Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

In-laws, Omer, and a great day

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        This morning was nice and warm. We have a few plans for the day. Suzie would like to go to her Mom's and do a bit of gardening (it has not been done for two years). I said I would come along for a bit and help her dad clean some outside windows. (my favorite job !).
        Three hours of that and they invited us to stay for lunch, help eat up some of the casseroles that neighbors have dropped off.

        We had a nice visit and helped out a bit then back home. Here I whipped up a large bowl of potato salad for a Father's Day Brunch in Tavistock at Suzie's sister and brother-in-laws tomorrow. For the recipe just click on the recipe tab above. It is so easy and tasty!
big bowl of potato salad
          By now it is mid afternoon, we can enjoy some outside warm temperatures and nice breezes . Suzie and Omer are relaxing and she is working combing out on his winter coat, still!

time to stop for a bit and play! 
Then the neighbour dropped by with Bengie
 to play with Omer for a bit too! (Bengie on the right)
         We are on our own again for supper tonight, just the two of us. So fire up our Weber Q 100  to grill a couple of pork chops, apple sauce and a nice light rice pilaf did the trick.

        Supper done at a good time, now we can relax outside, still nice and warm. Read for a bit and  Omer he is just showing us how to really relax. Oh to be a Dog!!

        Well we had a pretty nice day, nice warm sun and cool breezes. And we are soon getting ready to leave this place. Suzie's mom is getting pretty stable and she feels comfortable enough for us to leave. As much as we enjoy it here it is time to move on, so as it stands right now we will be heading down the road for a week or so on Tuesday.

        Thanks once again for stopping by.
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  1. Suzie's parents are lucky to have both of you around but it sounds like you need a break too. Bengie and Omer look like siblings. Omer sure is going to miss you.

    1. We try to help a bit when we can and are ready for a break. We will miss Omer too.

  2. Your potato salad sure looks good. I checked the recipe and just might give it a try - thanks.

    Omer looks to have had a pretty good day!

  3. I think that if you don't go to far and stay in touch by phone Suzie's Mom will be fine.

  4. We are only going about 90 minutes away, so no big deal.


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