Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday stuff.......

Where are we today ?
              Nothing new here, sunshine , warm weather, shorts , t-shirts pretty good. Really no complaints. Still plugging away, purging , sorting and cleaning. We almost there. We will be ready to  move into our coach next Tuesday.  Then back here for the sale Friday May 8th.
             Not much walking today other than up and down the stairs a few dozen times. Let my body recoup a bit, plus it was suppose to rain today (did not happen). 
             As Suzie headed home from visiting her mom I began whipping up supper . Tonight a turkey breast schnitzel  from Hayter's Turley farms in Dashwood Ontario.  We discovered them last summer and love their great healthy products, very tasty too. Support the local farmers when we can.
2 turkey breast schnitzel
          3-5 minutes per side in a non stick pan fried with fresh mushrooms and shallots. Added a bit of left over mashed taters, sauerkraut and our tasty salad sure did the trick. Thats the secret small meat, large salad veggies.
yep was tasty and healthy too
       That was it for another day that just flew on by. Really like that I can wear shorts, no winter coats and drive the car with windows open and no heat on. Plus we move back into our house next week ! Are we excited? You betcha. Its been a long cold winter.
        Thanks again for taking a peek and hope your day was wonderful too.
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Excellent weather, a great hike and company for supper.

Where are we today ?
      Another amazing day of awesome weather. Sunshine blue skies and next to no wind, shorts and t-shirt weather for sure.Temps around the 21c (70 f) and felt much warmer. Yep we will take it! 
      My early morning drive to Plattsville really got me going and wanting to be out and about.
      Found out we having company for supper so a quick trip to the grocery store for a few extra items.
here is mom training her daughter how to shop,
too cute
After a light lunch Suzie and her dad went to visit her Mom.  Now with this amazing weather I had a plan to explore further reaches of New Hamburg. Gonna head south and west looking for Walker woods hiking trail.  Just in a different direction than downtown.
new buds on the trees, sure is nice
      So I headed out to explore. Had to make my way through Stonecroft and active lifestyle community. Very nice, very upscale, very expensive and very much not for us. 
      But cost me nothing to go for a nice walk on an awesome day! Got a good 5.5 miles done today , so much easier and more interesting than the indoor track.

8.8 kms, (5.5 miles) today
Pretty fancy stuff here
nice walking and hiking trails
homes back onto these trails
nice clubhouse
      Wander around enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. I came across the trail and headed off into the bush. So quiet and peaceful and not another soul in site, loved it!
soon it will be overgrown
rest areas and pavilions placed here and there, nice!
          Heading back along Haysville rd, some of these retirement homes are huge!
can't imagine wanting to retire in a home like this!
         But sure did have a wonderful walking day, and feeling much better every day. Enjoyed my E reader for a bit on the sunny deck, then began whipping up supper. Couple small pork roasts on our Weber Q. A pot of mashed taters, mixed veggies, apple sauce and gravy for supper. Had Suzie's Dad, and his brother and wife. Uncle Clare her dad's youngest brother, dropped by for a visit and we had a nice meal and social time together.
2 small pork roast on our Q
sure was tasty
       Then because we had company again, desert. Fresh Strawberries,and whipped cream, just to finish things off.
Strawberries and whipped cream? wonderful
        Another great day passed us by and and all was wonderful.
        Thanks for taking a peak again, hope your weather was as good as ours !
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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What an amazing spring Day !

Where are we today ?
     Well hey,  gotta love the weather and the forecast for the next ten days !
     Much warmer and some sunshine, even a bit of rain, no problem as long as its warm. April showers bring May flowers etc...
      This morning we just puttered along, mostly just cleaning and wiping stuff down. Two of the 3  bathrooms cleaned, both kitchens the cupboards, washed out, some walls washed and baseboards too. No need to wait until the last minute. 
      After a light lunch Suzie and her Dad headed in to visit her mom and I got to take off and enjoy a wonderful walkabout town. Perfect weather for it, sunshine and no wind, much better and more fun than the indoor track. It is a small town and can walk most of it in about and hour and half. At least a circle tour. Took a slightly different route this time and enjoyed more nice old and interesting houses along the way.
6.1 kms (3.8 miles) 
heading on out
       Just enjoying the fresh air , sunshine and exercise. Losta new sights to see.
      Turn down a side street and one block I am in the country.
      Another 2 blocks and one on the many Churches in town.
         Have to go over the Nith river, the water fall always intrigues me, so peaceful.
Sobey's Grocery store
Huge Mennonite population here so of course
the Mennonite Credit Union
nice mural on the side of the firehall
big bird is fishing
another church , notice the solar panels?

love this house and garage
very different design
under the expressway, beside the river
huge house on a couple acres , very mice 
then they have new homes here too
        Back home the flowers are beginning to bloom, so fragrant had to bring a clipping inside for Suzie.
daffodils are always a welcome site
         I even had some time to enjoy my e -reader in the sun on the back deck for a while. T-shirt and shorts = awesome. Actually very hot, love it!
         As Suzie heads home I begin whipping up supper. Tonight, something we rarely do anymore. I picked up a couple Rib-eye steaks on sale a while ago and thought with this great weather time for a good BBQ. We don't eat much beef anymore but do enjoy it (will suffer afterwards) but at least we don't do it too often. So went all out steak, baked potato, fresh mushrooms and onions, and a fresh garlic parmesan bun from the bakery at Sobeys.
add the salad and we had a feast for sure
        Now that was an amazing day and the weather is getting better now, can't wait to move back into our house one week today.
         Hope your day was as wonderful as ours and would like to thank y'al, for stopping by again.
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Monday, April 27, 2015

We getting there! And the weather is too.

Where are we today ?
       Another day just plugging along. The purging is coming to a close and now Suzie into some deep cleaning for the new owners. And an amazing job she is doing. I can help her all she needs to do it give me direction on her plans.
        Just over a week and we back in our our house , finalize what needs to be ready for the Auction here an Friday May 8th at 3 pm.
        The garage is full and staged and another couple rooms inside boxed and ready to move outside, plus all the furniture as well. You need something? I am sure you will find it here!
dishes, slow cookers
lawn mower, snow blower?
canning, mason jars? Boxes of them
chicken rotisserie
silver ware, boxes of tupperware,
        Kind of an overcast day, damp and a cool wind. So this afternoon when Suzie and her Dad went to visit her mom. I headed to the Wilmot Centre and indoor track. Actually got 4 miles done on the track today! Plus a lot more walking at the store and in the house, sure feels good. That was  80 minutes and 48 laps at the track, was gonna go for 5 miles, but my interest level declined rapidly. No new scenery at all. Need nicer weather with sunshine and get outside to explore some more.
        A bit of internet research then time to whip up supper. Tonight a Turkey breast on our Weber Q.
once again perfect, about 1 hour on low,
to 165f internal temp
         Just add my salad, strawberries and cranberries to finish it off.
again very tasty
       That was it for today, warmer weather in the forecast and so looking forward to that.
       Now time to grab my e-reader and head down stairs, read for a bit and watch the tube before calling it a night.
       Thanks for your visit, always nice to have ya'll drop by.
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