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Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Canada Day Party

Where are we today ?
Plattsville Ontario
        Gonna be a hot day for the Canada Day party here. But we are ready for it.  This morning ran a few errands and Ma dropped out for a coffee, while things were still pretty quiet here.
Happy Birthday Canada, 145 years old

        Shortly after 9 am Erin arrived with the two pigs and they prepped them while the BBQ's got up to temperature.
ready to cook
Lea and Jamie making the signs 
John putting the finishing touches on the stage 
        One of the last things to do is spray the yard and shrubs with a strong garlic mixture for mosquitoes. Apparently those pesky skeeters don't like garlic and it sure works pretty good. The whole yard smells pretty good and garlicky for a while, like a huge caesar salad!
Lea spraying the yards with Garlic 
signs posted around town 
pool is ready
John making slushies for the kids and adults too!
to pool is great
we found some shady spots
        We found a nice shady spot to sit when we did. Chatted with lotsa people here and there, listen to the band just a great time. Now we were beside this one fellow Dave and talked for a very long time about various things and the love of a small town. After an hour or so I just mentioned in passing that I used to have a small restaurant in town for about 10 years. Well his eyes lit up and he asked where. Could not believe it, he said it was named after my daughter (Jessie) and you closed the restaurant to go back to a factory and drive a forklift. And then it all starts coming back, he and a few electrician buddies would come in early mornings just as I opened up, they would put the coffee on and even help a bit while I cooked them breakfast, refill their own coffees and even clear their own tables for me. And quiet often back for lunch or supper for fish and chips, supper special or pizza.  Now I closed my restaurant 13 years ago and his new wife of only two years had already heard the stories about Jessie's Diner and the small town atmosphere that he missed.
The band was awesome
the first pig is ready
they used lots of apple wood chips for awesome flavour
so moist and tender
food is served lets eat, losta salads, and veggies
Cake, cupcakes and brownies for desert
after supper with the band
         Just before dark as the band was packing up Lea had a draw for door prizes and these are the lucky winners.
door prize winners
        Now at 9:45 it was dark enough to begin with the fireworks and we really had an awesome display, that went on for 25 full minutes.  Now my point and shoot  camera does not do these pics justice, I should have set up my tripod, but was too late when I finally thought of it.
great fireworks
        Now its been a long fun day and then a few of us left here lit up a campfire for a bit. When we finally realized that it was actually midnight! Wow way past bedtime, as I knew it would be, that's why am posting this Sunday morning. 

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  1. Nice series of pictures. Looks like everyone had a fabulous time. Well, maybe except those two piggies, but they looked pretty darned good too!
    Had to laugh when I saw the speaker sitting up on top of what looked like a case of Heineken. Way to improvise.
    Fun stuff.
    Happy Canada Day!

    1. For use a fabulous time, boy are pretty observant it was a case in Heineken bought for the ban. I had to go back and take a look.

  2. That's what I call a real pig-out! Looked like a lot of fun and it sure was a great day for it.

  3. Some party that was! Looked like everyone had a great day with beautiful weather and lots of food. Holidays give us an opportunity to get together with others and let the good times begin.

  4. Now that was a party!!!!! Great!

  5. Looks,d like a great party was had by all!


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