Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, August 31, 2015

What a wonderful day cruising along the north shore of Lake Erie, pictures loaded now.

Where are we today ?
Southern Ontario
      We had thought we made an appointment to get our coach repaired  on Tuesday morning to have our in tank fuel pump replaced and they asked us to make sure there is not much gas in the tank. Trying to get it out over the weekend to no avail so we decided to take a tour today. Anyone who owns an Rv knows that you can use up a lot of fuel in a short period of time.
       So today we packed things up and ready to hit the road, just waiting for the dealer to open at 9 am to make sure they can plug in our coach to keep the fridge operating , its kinda full. And could be in the shop a couple days. Then we find out our appointment is for Wednesday! Oops somebody goofed,  But we are secured and anxious to hit the road. So lets go.
Headed west then back east
        Roads we travelled many years ago when we were working. Put on 206 miles and enjoyed every minute of it. Because we had an extra day decided to stop by and visit friends Christine and Bill. Suzie and Chris grew up together and its been a while.
First stop Port Stanley
lotsa boats
           A little further along we stopped at Port Bruce.
nice beach
      The website "settlement stories quilt" click here for the link tells some interesting stories of various places along the rout.
       Next stop Port Burwell, we have spent many summer weekends here at the park and on the beach, love this quiet area.
Port Burwell Lighthouse
nice beach
we parked by the river for a bit 
nice mural on the grocery store
        Now from here we decided to stop and visit Chris and Bill more nice back roads passing along the fields of tobacco and ginseng
        Then finally at Chris and Bill's place. Wow , when we saw it over a year ago it was a forest and an old falling down farm house. They sure have been busy.
we found their new house
Bill Suzie and Chris 
huge garden
heading back for a walk
nice trail
huge sandpit back here, nice !
      We chatted and caught up then they cooked up an awesome meal. Melt in you mouth steak,  fresh dug potatoes and onion, along with tomatoes and cucumbers right from the garden , does not get any fresher or tastier than that.
desert, muskmelon rom the garden too
to take with us, Watermelon, tomato,
cucumber and small muskmelon
       So nice to get out and tour as well as stop and visit friends too.
       Was an awesome day moving on down the road tomorrow.
        Our internet was to slow last night could not load the pics, lightening fast this morning.
        Thanks for stopping in.
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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Getting stuff done a bit and tasty rolled ribs for supper.

Where are we today ?

Plattsville Ontario

        Today gonna be awesome weather just the way we like it, temps in the mid 80's f (29c) perfect ! So got my walkabouts around town this morning and returned the gas buddy to the garage. Not sure how to drag it the 4 blocks so decided that I could sit in the trunk of the car hang on to handle and have Suzie slowly drive me down the road.  Perfect , only in a small town can you do this, love small towns !
       Now I had to run to New Hamburg for a few food stuffs and the bank machine. back home for lunch then Suzie had to go see her mom at lunch time. Now we can relax and enjoy a wonderful afternoon in the shade enjoying our e-readers.
       Then a I took a bit of time to put together some rolled ribs for supper. For the recipe you can click here  or my recipe blog top right sidebar.
       Got ribs ready to go and put them on our Weber Q at 3:30 , low and slow, let them simmer making sure the ban did not go dry.
        We were going to have friend come for rolled ribs on Tuesday but we will not be here. So cooked them anyway, saved one for him if he can make it here this week, if not we have some wonderful leftovers. They reheat wonderfully! he used to make a special trip to my restaurant when I made them way back when.
this time I used some croutons for the stuffing,
just soaked in a bit of water until soft enough
doing 4 portions used a 14.5 oz can of sauerkraut
add the dressing and ready to roll and tie
now ready for the Weber Q
low and slow about 2.5 to 3 hours
smell so good to while we are outside reading
added to a salad, sure tasted like more,
fall off the bone tender
          With having no luck removing the gas from our fuel tank we decided that tomorrow we will take the long way to Sicard Rv in Smithville. A tour we have not done since we went fulltime over 9 years ago. Leave here early in the morning head west, then south and cruise along the north shore of Lake Erie heading east an area we have always enjoyed. Gotta empty our fuel tank so why not have fun while we are at it? It was relatively cheap gas so we will get on the road and have fun doing what did many years ago.
         Thats our plan we are looking forward to it.
         We had a nice day relaxing somewhat and get sone quality reading done, hope you enjoyed your day too.
         Thanks again for stopping by.
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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sunny and a nice hot day love it for being outside. But can't get the gas out of our fuel tank.

Where are we today ?
        First thing this morning walkabout town and stopped by the garage. Chat with the guys for a bit and found out they have a container to retrieve gasoline from fuel tanks. Bonus ! So we loaded this on to Danny's truck and took it back to the coach. We fiddled and adapted some hoses and stuff to try and get a hose into our fuel tank. Thanks Danny for stepping in !
       Now we did get some gas to come out the hose, good thing right? So I set to pumping this hand pump into the storage tank and looks like fuel is coming through the hose. Now after 3 hours of pumping (upper body workout) do not seem to be making much progress, plus my arms are falling off! 
Thats the reclaiming tank
        While I did this Suzie was kind enough to go the St. Jacobs Market for a couple items, I really wanted to go but wanted to work on this project. First she got my extra hot Pepperettes and some excellent Turkey Garlic sausage that we have found and love.
       She back home for lunch so I took a break. Continued pumping after lunch but finally gave up, arms to sore and not sure how much fuel we were getting. So I pumped the fuel from the reclaim container into a gas can. After all that only 5 gallons! Thats it no more! The hose we put into the tank only went so far. Something blocking it. Put that gas into the car, fiddled with our satellite dish for a bit then time to read and enjoy a nice cold beverage on this wonderful hot day ! Love it.
       I had other plans for supper  but ran out of time so maybe tomorrow. In the meantime we have some  fresh wonderful Garlic Turkey sausage, So packaged some for the freezer and cooked up a couple for supper,
love this Turkey Garlic sausage
add to a salad and some rice crisps,
perfect supper
       That was a another busy day, but not as productive as I would have liked. But sometimes things don't always work out. We will have to wait and see how the next week pans out for us, Gotta get rid of some fuel in our coach before Tuesday but we have things we need to do, hmmmm kinda wait and see I guess.
        Oh for those interested I added a recipe for my homemade Chicken Noodle soup, you can lick here or check my recipe blog to right sidebar.
        Thanks for stopping by and hope you had a wonderful sunny day too.
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Friday, August 28, 2015

Busy day with coach service and we have a problem, oops...

Where are we today ?
         We having a busy day today. Got coach secured and down the road to Pettigrew's garage at 8 am for Dale to do some more checking on our "Service Engine Light" Now this has been an on going problem for a while, couple vacuum hoses replaced and an emissions sensor. Light still comes back on, really love these new computer operated vehicles (not).
         More testing done and finally a fuel pressure gauge to test our fuel pump. After a few tests and some road tests as well, appears that we could need a new fuel pump. It is only supplying half the fuel pressure required plus we got the coach serviced as well, three hours out of his day and ours too. In other words it is beginning to fail. So now it needs to be replaced. Not as easy as it sounds. The fuel pump is in the fuel tank and it is 3/4 full of gas. He does not have the equipment required to remove the fuel tank. They don't build these RV's to repair easily ya know. So we called our trusty Rv dealer , Sicards and booked an appointment for next Tuesday, don't want to be stranded with a defective fuel pump on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, especially when we know it is on its way out. In the meantime we need to empty the gas tank somehow and get it there next week. Probably a 2 day job. Not cheap but needs to be done. It may or may not delay our journey, that remains to be seen, time will tell. We need to discuss this more.
         Back home for  a quick lunch then dropped Suzie at her Mom and Dad's he wants to go fishing this afternoon. So she there for the afternoon and I can mow some lawn. Perfect day for it too.
        Got most of it done by 3:30 set the coach back on our site and ran to New Hamburg picked up Suzie. now time to whip up supper Tonight a couple Mahi mahi burgers, we picked up in New York.
very tasty should have bought more
added to the salad sure did the trick
         Supper done and finished off the last of the lawn mowing just before dark, perfect timing it was.
         Now to relax a bit before calling a night. It was a busy but very productive day, thats why we enjoy our relaxing days so much.
         Thanks for stopping by hope you had a wonderful day too enjoying this great weather.
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Back to Camp Awesome for a week, wrap up a few loose ends.

Where are we today ?
       This morning we wrapped up our New York stay at Lazy Lakes resort. We had wonderful relaxing week here and did manage to get a few things accomplished to.
       This morning walkabouts and stuff Suzie had her shower all packed up and pulled out about 9 am. No sewer here so we stopped at the dump station then down the road to Smokin' Joes. Top up the fuel in our coach and car as well as our propane tank.
       Cross the border back to Canada, easy peasy. Welcome back to Canada was about all he said, see ya next year?. 
       Down the road to Plattsville by noon and all set up in about 30 minutes. A bite for lunch then off to New Hamburg, drop Suzie at her Mom and Dads for a visit while I picked up some needed food stuffs.
       Back to "Camp awesome", relax for a bit with some reading outside then whip up supper. Where did the name "Camp Awesome" come from? Well I named it a few years ago when John allowed us to stay here and enjoy his very peaceful large property any time we want. Lotsa grass I can cut, family to visit and a wonderful heated pool to enjoy with virtually no neighbors, is that not Awesome?
does not take us long to set up
       We had a large smoked pork chop we will share, grill sweet pepper  to add to our salad.
yep did the trick it did
       We just here for a week to wrap up a few loose ends, then we can begin our journey across Canada. Are we getting the hitch itch? You betcha!
       Outside to read a bit more then will call it a night. Busy day tomorrow.
       Thanks for stopping by again for a visit, was great to see (hear from) you again.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday, wrapping up a few things before we leave in the morning.

Where are we today ?
       Yesterday  I took the day off. Just cause I can.  What the heck the pay is the same. But I did get some walkabouts and reading done, was really a great day.
free boats to use here
north pool
south pool
         But we have to eat and I had picked up a deal on a chicken the other day. Huge 5 lb chicken $5.00 US. (Ok thats $6.50 Canadian but still a good deal. We love chicken so I cooked in up on our Weber Q along with a couple legs and thighs. Can always use chicken for salads, sandwiches, casseroles etc.. Some in the freezer for when we on the road. Don't want them to take it at the border. Cooked meat is ok.
lotsa room on our Weber Q
         Last night we enjoyed a wonderful chicken dinner then I boiled to carcass to make a huge pot of soup.
         This morning ran a few errands early, began making the soup and a couple loads of laundry done in the process. So Chicken noodle soup and a chicken sandwich (for Suzie) a very tasty lunch.
         Puttered around for a bit this afternoon, enjoyed some more reading and supper tonight made a Loaded Sweet Potato, with chicken, broccoli and cheese, grilled tomato with garlic goat cheese and a salad. For the Sweet Potato recipe you can click HERE or my recipe blog on the right side bar.
ready for the Weber Q
looking good
very tasty
        That was our wonderful day. Still a little chilly for August (mid 60'sF) but we managed to enjoy it. Now to relax a bit outside enjoying the fresh air. We have found it amazing how busy this campground is pretty well full. Rigs coming and going all day long.
        Thanks for taking peek again. Hope you had a wonderful day too.
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