Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

An almost lazy day, and hand quilted quilts.

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        Sunshine and almost a perfect day, just a bit of a cool breeze this morning. But after coffees and computing, discussing stuff that we wanted to do. I hopped in th car and wandered about from New Hamburg to Kitchener and Waterloo for a few things we needed. Stopped by my mom's for a short visit then back home for a bite to eat for lunch.

        After lunch Suzie and I headed out to the New Hamburg Thrift Centre to look for some deals. Well she found a nice shirt that she needed for $2.00 and I found an amazing monster toy truck/car that I just had to have for $2.00 as well, maybe even share with my grandsons ! Only if they are good. Maybe tomorrow I will get the sandbox in shape.
1957 Chevy monster car
        While at the store Suzie chatted with a bunch of  ladies, she knew that like to get together pretty well everyday and make some awesome completely hand quilted quilts. The tiny stitches, and amount of hours that goes into these is mind boggling. But for them it is a special social time too.
chatting and quilting
        While she is chatting I am  looking around hanging on to my new found treasure looking for more. And this fellow wanders over and catches my eye as I look up. Rick Willfang, I have not seen for at least 7 or 8 years I am sure.  Wow, we chatted, for a bit (a long time according to Suzie!). Rick and I go way back to the early 1980's when we both first moved into Plattsville. Good times and great memories so nice to see him again. He still has a wood carving group that still gets together, we did that for quite a while too, I still have my carving tools and a couple of almost finished projects. We exchanged email addresses and hope that we can keep in touch, maybe even get together for a bit too.

        Ok we finished our chores then dropped by Suzie's mom and dad's for a short visit and back home to relax for a bit to read in the shade while Dennis is cutting the hay in the fields. A farmer's work is never done.
fresh cut hay, such a beautiful site and smell
Relaxing on the patio
        While they were doing this I whipped up a whole mess of brown rice pasta (wheat free), large pot of pasta sauce, with meat and veggies, a tossed salad for a nice tasty supper and end to a wonderful day. Chores and milking were done in the barn and the hay was cut, time to wind down.

        Now we just laid back for a few minutes and I can throw together this blog and put my feet up too.

        Glad you could make it here today, the next few days will be sunny and warm good for mowing the lawns that are now growing like crazy.
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  1. Yeah, check out the forecast... nothing but sun for the next week!

  2. You certainly are quite a cook whipping up all those good looking meals! Sometimes you can really find great bargains and great things at those thrift shops. We saw a big one today we talked about going back to and checking out.

    1. Good deals yes, I picked up a two piece suit a few years ago, from a high end taylor in the area for ten dollars and fit me like it was made for me!

  3. It's nice to have those lazy days once in a while. Temps are dropping here tonight meaning we're really going to snuggle to keep warm. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Yes cold here too went down to 3c, brrrr........

  5. Love the truck!! Should be fun times ahead with the kids.

    1. Yes for sure, my kinda truck, I think it would be way to cool to have a real one like that to tow behind our coach!


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