Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday stuff getting done and more family time is wonderful.

Where are we today ?
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        Just another fun day here in the country, a bit warmer today than the last few and was great. After a nice early morning walkabout town, I headed in to New Hamburg this morning for a few items and gas for the Lawn mower. Only 10 minutes away.  Got the gas, fuelled up and finished off the rest of the 5 acres.
       Some comments have been about this mower. And it is a commerical 61 inch deck zero turn Ferris Mower. Works amazing, rides smooth and goes fast that's how I can do 5 actres here in 3 hours.
      That all done before noon and Suzie helped her Dad with his spreadsheet for the Mennonite Relief Sale while I finished off mowing the lawn. Home for a tasty lunch together then to visit daughter number 2 only 10 minutes away.
      They have a (new to them trailer) and asked if I could help with getting things working. No problem. We worked on the trailer wiring and got everything up and running. And even a nice visit with her and the grands.
a pretty nice first trailer for them
sure beats a tent!
         Then to visit with them and the dogs. This big guy is such a suck but still scares me.
he is amazing
getting a treat
the chihuahua wants to share his treat
but not gonna happen, so funny to watch!
The treat is is bigger than the Chihuahua !
      Then we head back home to whip up supper.  Tonight some Maple Garlic Turkey sausage I picked up at the St. Jacobs Farmers market a week or so ago. Of course gotta cook it on our Weber Q.
            Added a salad and sauerkraut and made for a very tasty meal. Leftovers for this one will be so tasty for  a lunch./ brunch in a day or so.
sure was  a tasty meal
            A fun  busy enough day for us. But soon to leave the area for a bit. After tomorrow.
            Nice to see you guys again that stop by and hope to meet y'all on down the road again or for the first time. Keep on enjoying life !
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Friday, April 29, 2016

Arizona type weather, cold nights and wonderful sunrises again, but we have green grass. The best of both worlds

Where are we today ?
Plattsville Ontario
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         Well what the heck ! Another awesome sunrise today. Sure is a great way to start the day. Cool yes, but sure reminds me of the camping in the desert. Amazing early sunrises, cold mornings the amazing sun rises and all is wonderful! The big difference here is we have green grass and trees.  
         Nice morning walkabout town for while sure do love this time of day! Chat with a few people here and there and the neighbor as well,
another wonderful sunrise,
can take this everyday !
        Heading down the road a bit later came across this guy wandering near the houses?
What is he doing here midday?
Then he scurried away
             After lunch Suzie going to help her Dad with the Mennonite Relief sale spreadsheet stuff and I proceeded to mow some lawn here.. 5 Acres takes me about 3 hours if all goes well. And all went well until the last acre, ran out of gas. Good thing I keep and extra gallon handy just for this problem.
          Put some more gas in and parked the mower, Need to go out of town for gas. so will get some more in the morning, already after 4 pm.
        Just as I  ran out of gas the neighbor Barry came over with his  John Deer tractor, trailer and chain saw, to help us cut up a fallen limb near the back of the property, and take it to the burn pile. Gotta love friendly neighbors !
Barry and his chain saw
        Made quick work of it and Suzie came out to help us as well. This was all done in a few minutes. Many hands makes it go pretty quick.
Thanks Barry so much for your help
back to the burn pile
          I mowed a bit more lawn then home for supper . Tonight  gonna cook inside, cause it was supposed to rain. The weather Gods were wrong again ! No problem, gonna do a meal I have been wanting to do for a very long time.  Pork Tenderloin with Cranberries with Balsamic glaze. Had this years ago and was calling my name. You can click HERE for the recipe or my recipe blog on the top  right sidebar.
this is a very tasty meal
love it!
         Actually a pretty good day, dress for the weather and enjoy the great outdoors, exercise and fresh air, gotta love it !
          Glad that you stopped buy for a visit, coma back anytime. Love to ear from you.
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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Car repair,emissions test on our coach on a cool spring day.

Where are we today ?
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          Up early as usual and caught another beautiful sunrise right out our dining room window. This was the best part of the day.  After the sunrise, just a cool, overcast day temperature only got to 7 c (44f) with a 25 kph (15 mph) cold north wind. 
sunrise is beginning 
the WOW !
           Had our car at Pettigrew's garage for 8 am new o rings for our fuel injection, done in less than an hour and back home for bit. Headed into Baden, the Wilmot Rec Centre and got a few miles done on the indoor walking track. Then home for lunch.
         After lunch secured our coach and headed down the road 12 miles to Hickson Motors to get an E-test (emissions Test)= Money Grab. For 2 pm, this needs to be done every 2 years in Ontario in order to renew our vehicle license stickers. Yeah a $100. plus $13.00 tax money grab... ok needs to be done though.
nice country drive to Hickson 
this the place small town garage,
my kinda place
        While I did this Suzie took the car to her Dad's to help him with some printing and help him with his excel spreadsheet that he does for the Mennonite Relief sale setup in New Hamburg the last weekend in May every year.
        E-test done, back to camp awesome by 3:45 and all set up. Easy peasy it is. Chat for a while then time to whip up supper. Tonight gonna heat up some pork ribs I picked up on sale yesterday only $5.97 already cooked and in BBQ sauce almost half price and pretty good, we have had them in the past, just heat them up. I like to do them on the BBQ but was only 38f with a NE wind, the oven works great and we can use the heat inside today.
good deal,
we like good deals
ribs, sauerkraut and a salad,
oh so tasty
        Right after supper Suzie gave me a hand to load John's pickup and take another load to the burn pile. The branches that I cut up yesterday.   
        Was a good productive day and got things done that needed to be done. Just waiting t=for the weather to warm up a bit more and play outside a bit. The weather Gods have good predictions , lets see if they are right?
       Oh below is a pic of me grilling a chicken on our Weber Q in Marie and Frank's driveway in Aurora monday night. Another shot of me without my hat, feel naked... but at least I have my vest on.
grilling a chicken in my cousin's driveway
on Monday
         Glad that y'all stopped for a peek, we doing awesome and hope you are too.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Back to Plattsville for a few days to wrap up a few loose ends.

Where are we today ?
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         Early morning walkabout the subdivision here in Aurora, was wonderful sun rising and really not too cold. Visit with Marie and Frank for a bit. Coffees with them and chat, then secure the coach and on the road back to Plattsville for a few days. Left at 10 am and pulled into camp awesome by noon.
       We had a busy time there visiting a lot of family, was wonderful, and too much fun catching up with everyone. Thanks for all the  hospitality there and a nice parking spot too, guys ! 
        These Canada Geese were on the roof of that house making a heck of a noise. Soon as I took my camera out they took off, still making a heck of a noise.
         Here we are back in Plattsville for a few days. Excellent weather and a few more things to do before we move along.
all set up
            When we pulled in, noticed that a huge limb from the willow tree had fallen. Too big for me to move, hmm..
        Got my bow saw out that we happen to carry and cut it up into smaller manageable pieces that can be moved to the burn pile. Soon as I can use John's truck it will be removed.
that is much better now
          Now to enjoy some wonderful spring sunshine warmth and quality reading time this afternoon. Yep this is good.
perfect reading day, with perfect weather
       Then as is the norm  time for supper. Tonight a couple cod loins pan fried on our Weber Q with our favorite fish crisp coating.
does not take long, once it is heated up
perfect, tasty fish dinner to go with our salad
excellent !
          Did our thing, visit family, now to get a few more things in place and begin to enjoy some summer weather that will be happening very soon!
           Thanks again for stopping by and I just know you had a wonderful day too !
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Much cooler and more family fun, plus a visit with Ma.

Where are we today ?
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         Quite cool this morning, just above freezing and cold drizzle. But did get out for a walkabout , just dressed for the weather and the rain. Cruised about the neighborhood and noticed 3 home for Sale and sold, 2 of them had the sign saying sold over asking price. Either the market is hot or they were listed too low, but they sold quickly.
the are like town homes,
I believe over 300K
         Then around 9 am headed off in the car to visit my Ma, about an hour away in Lindsay. Have not seen her since last fall. She is failing and was ,moved to a Long term care facility in Lindsay Ontario not far from my sister and brother.
         On the drive up came across a few "snow fluffies" here and there but nothing on the roads, good thing !
some snow  fluffies
a nice back country drive today
Ma and me, having fun,,,,,,,,,,
        A nice visit with ma, then head back on home, in time for lunch

love the back roads

grandson number 3 reciting  a poem,
very good he was too.
         Then GD # 1 Keeping us busy with here energetic antics.

     Then time for supper, fire up their Weber.
they have a  lager Weber than us
      That's it for time for supper here tonight ! I grilled a couple pork tenderloins I had marinated and made a salad with Daughter # 1 roasting some potatoes, wonderful ! 

nice tasty supper
ice cream peach/applecheese cake
sure tasty
      The we played with GD  #1  for a while. lotsa friendly animals here.

      That was another fun busy day we had enjoying some wonderful family time.

      Thanks for stopping by again.
Good night Granddad and Gramma

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Walmart to a cousin's driveway, catching up and having fun!

Where are we today ?
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         Great sleep at this Walmart, pretty quiet here. They are closed from 11 pm until 7 am and no traffic. 2 other Rv's and one truck, no generators or engines running. Early walkabout and checked out the store, picked up a few groceries and 2 chickens. only $1.77 a lb good deal in Canada. 
        It rained a bit this morning then moved a couple miles to park in my cousin's driveway for a couple nights. So nice to hook up with them again, it's been a while. We chatted with them for a bit to get caught up and decided I could make supper for us here tonight. A chicken on our Weber Q and a salad, spend some quality time with them.
nice spot here in their driveway
       Nice and sunny afternoon but chilly, enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine. Set up our Weber Q and let it do its tricks. Reading time for a while and relaxing is wonderful.
       A wonderful neighborhood, new homes and one old farm house still here.

right across the road
kinda neat
      Then I went to this Centra Market a few blocks away. WOW, love this place ,chinese stuff, food and spices great deals could have spent a few hours here but just picked up a few things. Will be back again for sure.
great store here
          Then time to eat, enjoy dinner and have some more good times together.
whipped up a salad
chicken on the Weber Q 
We having a feast
lemon cheese cake, for desert, very tasty
blue berry and espresso,muffins too!
Marie and Frank
guess who ?
      Conversation was great and having fun with a cousin I only met 25 years ago. What a wonderful feeling. Sure wish we could have met up 60 years ago, we would have had much more history, but such is life.
       Now after a great day enjoying family time, gotta go home to their driveway, relax a bit and call it a night.
oh no we got caught!
night all.....
      Thanks for taking a peek again, and I just know you had a wonderful day as well!
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