Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

A perfect southwest desert day that we really enjoyed.

Where are we today ?
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       Cooler again overnight 37F at 5 am not long in heating up our house and we toasty warm. In no rush to get outside I waited until just after 8 am and had a nice walkabout in the warming sunshine, with another cool wind again today. This appears to be the winter of the cold winds, that don't seem to want to let up. But at least we had clear blue sunny skies and very hot sunshine out of the wind. Another walkabout, and puttered around for a while then a light lunch that hit the spot.
love the views here in this park
nice garden here by the laundry
           After our lunch I drove around a few more back roads nothing exiting to see today, then outside enjoying our e-readers soaking up this warm sunny weather.
enjoying these amazing clear blue skies
      While outside doing what we do best, reading, at 3 pm Kim and Ken joined us for Happy Hour, shared more stories, getting to know each other even more and a few laughs, Always fun to chat with fellow bloggers and rver';s 
fun with Kim and Ken
      As the weather cooled down about 4:30 they headed home and we began prepping our supper. Tonight some catfish fillets in our Fry Daddy. Suzie wanted fries but we had no potatoes. Ok I have a fix for that. A can of whole potatoes in our pantry. I drained them and cut up, gonna try these.
the sun is beginning to set
      Our  Fry daddy preheated and fried up the canned potatoes. Nice and crispy in a few minutes, On a tray on low on our Weber Q to keep warm. Then fried up our catfish fillets only a couple of minutes and they are done to perfection .
done with our fry daddy sure does an amazing job
just like it was meant to do.
fries and fish draining and keeping warm
draining on paper towels on our Weber 
then caught a nice sunset here
we have a very nice corner campsite
catfish , fries and a tasty salad was wonderful
do love our catfish
        And just because I can I am sharing some wonderful pictures of our Granddaughter  #3 taken yesterday on Family Day in Ontario. Love her smiling eyes and mischievous grin. As her shirt says she is a cutie. and she is.
love here eyes
and this smile mischievous 
        Just more fun desert time, enjoying the warm sunshine and no snow to  deal with. The main reason we are here in the southwest .
        Thanks for dropping in for  a peek today.
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