Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Eclipse, dump, fill, fill, fill, repair done and a new free campsite.

Where are we today ? 
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          Got up extra early this morning the night time was so bright almost daylight at 3 am. After a bit I was outside attempting to get some pictures of this eclipse, and managed a few, not bad but not great,
   Then as the sunrise we were getting ready to de-camp.
     Then a nice sunrise as we secured our coach to make our exit at 7:40 am. After saying see ya later to our friends. Tom , Deb, Patsy and Bill. First stop the dumpstation to dump our sewage after 15 days here it was necessary and no line top at all ! Then pulled a head  to fill our fresh water tank.
heading on out from our wonderful spot with friends
no line up at the dump station 7:50 am !
       Next into town at the 76 gas station on the corner to fill our propane, and down the road to the Pilot to top up our gas tank and then to Rv Lifestyles for 9 am to have a broken weld repaired, supportng under out propane tank and spare tire. I pulled the coach into the bay and Erin checked it out and said he would call us when done. In the waiting room 25 minutes later we were called, all done ! Wow that was quick , bracket in place welded, a gusset support added and painted. The damage only 50 bucks !  Now that is service. We have been here many times in the past and are always pleased with their prompt service and friendly staff.
these guys are wonderful
much better than before
right there behind out spare tire and propane tank
        We are waiting for Suzie's package to arrive. All set up again with the dish, awning out and sunscreen out. That was a busy morning, (total 5 miles drive today) now we can enjoy this very beautiful spot no near neighbours , quiet and new scenery.    
and we even have shade trees!
love this view while we can enjoy reading in the shade
these are cactus are not to far from us, nice scenery
       A quiet Happy hour today, just the 2 of us, but this is more the norm for us. Miss our friends but am sure we will see them again on down the road again.
        Soon time for supper so I fired up our Weber Q to grill a couple of turkey burgers. And heated up the last of our KD  (macaroni)  to go along with it.
grilled Turkey Burgers and
 English muffins warming up
another tasty supper
      Then another desert sunset here a bit earlier with mountains to the west of us.
not colourful but still nice
sun setting on the mountains to the east as well
     Loving this free area and will be here for a a bit. Not sure how long or where we are going next, so many choices. Nice that we can do this when living this lifestyle. No reservations and nowhere we need to be for a while. Wherever we feel like going in a few days, Maybe west, maybe south, east or north. Hmm decisions !
     That was our productive day , got things done and enjoying another wonderful desert campsite. Then relaxing, We are good at that !
     Thanks for taking the time to check us out and hope y'all had a great day too!

      Was asked for the recipe for the  Beer Margaritas Deb made for us yesterday. Thanks Patsy for posting this for me to share and added it to my recipe blog. For the recipe click HERE  or my recipe blog top right side bar .

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Where have we been this winter ?

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Last day here and enjoying this amazing weather with friends.

Where are we today ? 
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    What an awesome sunrise we had today. And just as this was happening about 7:30 I took nice walkabout, to start our day.
another amazing desert sunrise
       Then we hung out for a bit. Shortly after 9 we made a quick trip to town for Suzie to get her hair trimmed. She does this only a couple of times a year and likes the hairdresser here in Quartzsite, she does a nice job, quick easy and reasonable.
        While she did this I wandered over to the Road Runner Grocery store just because and check out the swap meet (junkyard) next door the same junk this guy has had here for years. Does he actually sell anything?
this be the junk yard
yeah right!
     Then back home for a light lunch, loaded some more books to my Kobo and puttered around a bit outside. Checked our tires, cleaned up a bit, put the bicycles back on the bike rack. While I did this Suzie cleaned the inside of our house, and washed the floors , Smells like new house again, she does an amazing job !  Opened our awning and sunshade end enjoyed our e=readers for a while. And because we leaving in the morning we can both have a good long shower, then dump and fill when we pull out.
on the roof to lower our solar panel
and take a couple of photos
such a large area we have and so quiet
     Now at 3 pm our final Happy Hour with our friends here. until the next time.
Patsy flew over to join us, flapping her wings
coming in for a landing
      Deb brought over a pitcher of beer margaritas  to share with us. Thanks Deb they are amazing !
Beer margaritas 
yup these are tasty !
Patsy getting ready for a group shot
thanks Patsy this be us all together
      Soon time to whip  up supper. so I preheated our Weber Q and low and slow grilled a couple of these very large chicken breasts I bought the other day on sale, only .77 cents a lb. Grilled 2 today shared one for supper the other for leftovers and think a pot of chicken soup in the near future as well.
this was a great deal and we do love chicken
chicken done and some fresh asparagus on the grill
added to our salad and some cranberry Orange sauce to go with it
was wonderful
tonight's sunset, not like the sunrise but
still interesting
         Managed to have a very nice end of January warm day and getting this done before we de-camp in the morning and relocate, Have a few things to get done in the area then head on down the road again. Somewhere . not sure yet.
        Glad that you dropped on by and hope you had a wonderful day as well.

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Where have we been this winter ?

Monday, January 29, 2018

Quartzsite is quieting down, and checked a few vendors with next to no traffic in town

Where are we today ? 
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              Warmer again last night  and a nice warm quiet morning so I headed on out at 7:30 for my first walkabout got 2 miles in and back home shortly after 8. No wind yet and the sunshine wonderful.
just watching the sunrise as the desert warms up
peaking over the mountains
            Puttered around for a while  and at 9am headed back into the quiet streets of Quartzsite. Rv's are packing up and heading out of town. Some vendors doing the same as well.The big tent all cleaned out and things will be settling down a bit now. I did want to check some vendors on the north side of main street I have not been to this year, So in about a hour got them all checked out not much new but I had to look anyway.


     Then across from Silly Al's more vendors here, more of a flea market but interesting stuff.
love these see=saws
wash tubs
bar stools
inteersting chairs
old signs
retro card tables
then checked out Ken;'s Grocery Outlet
           Wandered about Gem World just because and still some amazing deals in there for rocks , gems, costume jewelry, beads, , some more wonderful things, and  pottery amazingly low prices , Sure worth the stop  to check it out.
    Then the jewelry and beads really great prices.
3d Pics a dollar each or 10 for 5 bucks
      Then back home for a light lunch, set up our awning and sunshade and got into our e-readers. I finished one James Patterson book and began another page turner.
another page turner
love James Patterson
enjoying the clear blue sunny skies
82F (27C) today
sunscreen up the sun here is too intense
you know it is warm when Suzie is in shorts in the shade
      Soon time for Happy hour at Bill and Patsy's today, We here and Len and Brenda joined us again today nice to see them again! Thanks Bill and Patsy for hosting today !
LR: Tom, Patsy,Bill, Deb, Len ,Brenda, Suzie and my empty chair
Suzie got Doggie kisses from Clemson
        Soon time for supper so  fired up our Weber Q to preheat, whipped up a salad and grilled the chop (we shared) and some fresh asparagus.
quick and easy
so tasty , really hit the spot
this large chop on sale only $2;50 
     Then as supper was just about done we got to enjoy just another wonderful desert sunset.
      That was it for another wonderful day here in the southwest. Amazing weather and fun with friends. Only one more day here and we are packing up and heading on out, not far but to some free camping areas for a while.
      Glad that y'all stopped in and hope you enjoyed your day as well.

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Where have we been this winter ?