Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What can I say? This is our lifestyle.

Where are we today ?
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        Just another day in paradise here. Got a few nice walkabouts nice and early then a quick trip to a truck repair place in Bridge North to pick his brain about the overheating of our coach engine. The best he could do was to bring the coach in maybe next week sometime and check a few things out, maybe. He thinks it is the clutch fan but I don't think so, the engine clutch fan still seems to be working.
      So investigation and testing will continue. Back home by 9 am, another walkabout then discuss 
dinner tonight. We still have leftover turkey to use up last day before the freezer and soup tomorrow.
      Now after  a light lunch, chat with a few neighbors and a walkabout enjoying our e-readers in the shade and this wonderful weather as summer is winding down.
love the view from our campsite
          Later on a friend Jim stopped by with Max and Suzie got another doggie fix.
That's Max he gets a treat
          Our good friends Emile and Monique stopped by for "Happy Hour" and we enjoyed some lively conversation with them for a while before supper.
Emile and Monique
        Soon time to whip up supper. Tonight more leftover turkey heated up in turkey gravy with fresh mushrooms, over garlic mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli and carrots sure hit the spot. Not in our healthy eating menu but we can cheat when it suits us. Moderation works.
so tasty and some cantaloupe on the side
         After supper just enjoying this wonderful evening outside until it gets too cool or dark then inside we go, lately about 8:30 pm.
        Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to check us out.
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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Weird weather, cool, hot, cool, windy, rainy, but a nice rainbow to wrap up the day,

Where are we today ?
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         The temperature really dropped overnight only about 48 f this morning but did finally warm up by 9 am. not too bad it finally got to the low 80's F for a while.
         Got a few walkabouts this morning and into Buckhorn to check out the Market and pick up a few food things, just a couple miles down the road. And I always enjoy checking out what's new here in cottage country. Nothing new at the Market lotsa crafts and a some food  vendors, 1 veggie vendor but nothing we needed today. Did stop to chat with a friend here, Monique thats set up and sells some of her wonderful photos that she takes. (sorry I forgot to take a pic). This is the last day for the market here this year.
          Then back through town to check out the nice boats camped out for the night waiting to head head down river though the lift locks this morning on the Trent-Severn Waterway. A series of 44 lift locks through Central Ontario from Georgian Bay to the St. Lawrence Seaway a distance of 210 miles. A journey that we had always thought about taking someday, if we had a houseboat. It would be awesome! But not in our budget right now.
      We did enjoy some wonderful reading outside in the shade for a while, then a friend Jim stopped by and we discussed issues of the overheating of our coach. Plus he brought along Max so Suzie got another doggie fix today.
Doggie fix for Suzie and a treat for Max
        About 4 pm clouds came in and the winds picked up, so they headed home, we rolled up our awning and headed inside just before the rains came down. Not heavy but rainy and windy, so better safe than sorry.
A storm is coming
      Then for supper tonight gonna use up some more leftover turkey done on our Weber Q on Sunday. So tonight with the weather forecast not great gonna do a stir fry inside our coach (rare that I cook inside but sometimes it works out, this is 2 days in a row! Our Weber Q is lonely.) An easy quick meal and oh so tasty. For the recipe click HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar. Garlic, Turkey and broccoli stir fry.
everything ready to cook
few minutes later all done
and was very tasty
need to do this again!
      No sitting outside tonight, cool drizzly, but heck we sure can't complain about this summer weather so far.
      After supper we had a pretty nice rainbow, not great but sure was a nice way to end another great summer day here in Ontario.
Rainbow right outside
the window, beside our dinette
       Glad that y'all stopped by for a visit today and hope your day was as wonderful as ours.

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Sunny Monday enjoying the lifestyle, and a nice Class A toy hauler for sale.

Where are we today ?
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        What another wonderful warm sunny summer day, What more can we ask for?
Couple nice walkabouts the park then a quick nice country drive to Lakefield for a couple of food items.
        Home for a nice light lunch and enjoy our e-readers outside in the shade. Chat with a couple neighbours, more walkabouts and more quality reading time, yup we love this relaxed lifestyle, no stress.
parking lot at the Foodland in Buckhorn 
spraying calcium on the park roads
to keep the dust down
        Got text from our friends John and Barb to stop by for Happy hour, they are in the valley here. So about 3:30 whipped on down there to catch up with both of them and discuss our possible winter plans. And Suzie got a doggie fix with both of their dogs, we have not seen since last winter in Arizona.
Suzie and Hank
Suzie and Piper
       Then home to whip up supper.Tonight leftover Turkey with an easy homemade spaghetti sauce on a spaghetti squash and a fresh bun with garlic butter sure hit the spot tonight, nice and light. For the Spaghetti sauce recipe click HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar. The squash cut in half take out seed, pierce the skin with a fork and 10 minutes in the microwave, skin side up, Scoop out the spaghetti and top with the sauce, we love it !
so tasty
       Now to enjoy a wonderful mild evening outside reading.
       I copied this picture below from Facebook the other day, love it and wanted the share here as well, not everyone does Facebook.  
love it !
        I was reading Barbara's Blog this morning (Me My Dog and My RV) another fulltime rv'er and noticed she has posted some pictures and an add for a mutual friend that has stopped rv'ing and is selling her beautiful class A toy hauler, Denise (SASSY'S ON "DA  ROAD). We wish her good luck in her new lifestyle and will miss meeting up with this supper cool lady.
Click on this Link HERE  to read about it
     That was it for a day that just slipped by again.
     Thanks for stopping by.
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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Loving the weather here in cottage country and a 10 lb turkey on our Weber Q 100.

Where are we today ?
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       What a wonder evening and warm night actually ran our AC for a bit before going to bed, nice to have full hookups again.
      Early morning walkabout the campground , so peaceful and chatted with a few people here and there. Then headed into Buckhorn for a few things and fill up the car with gas at the Rez. only .86.9 cents a litre a good deal here in Canada only $3:38 a  US gallon.
      Time for a light lunch then another walkabout and enjoy our e-readers in the very warm afternoon shade.
        Then every half our or so putter around a bit, have a nice long hot shower and prep our large 10 lb Turkey to see if it  would fit on our Weber Q 100. Picked it up the other day on sale only .99 cents a lb  it was a 10 lb bird lotsa eating here for $9.91.
all thawed and ready to go
         After trimming a bit and squishing the bird as much as I could found it would fit on our Weber Q 100, just barely but I did get the lid closed. Just like I do a chicken. Rubbed down with olive oil and spiced the way we like it. On the Q about 2:30 after preheating then low and slow it was all done by 5 pm right on schedule.
directly on the grill and ready to go 
lid close no peaking for 2 hours
     In the meantime we had friend Barb stop in for a nice visit, have not seen  her  since the Mennonite relief sale in New Hamburg the end of May this year. John did not make it issues with a knee problem. In the meantime, we were invited to another "Happy Hour" but really don't want to leave our BBQ unattended. 
      A new neighbour pulled in right behind us with a brand new class c and a brand new Shaw satellite dish and receiver. Asked if I could help him set it up. No problem, he plumbed the tripod like I told him set the dish on and we did the settings for here. checked his connection and no signal from the receiver ( my tester tells me that) so we ran the cable through their slide and right to the receiver. And no problem excellent reception and they good to go. Need to have their coach wiring looked at I think.
our Turkey done to perfection at 5 pm
180 F internal temp
moist, juicy and crispy on the outside
Gotta love a turkey on the BBQ
    We had a feast and so much leftover, lots of meals in the next few days and the carcass in the freezer for some soup in the future when the weather cools down.
     What another great relaxing summer day as the summer is winding down, we will take all the sunshine and warmth that we can get for the next little while.
      Thanks for stopping by.
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Saturday, August 27, 2016

On the road to cottage country, and some visiting along the way, but we got here in time for Happy Hour!

Where are we today ?
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     Just another great night here and up early but no walkabout today. I wanted to whip into New Hamburg and pick up a couple more of those wonderful Pacific Salmon fillets on sale. Passed a few cows down the road grazing in the field too.
This girl was trying to get under the fence.
I stopped and she headed back under
good thing, don't need her
wandering down the road.
     But back home we secured our coach and on the road shortly after 9 am, Headed eastbound on the 401 hwy trough Toronto with a few construction delays but still made pretty good time.
      Stopped to visit a good friend we have not seen for a couple years, Sharry-lynn. We had a wonderful visit catching up, Dave was n there but was a great visit. She showed us their new toy. A 1948 fiat/ford, hot rod. All done up up on a mustang chassis. What a machine! she wants wheelie bars on the back end, just cause she likes to take advantage of all the power in this tiny car.
Sharry-Lynn and her new toy
this is the original 1948 fiat
       We left there shortly after noon and missed the turn off for 401 eastbound. So pulled into a plaza to check directions and was gonna make a bite for lunch. But noticed this Pizza Pizza right across the street, heck why not share a FREE pizza slice, we have coupons in the car. So that was an easy free, lunch just hit the spot with a shared a banana we to add to it.
        Next we moved on up the road to Lindsay and stopped in to visit my ma. She is in an extended care facility and was on the way. She is being taken care of very well here and my sister and brother live close by so that they can visit her more often than they could before. We had a nice visit for a while even though she does not talk much anymore but did get a few smiles from her. It is hard to see our parents in this state of non responsiveness. 
Ma and me
      Back on the road towards Buckhorn across the causeway in Bridgenorth such a wonderful back country drive on a beautiful day.
people waterskiing and fishing
off the causeway
summer time in cottage country
     We did arrive at the park about 3:30 checked into our coast to coast home park. $5.00 bucks a night with full hookups, we here for 12 days.
      All set up, and secured in time to arrive a few minutes late for "Happy Hour " at Norm and Pats. Nice to see everyone again, last time was this past June. We chatted shared stories and flapped our gums for a bit them home to whip up supper.
we being happy
        Tonight a couple boneless pork chops quickly grilled on our Weber Q, keep them moist and tender by not overcooking.
         Added to another green salad, fresh strawberries, blueberries and muskmelon(cantaloupe) sure did the trick
so tasty
this was our trip today 181 miles
        So nice to get back to this area again and be on the road, visit a few people along the way on a perfect travel day.
       Now to relax outside on a nice mild summer evening enjoying more fresh air and our e-readers.
       Thanks again for stopping by  for a visit.

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Major rain last night and the grass is growing here like crazy !

Where are we today ?
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         We had some major rain last night which was wonderful. Nothing like rain on the roof when we are sleeping, so relaxing. According to a couple of neighbours I chatted with this morning on my early walkabout at 7 am, both their rain gauges showed we had 3 inches of rain. We can almost see the grass growing, wow !
interesting misty sunrise today
       I whipped into New Hamburg and picked up a few things and home by 10 am gonna cut some more grass again today. 
love the country roads around here
        Only mowed the lawn on Tuesday and Wednesday but with all this rain can almost see it growing, plus we leave here in the morning for a few weeks like to keep things up for John when we can.
       Got the 5 acres done in short order just under 3 hours, mower going full tilt. Looks pretty good right now.
from the middle looking to
the back of the lot.
same place looking to the front
can't see our coach under the huge
tree in the middle
here we are in the shade
 of the willow trees
       Now time for a dip in the pool , it is right here and so refreshing. Probably one of our last swims for the summer.
this is what we call
camp awesome
      John had this shirt made couple pics below. This is Plattsville!
yup this is Plattsville!
        After chatting with a couple neighbors over the fence for a bit, time to whip up supper. Tonight a salmon fillet on our weber Q on the grill mat.. Old Bay spice and some lemon slices sure does do a nice job of it.
Before the grill
added a salad, fresh cantaloupe, blueberries,
 and strawberries, no processed food here
        What a great hot summer day as it is winding down, Even got some nice reading time in here as well. Now to relax on  a nice warm evening until it gets dark usually around 9pm then inside we go. We love being outside in the fresh country air.
         Glad that y'all stopped by fora peak  and hope you had a wonderful summer day as well.
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