Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Went to Paris for lunch and a couple hockey games.

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        Yep we did, went to Paris (Ontario) this morning. Grandson number 4 had a Hockey Game, then we went for lunch with the family.
You can tell spring is in the air, even though it
was -20c (-4f) a couple die hards anxious
 to get out on their bicycles.
          It was a great game and he scored another goal they defeated Paris Wolfpak 3 to 2. This is the Paris Arena very nice 2 ice pads. These new arenas are nice but full netting mesh to protect the spectators from flying hockey pucks, but not great for pictures.
the final score 3-2 for Plattsville
       On the other ice pad they were practicing "sledge hockey" first time we have ever seen this. It allows players who have a physical disability to play hockey.
sledge hockey
       After the winning game we had 3 hours until the next one so we headed off to the New Paris Country Grill for a very tasty brunch. Very good home made food at reasonable prices, I had an excellent Rueben and fries, Suzie a western omelette, Daughter  #2 a salad, and SIL a monstrous very filling breakfast skillet. The boys each had soup and some fries.
love a great local restaurant,
much more than a chain
       After a nice family brunch we still had time so wandered over to Brantford and stopped at Staples for some ink cartridges for our new printer. Checked out a few things then we moseyed along down the country roads to St. George for a 3:20pm game.
       Grandson #1was playing against the St. George Generals, a smaller older arena but at least this one was heated, seems the new arenas there is no heating for the spectators.
Grandson #1 is # 9
They defeated St. George, 7-2 great game
and he got an assist
          After the game we hung around for a bit, chatted and congratulate him on the great game then headed on to our temporary home in New Hamburg in time to catch a nice sunset off the upper deck.
       Now after our huge brunch a very light supper, we split a small bowl of popcorn and an apple.
       That was a fun day with family and and nice sunny weather with dry roads.
       Thanks for taking a peek again hope ya'll had a great Saturday too.
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Friday, February 27, 2015

Good Sam Rally is in Phoenix AZ this weekend.

Where are we today ?

           This weekend is The Rally in Phoenix Arizona. Reading Bill and Jan's Blog reminded me of another event that we had planned on attending this winter but life got in the way, so to enjoy it again I went back to some previous postings.         
          Again looking back are some pictures and warm fun times keeps us cozy here. Was thinking of the Good Sam Rally happening this weekend just known as The Rally  sponsored by Camping World and Good Sam. Had planned on being there, for the Rally, and a couple days early bird camping so we could check out the Phoenix/Mesa area and meet up with some fellow bloggers and rver's. 
          We have been to 4 previous Good Sam Rally's over the years. Our first one in Hutchinson Kansas 2004, our first Daytona Rally Feb. 2006 (just before we went fulltime), Perry Georgia 2008 and Daytona 2012. We enjoy visiting the areas, the seminars, viewing the many rv's on display and the great entertainment at nighttime, as well as meeting some like minded rv'ers. Usually about 3000 or more rv's have attended these Rallys.

        The 4 pictures below are from the Rally in Perry Georgia March 2008. Here we met up with two other couples from Ontario and ran into another couple from one of our home parks near Buckhorn Ontario, Galvin Bay Resort.
we had a nice site at the edge
this was behind and beside us
here we are on the dance floor doing the foxtrot
we were all given lessons first
           Every couple on the floor each got a copy of this photo too.
1,178 couples on the dance floor doing the foxtrot for 5 minutes
Another World Record
       Then the next Rally was at Daytona Speedway (Daytona Beach Florida) Nov. 2012.  We travelled with another couple to attend this Rally and had a ball. Love being on the infield at Daytona Speedway. Again the seminars, fun things, entertainment and great weather.
Lake Lloyd in the infield
we were parked by turn 4 backing up against the track
       Of course we had to cruise the beach here at Daytona. And the Daytona Fleamarket a fun place we enjoy.
        Nightly entertainment was great as well, Kenny Rogers friday and Reba McIntyre on saturday.
Kenny Rogers was excellent
        So looking back at these postings and following other bloggers that will fill us in on what we are missing in Phoenix this year and we can virtually enjoy another Rally.
         Now just a little blurb around here. Showing on the house went well twice yesterday, no offers yet but we are confident it will be an easy sell. It is all about location, location. On a nice quiet court, about 25 years old, 1650 square foot bungalow. Finished basement with gas fireplace walk out to the back yard that over looks green space, the Nith River and the town of NewHamburg. Three bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, two kitchens, lovely sunken living room, wood fired fireplace, with vaulted ceiling and formal dining room. Double garage, and interlocking driveway. Large deck off the dining room as well overlooking the green space.  Needless to say we are lost in this place compared to our RV.
looking to the rear of the house 
view from the living room and deck
looking towards the front door
        Got three plus more miles done on the indoor track today, and washed some salt off the car at the self serve car wash. Then whip up supper when Suzie gets home from the hospital with her Dad.
        Tonight a simple easy meal. A breaded chicken breast was in our freezer for a quick meal on the road, with Broccoli and cheese, bake in the oven and serve. Yes its a prepared item not something we normally we do but moderation and we gotta eat it up. The three main ingredients are what we like Chicken, Broccoli and cheese, the rest hmm. Of course the salads I made and know whats in them so much better for us. The fresh asparagus, and a couple strawberries is wonderful too. All in all was a very tasty meal and did the trick.  Go to a restaurant never know what you gonna get, can taste good but?  I know I had my own for 10 years. 
tasty quick supper
        It was another busy day with blue skies and sunshine, still cold but gonna have a heat wave on the weekend according to the weather guessers.
        Thanks again for stopping by and taking a peak, we always manage to get something done during the day.  Hope ya'll had a good one too!
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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Warm memories and snowboarding fun, with the grands.

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      Started off today looking at some warm pictures again, really helps set the pace for the day. This was our first year south Nov. 2006, another one of our favorite places to visit. Rockport Texas.
Thats me in front of the huge sign,
first time in Rockport Texas
Salt water pool
Beach in Rockport Texas
wonderful waters in the Gulf
camping on the beach Mustang Island,
Port Aransas Texas
this is the sign but the pond in Bayview Resort
Rockport Texas
      Then an early morning drive, taking the back roads to Plattsville and back, a nice sunny morning.
there is some pretty high snowbanks
along the roads
       Then home, got a text from daughter number 2 that they were at the Chicopee Ski and Summer resort  in Kitchener with the kids school, snowboarding for the day. Only 30 minutes away and we had some free time so Suzie and I took a quick trip to check things out and a nice visit with them.
the small ski hill
the small ski lift
Suzie with the red coat (middle)
chatting with Grandson number 1
       And here they are ready to hit the hills for a day of fun.
Daughter #2, Grandson#4, Grandson # 1 and SIL
         Wish we could have stayed longer but had to get home for Suzie to take her Dad into Kitchener, and visit her mom. Besides that I have to be at the house for 1:30 we have a couple coming back to take a second look at the house, looks promising.
         They did spend almost an hour here and may get back to us, another couple  coming to see the house tonight at 7 pm. So were are getting some action before listing the house. Its just a wait and see situation. 
         Now Suzie back home about 4:30 I can begin super. Picked up some sole fillets at the store this afternoon after my indoor walkabout, couple miles at the Wilmot Rec center.
         We like this product below for fish, a very nicely spiced coating for frying fish. Was fried in coconut oil (couple minutes) until nicely browned. So tasty, it was and added to a yummy salad and a bit of our of our Turkey Waldorf salad from the other night.
Sure hit the spot!
       Now after supper (7pm) another showing of the house from another interested couple. If nothing comes of these tours the house will probably be listed in the near future.
       That was our fun day, (busy), warm memories and fun times on the ski slopes with our grands. The best of both worlds.
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

More warm memories, plus a couple of todays pics too. We pretending its almost summer.

Where are we today ?
        A few more pics of some nice warm places we have been, sure is warming us up. And even another nice sunny day here too.
         A few of these pics were taken on our last Cruise in 2008, our third. And many more than that for Suzie (BG "Before George" when she worked in travel). It was a great cruise, but we have become spoiled living in our RV. We can tour all over, see some wonderful sights, don't have to pack a bag, sleep in our own bed every night, and cook our own meals, something we both really enjoy.
Caribbean Cruise from Galveston Texas
right after Hurricane Ike 2008
Suzie holding a live turtle
wonderful ocean views
Yes we went to Hell and back
Grand Cayman
had to stop here, for a refreshment
our cruise ship on the left
Cozumel Mexico
I am dressed for the occasion
       Now this next picture is Niagara Falls lit up at night in the winter, very pretty but we much prefer it in the summer.
     We actually had an amazing day! 45 days since I have been back here and the 5th day that Suzie did not have to drive her Dad to Kitchener or Stratford Hospital and the first day we did not have to do any cleaning or organizing. A day to ourselves ! Yahoo!!! Just the two of us. Awesome is the only word I can think of.
    Well I spent an hour this morning with the snow blower and shovel just pilling up a few more inches of snow we had last night. Snow mountains are being built.
        Went to the Wilmot Rec Center walking track and logged in a few more miles then we actually got to enjoy our e-readers for a bit!  Pretending we are in the sunny south, family room downstairs, fireplace going and afternoon sun shining is almost like the desert if we don't look outside at all the snow. Even our own "Happy hour".
      Now keeping with the theme we craved some chicken wings and fries, both done in the oven (just cause its here and too cold outside). Chopped up some veggies and made a yogurt dip and my suicide sauce, sure did hit the spot.
      See we can enjoy this weather by pretending it does not exist. Back in the day (many years ago) when I belonged to CB clubs my handle was "Day Dreamer" as I have always been, still works for me now too. I can dream it and make it happen.
       Thanks again for dropping in for a peak and hope you enjoy your time and these sunny days too, no matter where you are.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Enough cold pics lets look at warm memories !

Where are we today ?
         Just taking a look back at some of the warm places we were at this past winter. Sure warms up our bones about now. So many awesome places we have been, and will get to again.
Destin Florida Nov. 2014
Pilot Knob California Dec 2014
Pilot Knob California Dec 2014 
Catalina Spa, Desert Hot Springs California
Christmas 2014
Catalina Spa, Desert Hot Springs California
Christmas 2014
pig Roast on the beach
Stone Island Mexico Jan 2010
Then there was Huatabompito Mexico in 2010
awesome waterfront site !
          Me I did some "Go fer" stuff a few times today, Suzie took her Dad to a doctor's appointment , then he took her for lunch and to Freeport Rehab centre where her mom was transferred to yesterday afternoon waiting for an available room at Nithview Long term care in New Hamburg, hopefully soon.
          I was in charge of laundry today, Suzie sorts it and I let the machines do the work. We have been spoiled for the last 9 years by using Laundromats can get 2 loads done in not much more than an hour. Here with one washer and one dryer actually took  over 4 hours ! Hmm not impressed I have things to do, and not allowed to leave the gas dryer running when I am not here.
          But got errands done, and only 2 miles on the indoor walking track, better than nothing. Not much scenery there but all the time dreaming of all the sunny warm places we have been, sure helps. Grabbed a new to me flannel shirt at the thrift store (5 bucks) and home to begin supper as Suzie left Kitchener with her Dad.
         Tonight a very tasty Salmon fillet, done under the broiler for about 10 minutes. Prepared some spaghetti noodles, and sautéed some fresh mushrooms, onions, red peppers and garlic until translucent, added some alfredo sauce and 2 tbls of lemon juice, simmer another 5 minutes or so and the put it all together. Steamed asparagus (or microwave for about 90 seconds) on the side and fresh chopped chives on top = yummy!
salmon under the broiler
all together very tasty and hit the spot
       Things are moving along having a bit of private action on the house, looks promising, just wait and see, this house will sell itself. The location is amazing!
        Thanks once again for stopping by and keep us updated with your winter adventures down south (or Hawaii) or even up north too, nice to compare  notes.
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