Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ontario July to October

Thurs July 5 Have been in Algonquin ( Rock Lake) since July 2, great site right on the water, weather is kinda over cast but have met up with many friends and have enjoyed everyones company once again. Free wifi connection in Whitney at restauarant ( Mad Musher). Looking forward to more days here in the peace full surroundings. Algonquin Pics

July 10th

Went to visit a friend Wayne in Denbigh Ontario ( near Bancroft). At his camp , about 300 acres of bush and lakes. What beautiful country!!! He toured us around the area and we met many friends and relatives. While fishing on Denbigh Lake we got caught in a major rainfall and were thoroughly drenched, luckily it was a very warm rain. Later that day another fishing trip , almost rain again but more fish, later that night we had a nice fish fry.

Denbigh pics

July 18th

We took a day trip from Galvin Bay to visit a family friend Jim on Deer lake. More paradise!!!!!! Such a beautiful peaceful area and his cottage that he built in the 1970’s, A real cottage, outhouse and all!!! Well Jim toured us about Deer lake in his boat with a very informative history of most of the houses and people on the ;lake. He has spent most of his 79 summers on this lake. We even saw the cottage where my parents spent their honeymoon in the 1940’s and it looks like it has hardly changed! What a wonderful visit..

Deer Lake pics

Sat. July 23

My Sister and brother in law moving into their new to them house on Lake Scugog at Little Britain. Beautiful weather, lotsa help along with professional movers. We helped for a couple of days with unpacking, rearranging and enjoying their new hot tub and exploring the lake

Scugog Pics

July 25th

Back to Galvin Bay for a couple of nights to visit with some friends there and enjoy a huge fish fry, About 100 filets of perch and crappy, a great time of food ,fellowship and games ( holy board)

Fish Fry pics

Sat.July 28th

We are back at the farm in New Hamburg to attend wedding In Tavistock with a reception in Stratford Ontario. Suzie’s nephew Reid and his bride Chrissy, another Joyous occasion

Wedding Pics

Sun. July 29th

To visit may daughter Jessie Jay and Grandson Noah the day before she is due to have another son Lincoln. She is painting their livingroom. ( never stops)

Mon. July 30

Lincoln is Born 6 lbs 14 oz. and just a beautiful baby, wow 4 Grandsons now and a baby brother for Noah.

Thurs. Aug 2nd

We arrive at a friends cottage in Sauble Beach Ontario, they have a nice big driveway and a view of Lake Huron ( they are right on the Beach.) The weather was amazing , hot and sunny but a nice cool breeze off the lake. Thursday and Friday were nice quiet days, but sat, sun and Monday the crowds arrived by the car loads, thousands of people cruising the hard packed sand on the beach and enjoying the waves. We had a wonderful visit with them and enjoyed some amazing food and the famous sunsets on Lake Huron.

Sauble Beach pics

Tuesday Aug 7th

We arrived at Point Farms Prov.park in Goderich for 2 nights and enjoyed the solitude and rustic views of the area. Some huge wind Generators were near the entrance to the park doing a good job of capturing the wind off the lake.

Point Farms Pics.

Thurs. Aug 9

Back at the farm in New Hamburg. We begin helping prepare for the Our Niece Stacey’s Buck and Doe on Saturday night. Everything went well and lots of help appeared.

Saturday afternoon we went to a large (over 200 people) potluck supper at a friends farm. They have been doing this annual event for over 40 years with BBQ turkeys, pork and beef and an amazing amount of side dishes and deserts. It is really nice to socialize with many people from the Plattsville area where we have lived for 24 years.

Returning to the farm for the Buck and Doe at 8:00pm where another dinner was underway of Roast Pork on a bun and salads and deserts. Following the meal was a pie auction, 32 pies in all most going for $30.00 to $50.00 and one even for $100.00. The Auctioneer was our Nephew Greg who did and awesome job.

This was followed by games and dancing throughout the night, especially interesting was the shlocky game, a very energetic game similar to hockey. Then relax by the huge campfire.

Aug 10 pics.

Mon. Aug. 13 Off to Lazy Lakes Resort ( Niagara Falls NY) for a week, enjoying the nice weather. They now have free WIFI in the park by the clubhouse, no more driving to Library for email. Tuesday Aug. 20 Back to the Farm with friends Steve and Barb and their dog Midnight. They really enjoyed the farm feeding the baby calfs, and even seeing one born. We drove the tractor training some cows on how to follow a lead. Again more nice weather and a few campfires with our hosts Dennis and Sandy. A real great week here.

Farm Pics

Thurs. Aug 30

We spent 3 days at Rock Glen in Arkona and the to Long Point Provincial Park for the weekend with some friends. The weather again was awesome as was the amazing beach there. We had a great time and caught up with each others lives. After that back to Rock Glen for 3 weeks to relax and get caught up with email and plan our trip south for the winter.

Long Point Pics

Tuesday. Sept 4

We left Long Point and traveled to our Home Park , Rock Glen Family Resort in Arkona Ontario. Here we settled in for a relaxing 3 weeks to catch up with the internet, Emails, and plan our trip south for the winter. We also enjoyed the Beef and corn BBQ ( supplied by the Park) an indoor pool, hot tub, shuffle board, mini golf , darts, Grand Bend Flea Market and the Parkhill fall Fair with a demolition Derby. This also gave us some time to do some much needed cleaning of our house, shampoo the carpets and furniture. We did have some very hot days and had the luxury of air conditioning and the Park facilities. As September is ending we will be heading back to New Hamburg for a wedding and Thanksgiving Weekend.

Rock Glen PICS

Fri. Sept. 28

We went to Hamilton to celebrate a friends 50th birthday party ( Ron) , with his family and friends. This was a great time at DiMagios Sports Bar with lotsa food , pizza and wings and dancing. We camped at Confederation Park in Hamilton right on Lake Ontario, very nice here. On saturday went to visit John and Wendy for supper , with Ron and Karen there also. What a a great time again with camping friends and not even in a campground. Awesome meal!

Hamilton Pics

Sat Oct. 6.

Wedding day for niece Stacey and husband Mark. We had the privilege of using our RV as the Limo for the wedding party. Really a great time from the picture of the Bride at the farm to the church, to New Hamburg WaterWheel for pictures and New Dundee for the reception, what a joyous occasion.

Wedding Day pics

Sat. Oct. 20th

Down to Lazy Lakes resort, Lewiston NY. for Halloween weekend with 5 other couples. We had a good feast of Bill's famous chowder,( he canned 6 jars for us to take with us too). The kids trick or treat around campground from 4.30p till 6.00pm. We had over 200 kids , then we settled in for a nice campfire and realaxed. On sunday John and Bill went to a Buffalo Bills football game and we got the lowdown and pictures of that sunday evening. On monday morning we moved to a beach front site o enjoy the hot sunny day. From here we went back to New Hamburg for a week to get ready to head south. Lazy Lakes pics