Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The rain stopped and Halloween fun began all day long....

Where are we today
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       At least it is not raining today, but a cold north wind and temperature topped 48 f. Got a few nice morning walkabouts, (around the puddles). Just bundled up a bit more and the fresh air felt good.
         There is lots of sites decorated for Halloween. This is the weekend here that they celebrate it, And there is not one empty campsite in the park of the 275 campsites available, thats why we booked this weekend quite a while ago.
love these chairs
       Boiled up the chicken carcuss, from last night's chicken, for a couple hours first thing this morning to make a nice tasty pot of chicken noodle soup, perfect for this weather.
tasty hot soup for lunch
perfect for a cold day outside
         Then after lunch I made up a batch of sausage rolls with puff pastry for snacks this afternoon with our friends.  For the recipe click HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar.
sausage rolls and cheese to share
         Shortly after noon a few more of our friends showed up then the sun came out for a while and a campfire to warm us up a bit.
Bill brought lotsa firewood
lively conversation, huddled
around the campfire
        At 2 pm hay wagon rides around the campground, long lineup but the kids love it.
          All afternoon we all grazed on snacks, Bill's chowder, Barb's Beef on a bun, Betty's chili, sausage rolls, cheese and crackers, various chips and dips, veggies, hot dogs etc.. we had it all covered. You hungry grab a bite, open buffet.
lotsa food
Bill's chowder
Betty's chili
      Then Janien's wonderful "adult oranges" marinated in Tequila and brown sugar since Wednesday. Vitamin C with a kick! The adult trick or treaters got the oranges.
marinated oranges
            At 4 pm the trick our treaters begin and we were ready, lined up our 3 sites so the kids got a 3 for one bonus here. We had candy for over 300 kids ourselves, and in about and hour we were done.
ready for the kids
I just kept filling the bowl
until we were done
       Lots of really neat costumes and was really impressed almost every child said trick our treat and "thank you" after they got a treat.
this a "Dogagator"?
love this young ladies "high healed sneakers"
the crowds kept coming and coming
even after we ran out
         Now around the campfire trying to keep warm but the sun was setting and the cool north winds picked up.
a few young ones here wanted Spider dogs
and they looked inviting
      I could not resist any longer and made my own spider dog, to share with Suzie.
spider dog craving taken care of 
one last monster before heading in
        We finally caved in just after 6:30, just too cold for our liking even dressed in all the layers we had on, the young ones stuck it out for a while longer. So back home we go, fire up our Mr. Heater, to take the chill out of our bones.
        What a fun day we had with friends and the Halloween excitement around the campground with hundreds of excited little ones having fun. Even on this pretty cold fall day. But at least it was not raining like the last 2 days.
         Soon time to call it a night, after all the cool fresh air, food, fun and walkabouts. Pull out of here tomorrow to Bill and Barb's for Sunday night then heading west Monday Morning.
         Thanks for taking the time to stop by and hope you had a great day as well.

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