Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wrapping up our time here in Quartzsite getting ready to move on down the road again, finally..

Where are we today?
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   The crowds are leaving the desert in Quartzsite now as the big show is over and done with for this year. The Big Tent is coming down and will be all gone in a day or two as usual.
    Being our last day here in Quartzsite before we move on down the road we have things to do. Up early as usual 4:30 just waiting until 6 am when the laundry opens in town, Get our clothes all cleaned again then we be good to go for a couple weeks again. Got there just after 6 and only a couple people there, good time to go. All was done shortly after 7 then down the street to the Bakery (Suzie has a craving for a  cinnamon bun) So stopped in, they open at 7 with so many wonderful fresh baked goodies.
everything looks and smells wonderful
we shared this for break with another coffee
        We just puttered for a bit, I checked our tire pressures, secured our solar panel, Suzie vacuumed and cleaned our house, (spotless again!) Then our friends Bill and Patsy headed out (See ya laters) as they headed on down the road to California.
Bill and Patsy heading out
       Now that they left this weather is getting to be what we usually enjoy here each winter, Blue , almost cloudless skies mild north wind ,temps got to 71 f but with the sunshine feels much warmer.
you know its warm when Suzie is wearing shorts
         Perfect day and enjoyed our afternoon reading time in the shade, now this is the life!
        At 3 pm we had Happy hour at Dee and Mikes for a nice change. 8 of us there and enjoyed sharing  stories, a few laughs and just catching up.
           Before 5 home to whip up supper. Tonight a couple Turkey burgers and a side salad,  burgers done on our Weber Q of course. While I did this Suzie got her doggie fix with Tucker.
Tucker fix for Suzie
     As I was cooking supper we enjoyed another desert sunset.
Sure hit the spot
        Now after a great desert day with the weather that we love. Sunshine, blue skies and not too much wind.
        Early tomorrow morning we will pack up, dump our sewage, refill our fresh water, propane and fuel for the coach an head west to southern California. 
        Thanks for stopping on by.
Where have we been this Winter

Monday, January 30, 2017

Now this is the weather we normally enjoy here every winter, amazing !

Where are we today?
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         This is the weather we usually have here in the desert. Sunshine warm days and cold nights. Now we are back in our element, no matter what we have had no snow! Yahoo....
          My regular early morning walkabout I got to enjoy another amazing desert sunrise two different views in a few short minutes just after 7:30 am.
       Stocked up with a few supplies from Albertans in Blythe and we will be ready soon hit the road again.
        After lunch Tucker was walking by, but had to stop to visit with Suzie again, she got another doggie fix.
Tucker and Suzie having fun
         A wonderful sunny day under our awning enjoying our e-readers now is getting so peaceful here it is wonderful. At 11:30 this morning 35 rv's lined  up at the dump station then at 2 pm only 4. Think a few went elsewhere.
          Then our normal 3 pm Happy Hour, today at Bill and Patsy's, We are toasting them as they are hitting the road in the morning, new places and new faces. Lots of laughs and sharing tips.  We will see them on down the road again.
always a fun social time with these guys
a wonderful warm sunny day
          Supper tonight grilled a bone in chicken breast for supper and a boneless one for leftovers and lunches.
not too long on our Weber Q
and oh so tasty
nice sunset tonight as well, nit as great
as the sunrise though
we split the bone in breast
to go with a tasty salad
           We made in through December and January cool weather now it just gets better every day. Soon time for us to get back on the road and do some more exploring.
           Thanks for stopping on by and hope your day was wonderful well.
Where have we been this Winter?

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Relaxing sunny desert day and more fun times at Silly Al's with another amazing pizza.

Where are we today?
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     Now today the weather is getting much better. Much less wind, no clouds and full sunshine. Right back to where it should be at this time of year, We loving it ! Temps into the high 60's F and better everyday from now on. Soon February and the temps will be rising.
     Got a wonderful walkabout at 7 am as the sun was rising and no wind. Gonna be a perfect day.
     Gerry and Melinda asked  if we would watch Tucker today. No problem ! Tucker loves to visit with us. So by 10 am he was here,going  nuts,. Think he likes it here. They had things to do.
Suzie and Tucker 
Hey Dad ya leaving?
    Tucker hung around for the day keeping us company and being  a nuisance as some dogs do at times. But we did have fun with him.
Tucker chiling on his bed
    Now today is about a perfect day. Not much wind and temps into the mids 60's f a perfect day to enjoy the sunshine out of the wind.And we did. Awning down and got some shade then enjoyed some wonderful peaceful reading time outside, for a bit. Neighbors stopped by to chat for a bit then some of us went out for supper.
Tucker playing ball
     Then about 4 pm we headed out to Silly Al's for a Pizza, with Gayle and John, Patsy's sister and brother in law.  After about 5 minutes we had a table for the 10 of us , we got real lucky today. Service was excellent as was the food as usual here.
great food and great service
and bunch of happy people
conversations all around.
we started  with a side salad to share
and our meat lovers pizza to share
we  have some to take home
     Now home by 5:30, relax for a bit. Enough fresh air, exercise and food for one day, Lets soon call it a day.
      Thanks for stopping in.
Where have we been this Winter

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Blogger fest fun today and great weather.

Where are we today ?
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       Now another wonderful desert day. Cold overnight as usual  at this time of year, 33f this morning but as the sun came up shortly after 7 am and the temps rose and I got a nice walkabout the desert. Love these days the sunshine makes it all worth while.
       After  quick trip to town home relax in the sun get some quality reading time in. A nice light lunch then time to head down the road for Bloggerfest, This is the 3rd one and Glad that Lorne and Susan Green offered to host it this year. More than we could handle at this time.
this the place
love the blue desert skies
Doug and Yuma
Gaelyn (Geogypsy) taking our picture
Croft's Mexico
Our host  Lorne Green
     The turnout here was wonderful. about 40 people at my last count . It was a success! New people and  and we had a fun time. Meeting fellow bloggers and wanna be bloggers. Lots of tips shared and we put faces to blogs a lot of us have followed for years.
ShadowMoss ( aka Paula)
A very good turn out,
fun times meeting fellow bloggers
a great group here..
            We will have a group photo when I get it and will post on a future blog.
            Time for us to head on home , relax for a bit, Happy hour with our neighbours, compare notes then whip up supper as the sun was setting.
Another great desert sunset
     Tonight a grilled pork chop to add to our salad and really hit there spot.
tasty and really hit the spot
     As I took the garbage out about 7 pm noticed the fire works that they had at the Main Event.  Not very long but was very nice to see in the desert here. Sorry no pics.
    We had a fun day, here and hope you did as well, Thanks for stopping by.

Where have we been this Winter ?

Friday, January 27, 2017

Sunshine is wonderful, the passing of friend, so sad, the north wind is cool, but we had a great day.

Where are we today?
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           Just another desert day.That began with a sad note, A good friend at at Rock Glen resort Joe , posted that his wife Nancy had passed away overnight. After a long battle with many medical issues over the last couple of years. At such a young age.  So sad, but she can now rest in peace and suffer no more.
          After a couple miles walkabout this morning, Tucker dropped by for a Suzie fix on his walkabout.
Tucker loves Suzie
       Then today we needed some more fresh water so I filled our water jugs to pump them into our tank. When I got back Richard  our neighbor offered some water that he had in their barrel. So in no time flat we had more fresh water. Thanks Richard!.
Fresh water from Richard, thanks
      A little later stopped by Gerry and Melinda's. Patsy had brought Gerry some new hair! And dose look good on him. Gerry it almost looks good on you, matches your gottee
hey having fun
looks good on Melinda too
       After a great sunny day reading we had Happy Hour at our house. Outta the wind and in the bright warm sun. Nice to spend a bit of time with these guys solving all the problems of the world.
Tucker likes Patsy too
Tucker's Treats from Suzie
shake a paw, and high five
        While having fun here Melinda spotted a Roadrunner running by. But he did stop long enough for us to take a quick picture or three.   Love to see these guys as they run on by.
          Then as it cooled down everyone headed home and I made a tasty salad to go with a grilled Tuna steak for me and a turkey burger for Suzie. As the sun was beginning to set.
nice desert sunset
just about done
        For the Tuna steak  recipe click HERE or my recipe blog top right side bar.
I really love these Tuna steaks
Turkey burger for Suzie
     Heck that was or day done and enjoyed to the fullest.
     Thanks for stopping by again. The weather here is warming up very day. This is the time of year that will be amazing here.

Where have we been this Winter ?