the Dr Seus parade, lotsa smiles adults and kids.
         The staff here is very friendly like to chat and somehow they remember your name, not sure how they do that?
        We sat by the pool for a while reading in the shade.
more excellent tunes with the steel drums
a perfect deck day shade
and sun by the pool
you want quiet deck areas lotsa of choices
    Then the pool area the rear of the ship much quieter a 2 hot tubs.
some quieter music and of course bars
and food every where
      We like this area mid ship by the Beach pool, live entertainment, sun and shade whatever you like.
      Then at noon to Guy's pig and Anchor Smokehouse on Deck 4 for some very tasty smoke house food. I enjoyed some chicken, sausage, beef , potato salad and molasses baked beans, small portions just enough to enjoy.

very tasty a nice treat
         Back to the pool deck to watch the Ice carving at 1:30. amazing how he can carve this huge block of Ice into an Indian head in less  than 15 minutes in this intense sun temperatures over 85F and no breeze here.
ice carving right below us in front of the pool
getting the ice block ready
ready to carve
amazing watching him
people in the pool watching
the indian head pictures do not do it justice
       Then to relax in the cool of our room for a bit and on to a seminar at the Piano Bar, deck 5 on Improve walking and posture for a complimentary foot  analysis.  Very interesting seminar they did everyone's feet and explained our some of the orthotics they have can help you demonstrated on Suzie.  Wonderful Cruise special only $199.00 no thanks but it was fun and informative.
      Now a few more walkabouts checking even more areas and getting some miles in  6 miles at 5 pm so not too bad today.
that looks like they are having fun, sure not for me though
and these guys racing around high in the air
     We will stick close to the ground thank you very much low impact walking is better for my back and arthritis.
reading a bit more on the deck enjoying
the fresh air and music
an early sunset just after 5 pm
       Just after 5 pm back to our state room, relaxed a bit and got changed, the head to the buffet at 6 pm when they open. We are liking the buffet better than the dining room salads we make our own and are fresher and more choices plus no long waits, other than a bit of a line up for the buffet only a few minutes.
      Tonight a nice salad, chicken Parmesan, Virginia baked ham sliced right there for you and New England Clam chower.
very tasty and the chowder was awesome
       After dinner we headed to the Liquid Lounge for the show tonight a high Energy America Rocks music, Songs from the 60's and 70's nonstop from 7 am until 8:15 with amazing lights, music, dancing and pyrotehnics .
Pasted the violins playing in this lobby on the way 3 players
      Now into the Lounge for the show right from the start the high energy got everyone in the mood to party and party we did for over an hour.
I surprised Suzie with a snapshot

this guys was too funny
everyone holding up their cell phone lights
great light shows and music
nonstop action and music
    I tried to count how many signers, dancers and musicians,  the closet I got was 14 in the show but Think there was more. No matter it was a very good show we both really enjoy it rock and roll music from the 60's and 70's and even Suzie knew most of the songs. Her being a country music lover.
      Show over just before 8:30 so we made our way back home wandered through the Casino but no donation today. We are winding down, one more day at sea and home again.
our towel friend tonight is a frog thanks to our
invisible cabin steward
this guy was here last night
     This day at sea was wonderful things to do and keeping us busy is not hard, got lotsa walking and reading done, chatting with a few people enjoyed some great music, the ice carving was fun and almost got in the pool but kinda ran out of time. Maybe tomorrow.
     Thanks for dropping by and enjoying our cruise right along with us. Hope y; all had a wonderful day as well.
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 Where have we been this Winter?