Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, June 17, 2019

Round and around, mowing lawn enjoying this wonderful weather outside all day.

Where are we today ?
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       After another good sleep up at 5 am and a comfortable 49F outside. Got my coffees and computing done, And a short walkabout around the block. Enjoying the fresh morning air and birds and mourning doves.
a nice misty sunrise right out our dining room window 
lots of these colourful wildflowers around
nice to see them
walking back down river road on my morning
         Then at 7:30 am I drove Suzie to New Hamburg to take her Dad into St. Marys hospital in Kitchener for a few more tests. The tests at the hospital all very good. Then I stopped at Pettigrew's garage to talk to Dale about more work on the car and coach. We here for almost 2 weeks so he can probably work us in to their busy schedule there.
          Next I went home to rearrange our fridge again after we emptied the Beer Keg I was gifted for my birthday. Checked our TV antenna that I repaired at Rock Glen last week and yeah !! It now works again we have tv over our antenna again. Then I hopped on the mower to begin mowing some lawn at 10 am. I stopped at 11 just as Suzie was pulling in with her Dad's car, he will drive it home from here. A light tasty lunch then I picked up a few groceries and back to mowing more of the yard for an other hour or so. It takes just over 3 hours to mow the 5 acres here. No need to rush the weather is pretty good.
I do love mowing the lawn here as most omg readers well know
       A bit later an Ontario Hydro Truck (electricity here in Ontario) drove back and were checking out the transformers here that go to the back shed.
Hydro guys doing their thing
            I got more lawn mowed by 3 pm, hot and sunny out there, (78 F in the shade) Time to quit for the day. Happy hour time anyway. Relax in the shade with Suzie, cool down and a cold beverage enjoying our page turners, and the views, watching, listening to the birds. Loving this weather,  another perfect day.
looks and smells nice freshly mowed
here we are all nestled under the Willow trees
our view watching the Robins picking worms
we do need our awning open for some shade
           Soon time to whip up supper, tonight gonna grill a couple of bone in pork chops, that we enjoy to go with our salad. I opened the package a realized these were thin cut chops. Ok new plan. These only need to be grilled about 2 minutes, and no need to turn then over done to perfection. almost
1/2 inch chops 
I made the mistake turned them over for 30 seconds and
were slightly overdone but still very tasty
added to our salad  seared nicely
 worked for us
    Now to enjoy more of this wonderful warm weather outside after dishes done, at 7 Pm still 72 F so why not?  Gonna wrap up this posting and get right back into my Virgil Flowers mystery by John Sandford that has got me hooked. So will read outside here as long as we can before heading in.
     Last night I whipped down the road around 9 pm and caught a bit of a sunset to share with  you.
last night's sunset
     Now to wrap this up and get ready to relax a bit more. maybe another sunset later if that happens you will hear about it tomorrow.
    Thanks for taking peek and hope y'all had a great summer weather day as well.

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 Where have we been this Summer ?