Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, December 05, 2022

An Awesome Weekend

This past weekend, I was at a Hockey Tournament in the Halton Hills area with my #4 grandson. The weather was conductive for me to go, as snow was NOT in the forecast. Driving back and forth would be about 1 hour and a half. So I made the decision to stay at Homewood Suites by Hilton Toronto-Mississauga and I invited my grandson to join me, especially since he doesn't like the travel time involved.

The following was the schedule for the weekend:
Friday at 12:00 game in Milton against London Junior Mustangs, we won 2-1
    - Lunch at East Side Mario's
    - We checked into the hotel with a road trip. I missed the cutoff on the 401 so we took a scenic tour. Went to the next exit and turned around to get the correct one. There was a family from London who were also staying at the same hotel, who also took the same scenic tour.
    - Game at 7:30 in Georgetown against Hespeler Shamrocks, we won 4-3
    - Supper
Saturday at 10:30 in Georgetown against Kanata Blazers, we won 5-1
    - Lunch at Angels Restaurant
    - Entertainment for the boys at GlowZone 360, where the boys were able to enjoy 18 holes of glow in the dark mini golf, Laser Tag and $5 of a game card.
    Game at 6:45 in Acton against Glancaster Bombers, we lost 2-1. This game as also delayed by an hour. On to the finals.
    - Supper
Sunday at 11:35 in Georgetown against Woolwich Wildcats, we won 5-2
    - A bunch of us watch the end of the game between Leitrim Hawks from Ottawa against the Burlington Eagles. That game started at 11:50 and we wanted to see what we were up against. At the end of their 3rd period is was tie. They then play 4 on 4 for 3 minutes, no goal, 3 on 3 for 3 minutes, no goal, finally 2 on 2 and the Leitrim Hawks won.
    - Lunch at Kelsey's
    - Final game at 4:40 against Leitrim Hawks

This video is my grandson with another player patting the players backs as they get on the ice, wishing them good luck and have a good game.

Championship game. At the end of the first 1-0 for the Huskies which my grandson scored. In the second 2-0, 2-1, 2-2 at the end of the second. In the third about 5:25 2-3 for Leitrim Hawks. About a minute later is was a tied game which ended the 3rd period. Now into overtime. 4 on 4, still tied and finally 3 on 3.
We won.

Above 2 pictures, are my grandson receiving his medal.

Holding the cup with another player.

Team photo.

This last game was a nail bitter, which I didn't do. Back and forth on the ice with many chances for both teams.

My grandson was given the option of travelling back with me or his Dad. He choose me. His reasoning was that my car is more comfortable than his Dad's truck. This gave me extra quality time with my grandson.

New Hamburg Huskies played very well over the weekend. Between the hotel and arenas, it was about a 30 minute drive. He needed to be at the arena an hour prior to the game.

This was the first road trip I did on Hwy 401. I wasn't able to use the cruise as there was construction and traffic. Totally ignored the speed limit and just followed the flow of traffic. Needless to say, I was maybe 10 kilometers over the speed limit at any given time. The Honda Civic was a pleasure to drive with great pick up when needed.

I have been going to his home games on Thursday nights and quite a few of his home games. For the next couple of months, the weather will determine whether I go to a game or not. I don't like driving in a snow storm. It has been amazing to watch how the team has improved since their first game in St. Mary's in early October. They have a great coaching staff who treat them with respect and get respect back.

Over the season so far, I have met a lot of parents and of course they know that I am, #15 on the team is my grandson.

It was an awesome weekend to spend quality time with my grandson. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think my grandson did as well. Maybe we will do it again. You never know.

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