Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Met some wonderful Blog Followers this morning, enjoyed a great very warm, but windy day, and a thunderstorm.

Where are we today ?
       What a great way to start the day sunrise and not to windy yet, Heading out for my morning walkabout to the entrance and back 1 mile. And on the way this couple come out of their trailer walking towards me. She say's George? Yep that me. They have been blog followers for some time and tried to make it to Blogger fest but like we say, life got in the way. They drove by yesterday to see if we were in the same location as Bloggerfest and  spotted our coach. Kinda cool.
         About 10 am were going to stop by and meet us , so that's what they did. What a super couple Ken and Shirley. We chatted and for a couple hours then they were heading to La Posa North and explore a few vendors in the area. It's always nice to meet up with blog followers and get to meet them in person. Too bad they just got here with some cooler temps and high winds for a couple days but it will soon be much better.
Ken and Shirley
        Once they left we had lunch and I wandered to Rv Lifestyles to pick up some "Happy Camper" holding tank treatment. Much cheaper here than any place else we have seen. Fill car with gas only $1.86 a gallon gotta love it.
     On my way back stop by the main event to look at some old cars and hot rods and they were all for sale. Not for us but always fun to look.
           Home to putter around for a bit and even got a couple hours reading done outside in the sun. With the high winds of 30 mph and gusts to 50 mph but not cold . Beside our coach was quite comfortable. Shorts and t shirt and surprisingly very little dust where we are.
its overcast but still shorts weather for me
       Our friends John and Barb have been wanting to go to the Grubstake and today was the perfect day for it. Way too windy to BBQ but we did get a Happy 1/2 hour and off for an early supper at 4 pm.
doggie fix for Suzie
Weber Q away, chairs away and tables
turned over, so we don't loose them
         We had no dust here but off in the distance was brutal. Glad we camped here.
     This be the place wonderful Fish and chips that we enjoy and not windy in here, the large crowds are gone so it was an excellent meal.
Barb and Suzie
oh so good,
another craving taken care of
The best we could do for an interesting
sunset tonight, still very warm
        Nice and warm  day, kinda windy but it was great. It's only weather and this too shall pass and in a few days will be getting hotter. Sure beats what they are dealing with up north, sure glad we here.
         Then at 6:30 thunder, lightning and rain for a few minutes !  Rare in the desert at this time of year.
        Thanks for stopping by again
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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Paul Winer (from the Reader's Oasis Bookstore) in concert.

Where are we today ?
clic on a pic to make it larger
        Today another early morning walkabout and a great sunrise. Gonna be a very nice warm day up to 76f but with a south wind at 18 mph and partially overcast skies.  We can deal with this no problem and no blowing dust.
         With that huge chicken we had for supper last night with George  I boiled the carcass  after  we ate. and drained the broth to let it cool, then in the fridge overnight.
          So about mid morning I got it going so we could have soup for lunch Chicken noodle soup recipe click HERE or my recipe blog top right side bar. We do love our chicken and have lotsa leftovers.
          After lunch was able to read outside for a while in the sun, was nice and warm  even with the wind. No dust here because of the paved road and gravel where we are parked. Could see dust in the distance though.
        Then at 2 pm we choose to go to the QIA (Quartzsite Improvement Association) Paul Winer is doing 2 shows today 2 pm and 7 pm. With the hot windy day we choose this earlier show. Paul is known and the Naked Bookseller at Reader's Oasis Bookstore in town. He performed his Boogey Woogie Blues 45 years ago in the Eastern USA and Canada under the name Sweet pie.
this is Paul
at his
           The tickets for his show were $10.00 each and all the proceeds go to help the family of an injured Quartzsite Firefighter.  Well over 250 people at this show alone !
           He is one heck of an entertainer. Great stories, funny jokes as well as some very good music. Five musicians here altogether.  Antics like a wardrobe malfunction, he had trouble with buttons his shirt. (not used to wearing clothes) and a few outfit changes too. Funny songs like Blue Boy Blues and more. Or "hey you want a cold beer? put it next to my ex wife's heart and on and on. We had 2/12 hours of very good entertainment. He is amazingly active for 73 years old and the other musicians up into their mid 80's. 
          He talked about himself and the band history wanted us to get to know him. He says in the store nobody asks a naked man "how's it going?"
that's Paul
the band
        Telling us the story of his Western shirt. He was selling books at a Fleamarket in Arizona and the vendor had a truck load of these shirts below. And was completely sold out at the end of the day. He knows they are western shirts because everyone was sold to somebody wearing a cowboy hat and boots. If you are in the area and ever get a change to see Paul Winer perform it is a very worthwhile show.
Paul chatting with a couple ladies,
in his Western shirt
           We got home shortly after 4:30 and set up the windscreen for our Weber Q. And Enjoyed this very interesting Beer George brought me yesterday. An India Pale Ale with Habanero Peppers in it. Right up my alley, a beer with a kick.

       Fired up our grill  and whipped up a salad to go with a couple pan fried Tilapia fillets.
Sure was tasty
        While super was finishing up we enjoyed and lovely sunset.
       Glad that you stopped by again hope y'all had a great day too.

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Had company today what a wonderful visit !

Where are we today ?
          This morning started with a nice 1 mile walkabout as the sun came up, then a quick trip to Blythe for a few things and another good deal on a chicken for tonight's supper.
           We have a good friend George (yes there is lotsa George's around) stop by for a nice visit. He is from the Clarence New York. I met him many years ago when I began stopping by his Store (Adventures in Heat) for some very tasty and exciting hot sauces. Stopping in usually once a year I would stock up on my sauces and chat with George for a while if he was not too busy in the store. He was interested in our RV lifestyle. 
           Last year he sold his business and another nice couple took it over and renamed it Smoke, Fire and Spice. So now it has freed him up to travel and visit people.  And we are one of the people he choose to come visit on his roadtrip (no rv yet).
           Now George sold some many high end BBQ's , cookers and smokers in his store along with the spices rubs and sauces. Also a great promoter for Oinktoberfest which we have yet been unable to attend. He wanted to have a good BBQ'd meal from my Weber Q.  So I said I would try. First thing he did when he got here was to check out my Weber Q. Before he even sat down, he used to sell them in his store at one time.
Love his License Plate
He arrived shortly after 12 noon and we sat out in the shade to catch up and flap our gums. Amazing how fast the time flies with lively conversation. About 3pm our neighbors came over to join us for happy hour.
        Soon it's time to fire up our Weber Q and put on supper. We having a 6.5 lb chicken the I tried some of his Butt Rub spice on, baked potatoes, and carrots with maple syrup and an apple spice I tried.
looking good
         It all came together very nicely I loved the new spices and of course always love our chicken.
And I think George enjoyed it too!
        Well we sure had a very nice visit and the weather could not have been any nicer.
        Was great to see you again George hope we can do it again next time you are in the area. Travel safe and enjoy the journey.

         Thank you all for stopping by as well, hope you are enjoying some nice weather wherever you are.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Where are we today ?

To much fun today post in he morning
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Thursday, January 28, 2016

The big tent is gone as are the crowds, and Lotsa room at Silly Al"s for Pizza.

Where are we today ?
La Posa south Quartzsite Arizona
clic on the pics to make them larger
          What more can we ask for here? Wonderful sunrises, warm sunny days, and hanging out with friends.
this mornings sunrise
            After coffees and computing my first desert walkabout shortly after 7am  right after the sunrise was wonderful just over  a mile.
           Then  about town for a while checking out motels for a friend that is coming to visit tomorrow.  Season over now and rates are about half from a week ago.              
            Back by the BIG TENT noticed it was gone, next year another zoo here.
The big tent was here just 4 days ago
now gone
         With amazing weather we take advantage of every day. You know it's great when Suzie in the shade with shorts on !
        Drivng around saw this rig with a neat towed. Trike n the back.
is that a machine gun on the trike?
      What great sunny hot day. A quick happy hour here then 5 of us off to Silly Al's for an early supper. Love their Pizza.  Our expenses way down this month even with the exchange rate for the Canadian dollar guess we can do it.

       So of course we there for Happy hour 3:30 pitcher only 7 US dollars. Garlic cheese bread to start. so much for healthy eating today ! And another one of the best Pizzas we have ever had. Considering I owned a pizza place for 10 years. Service and food wonderful.
garlic cheese bread was excellent
          We ordered a medium South of the border pizza, very tasty, and reasonable too.
always excellent pizza here
       Now we met some blog followers here from San Francisco ( Sandy and Randy) that wanted to connect with us. And we enjoyed some excellent food and great conversation with them. They looking to buy an RV and wanting some tips. So we told them what we  know and then they can take that info and decide.
at Silly Al's, lr  John, Barb, Randy, Sandy,
 me, Suzie and Clancy,
           After here we all returned to "home dirt" and continued flapping our gums until it got too cool and they needed to head on out to Congress AZ. And thanl you Randy and Sandy for these very tasty marinated olives from Trader Joe's.
     So wonderful to meet some new blog followers and get together at Silly Al's for an excellent Pizza here in the Q.
      Thanks for joining us today and just know y'all had a great one too. 

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Moon set was cool, and beautiful blue skies sure did it for us.

Where are we today ?
      Hey today is Wednesday, wow how the time flies when we having fun we have been here a week already ! Thinking pretty soon we need to go somewhere else. But still have a few things on our agenda we play it by ear.
        This morning a very interesting moon with a ring around it. Not sure what it was but kinda cool. Think it means something but not something I know about. Any input out there ?
the moon this morning, not great pic of the ring
but I don't have a great camera either
           Got a few miles walkabout today just enjoying the desert.  Right behind us a few desert bushes make for nice scenery.
right behind us
        Now we can enjoy some quality reading time under our awning, Very intense desert sun here!
under our awning is nice
this guy has his trailer and a boat on his truck,
nice way to bring it along
enjoying the shade, under
beautiful blue sunny skies
         Then about 3 pm "Happy Hour" with John, Barb, Clancy and the dogs. Sharing more information and flapping our gums. Always a nice social time.
         Whipped up a salad and grilled a couple bone in chicken breasts and an acorn squash for supper. Sun setting in the desert here as the Weber Q is done.
worked for us and leftovers too
        That was it for us after another perfect day, soon time to call it a night. Blogging and a Tv show just to wind down.
          Glad that y'all dropped by again, Hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did.

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