Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, March 02, 2009

March 2009

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Tues. Mar 31st Nice and sunny but a windy day. I did a walk about for a while. Then we shopping for some water to fill our drinking water jugs. I did finally find a place after touring quite a bit of Branson's steep, hilly, winding roads, lotsa fun. At 3.00pm we drove to the Sight & Sounds Theatre for "NOAH" the Musical. Wow! what a huge impressive place, from the setting on a hilltop, looks like a palace. The entrance and lobbies have many colourful statues, pictures,snack bars and gift shops. Inside the theatre no pictures allowed once the show starts. I did take a couple of blurry ones. The theatre is huge with stages on three sides. With a 2 & 1/2 hour show things moved along quickly as Noah's problems of building his Ark. a Huge Ark on stage about 45 feet high was awesome. Once it was built he began to fill it up with animals, which came down the isles from behind us, truly amazing live animals from rabbits, horses, donkeys,lambs, sheep, cows, camels, ostrich, pigs,birds and many more. Once the rains began the theatre opened up to show the inside of the ark. This was absolutly overwhelming we were surrounded on 3 sides at least 50 feet high with the inside of the Ark and all the animals in stables along the stages, walls stacked 4-5 high with all the live and more animated animals including full size elephants, hippos, lions and so on. To say the least a very impressive presentation. From here we travelled back down Shepherd of the Hills Parkway and stopped at BT BonesSteakhouse for supper. We had coupons for 2nd entre 1/2 price. We had a very tasty prime rib dinner, listening to a very good female singer and chatting with our friendly waiter. This is a slow few weeks for the Branson area so a good time to visit, Lots of good food,good service and shows with no crowds. And everywhere you turn you get discount coupons for almost anything you want. Tues Pics.

Mon. Mar. 30th Sunny in the morning and mostly cloudy the rest of the day about 70f (20C). We went to the clubhouse in the Resort and purchased tickets for the Stage presentation of Noah for 3.30pm on tuesday. They had a deal on tickets for the Rankin Bros only $10.00 (reg $29.95) each for tonite at 8.00pm so we got that too. From here we took a drive down main st. into Old Branson, stopped at the .05 &.10 store and checked it out, real cool. From here we parked by Branson Landing and walked the shops and the boardwalk by the river. It was really nice but a little windy. The was river boat tours, floating restaurants anda nice dancing water fountain. From here we took the blue route back home and located the Starlite Theatre for tonight's show. Relaxed for a while and made a hot pork sandwich for supper with bowtie noodles, gravy, corn & saurkraut for dinner, Cleaned up dishes and headed out for the show. Th lobby of the Starlite is huge and all done Retro including the Diner. This was a fantastic show and we highly recommend you put it on your list of shows for Branson. They replicate timeless classic songs the way you remember them witn three outsanding female vocalists and a cast of all star musicians with hits from Elvis, Buddy Holly, Neil Diamond, Everly Brothers, the Righteous Brothers, Beach Boys, Willy Nelson, Sonny & Cher and many more. A very fast action entertaining 2 hour show. And one lady there 99years old celebrating her birthday! Gotta love it. 

Mon. Pics. Sun. Mar. 29th 150 miles today to Branson Missouri Cool and sunny in the morning, we are on the road by 9.15am and drive nice sunny and clear about 3 hours arriving at Treasure Lake resort in Branson in time to make lunch. This is a huge campground over 5oo sites in 4 areas with full hookups and free internet also just off the main st to Branson, very handy. We took a drive down the strip and checked out the Mickey Gilley Theater for show tickets, but he is on the road for a week, we gonna miss him. Driving along checking the sites and all the theatres that are available. So many shows to see, so little time and all priced around $30. to $40. per person . In theory we could see 2 shows a day for 7 days, 14 different shows for a measely cost of about $1120.00 US ($1450.00 Can). Hmm not quite in our budget so we will choose 2 or 3 shows that we want and look for discount tickets. The sites are interesting with Ripleys Museum, the Titanic Musem, Dick Clark's Theatre, the list goes on forever... So returning home we fire up the BBQ for a steak and baked potato with garlic bread. We also met a couple walking by from Bright Ontario! About 2 miles from the home farm, we never met them before until here, small world.

Sun. Pics Sat. Mar. 28th Cold 36f (2c), rainy today and some light snow flurries as the storms are all around us. Major snow to the west, major flooding north of us, tornadoes just south and east of us. So we are doing just fine, a good day to relax. Did some reading today, reasearch on the internet and made some awesome peanut brittle in the microwave (thanks for the recipe Spud). Then for supper a pork loin roast, roasted potatoes, carrots, broccoli and applesauce. And stay inside where it is toasty warm and watch a movie. Its been a long time since we had indoor weather for the whole day. Kinda nice. While watching a movie a knock on the door, it was Bob and Debbie from Rock Glen Resort in Ontario. Small world, we have been crossing paths with them most of the winter and they just happened to pull in here the day before and noticed us here. We sat inside watching the snow falling and chatted for a while comparing our travels, a very nice visit. Sat. pics 

 Fri. Mar. 27th For Custom Car Lovers Cooler again about 50f (10c) and drizzly,for the whole day. We had a late breakfast and drove to Darrly Starbird's National Rod & Custom Car Hall of Fame about 10 minutes away. Mostly indoors so a good day for this. He has built over 300 custom cars and trucks since his first custom car in 1954. Many with Bubble tops and some very futuristic styling. From the Big "T" he built for the Monogram Model Company, to the First Monster Trucks "Frankenstein", "Monster Vette"and "Wild Stang". Some cars The "Predicta" (1956 T Bird with a bubble top),the Trik Truk, Duzeybird and the Crysrtal Ball Merc too name a few. Over 25 of his creations were here, 50 vehicles in total some on loan from other custom car builders. There was a very informative video about 20 minutes long to watch and so many pictures and posters lining the walls on this 40,000 sp ft building. And being a car nut I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. And even Suzie was pretty patient with me in reading the signs and posters. After a few hours of this time to return home where it was warm and dry. Cooking a Cornish Hen mashed potatoes and squash for supper tonight, good for cool and damp weather. Fri. Pics 

 Thurs. Mar. 26th Overcast this morning and about 60f (15c). We are going to take a suggested "Must See" of Har-Ber Village on Grand Lake O'The Cherokees in Grove Oklahoma. About 10 minutes away we arrive to this amazing setting on the lake and pay a very inexpensive $3.50 admission fee for a well laid out self guided tour. This was started in 1968 by Harvey & Bernice Jones (of Harvey Jones Truck Lines, which he sold in 1980). There is over 100 old buildings and 115 displays moved here and completeley restored and furnished with artifacts of North American history. Most of these items are from the early to mid 1800's, beautifly restored , cleaned and displayed. All of the displays are protected with spotlessly clean glass so picture taking is difficult. The collections are endless and immaculate. One display had 2 women inside washing, drying and polishing every sinlge piece of crystal. Every display is completely washed and cleaned at least once a year, a huge task I am sure. We spent about 5 hours touring this amazing place including a quick stop for lunch. We returned home just before the rain began and settled in to keep dry for the rest of the evening. A small snack later will be sufficient today. Thurs Pics. 

 Wed. Mar. 25th Cool night overnight but sunny and about 64f (15c) for most of the day. I went into Grove and picked up a few groceries, stopped by the visitor center and returned home for lunch. Then we got laundry done and checked out things to do in the area, a little bit computing then prepare supper of grilled boneless skinless chicken thighs with a ceasar salad, garlic bread then some awesome fresh strawberries for desert. 

Tues. Mar. 24th 160 miles today Last night was an exciting experience. With weather warnings coming in we had watched the local tv channel which keeps you up to date on severe weather. After supper we watched very strong winds and tornado warnings about 40 miles north of here pass thru, then the winds died down. At midnight we were awakened with our coach rocking with winds sounding almost like a freight train and very hard rain. We turned on our tv and just a severe weather warning and possibility of tornadoes not too close, this all passed in about 15 minutes so we went back to sleep. All was fine for the rest of the night. If a tornado was close a siren would have gone off andw e could take cover in their secure building. In the morning winds had died down somewhat and we headed east to Grove Oklahoma arriving at Bear's Den resort 11.30am. Nice and sunny but still a bit of wind. Here we setup had lunch and enjoyed the sunny afternoon. Supper this evening turkey sausage, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. Tues pics 

 Mon. Mar 23rd 250 miles today We had a good night's sleep at the rest area and were on the road about 8.30am heading east on I-40. still very windy (25-40mph)but coming more from the south so a cross wind making it very difficult driving. we passed huge cross beside the hiway I think we saw 2 years ago and also a huge leaning water tower, (the leaning tower of Water). After a couple of stops to stretch and relax we arrived at the Flying J in Oklahoma City north at the junction of 35 and 44 about 1:35 pm, fueled up with gas and propane and parked for the day, relax from the severe weather in a secure place for the night. Maybe even go for supper, so many choices here, Sonic Drive in, Subway, McDonald's, Cracker Barrel, Godfather's Pizza, all within a few hundred yards. Or maybe just go to the restaurant here ,they have a full menu even chinese, Pizza or a full buffet. If we spend $10.00 here we will get a 3 cent per gallon discount on fuel at all Flying J's and we will fuel up at least 4 more times on our way home, so sounds like a plan. Seeing as we get free overnight secure parking for the night and free dump station and water, the internet we pay for $24.00 for a month. 

Mon Pics Sun. Mar.22nd 265 miles today It was warmer overnight but overcast in the morning with a large storm front heading our way from the west. So we were on the road by 8.15 am heading east. Along I-40 past Santa Rosa NM, to Amarillo Texas we arrived at the Flying J at 1.30pm and fueled up, we got 10.8 miles per gallon largely because of a 30 mph tailwind and going from 7,200 ft elevation to 3,000 ft a nice day with no crosswinds. No Rv parking at this Flying J only with the truckers (which can be noisy with their trucks running all night.) Across the road is a Texas Information area which has free wifi and we are allowed to park overnight, so here we are. Another time zone change so really .230pm when we arrive enough driving for one day. We checked out the Texas information and surfed the internet for a while before making supper of Fettucini Alfredo with large sea scallops, then check the weather channel and watch a movie before turning in. At 5.20pm security stopped by to say hello and said if we move to the car parking lot we could open our slide and she will be here until midnight, and then another person from then until 8.00 am, very secure! Sun Pics Sat. 

Mar.21st Sunny again today and our last day here. So about 9.30am we take a drive on the scenic Turquoise Trail that goes from Tijeras to Santa Fe New Mexico, about 55 miles. This is a nice drive up hill for about 32 miles where we stop at the interesting Town of Madrid started in the early 1800's as a coal mining town only to become at Ghost town after coal use declined. In the early 1970's artists & craftspeople arrived and converted old company stores and houses into quality shops, galleries and services. The original mine shaft Tavern still exists so we stopped there to check it out and enjoyed a light lunch just before a bus load of people arrived. We walked the main street into a few shops enjoying some very unique furniture pieces a 1920's soda fountain and scenery, including outdoor cafe's and BBQ's. Even saw Maggie's Main St Diner a set built for the movie "Wild Hogs" with John Travolta which was filmed right here in Madrid in 2007. From here we drove 3 miles north to Cerrillos a small village famous for Turquoise and lead deposits. At its peak in the 1880's there was 21 Saloons and 4 hotels. Now a petting Zoo and museum, St. Josephs Church, 1 saloon and a couple of old stores,with mostly dirt streets and old buildings. Cerrillos has also been the setting for many motion pics. At this point we made the return trip home with many different views on the way back. Sat. Pics. 

 Fri. Mar. 20th A cooler day to day about 70f(22c) and we just hang out at home. We went to the clubhouse for the internet, and I went to Edgewood for a few groceries. Then cleaned and waxed the front of our coach, keeps it shiny and the bugs from sticking. Walk about a bit later a read in the sun, then make a nice pizza for supper. Nice relaxing day. 

 Thurs. Mar. 19th There was a heavy frost over night, but again was nice and warm by 10.00am. Today we take a drive down route 66 to Tramway Rd. and to the Sandia Peak Tramway. Here we purchased our tickets and boarded flight #9 at elevation 6559 ft. The tram travels 2.7 miles up the mountain for 14 minutes (13.6 mph) to an elevation of 10,378 ft.The weather was very bright and sunny about 20f(10c) cooler than Albuquerque, 58f(14c) compared to 78f(24c) . The views and different scenery along the way is breathtaking. At the top is platforms, a restaurant and ski lifts on the other side of the mountain and still some snow (the ski season is over). We could look in every direction with small pipes to look thru and a description of what you are looking at, cool. After a while we boarded a tram to return to the bottom with a different view on the other side. Leaving the parking lot we drove thru a small subdivision past quite a few very impressive (expensive) adobe style homes. We find the majority of there homes here are of this style, with adobe walls around their lots instead of wooden fencing. Returning back home we passed two dear crossing areas with lights that flash when the deer are crossing. It's really nice that they train the deer how to use these crosswalks. Back home we sat in the sun enjoying the view and a book, then BBQ a 1/2 chicken with rice and broccoli. Thurs. Pics. 

 Wed. Mar. 18th Frost overnight, but sunny and bright in the morning an about 72f (21c) by 10.00am. Down to the office to check email and update our blog, then a quick trip to Edgwood for some groceries. Leaving the resort we turn left on the Historic Route 66 and follow the scenic drive about 20 minutes all the way thru Albuquerque's unique neighbourhoods past Nob Hill, midtown University, the Downtown area to Historic Old Town established in 1706 and is now the cities cultural centre. The church, town square, shops museums, restaurants all located on small streets and alleyways were fun to explore. We had lunch at La Hacienda restaurant with some authentic Mexican food seated on the sidewalk patio taking in the sights and sounds, on such a beautiful sunny day. After a while we returned home to sit in the sun, relax and read for a while. No supper needed tonight, lunch was awesome and filling. Wed. pics 

Tues. Mar. 17th 260 miles today After a nice quiet night at the Flying J we had our coffee and checked email and were on the road by 8.00am, (no hook ups just start and go). Nice scenery along I-40 we passed an area of Black Lava rock that looks like it just bubbled out of the ground and hardened. Some nice red rock formations and snow covered mountains in the distance.Also a truck load of state prisoners cleaning up trash from the side of the highway. We were at an elevation of 7,200 ft and travelling thru to New Mexico, we noticed signs at the side of the highway with a wind sock attached " Gusty winds may exist", which can really play havoc with high profile vehicles, nice to have advanced warning. We stopped at the Fyling J to top up fuel and make lunch about 12.00 noon. Then carried on another 20 miles to Hidden Valley Resort on Route 66 in Tijeras NM, where we will be for 5 nights. Tues Pics

Mon. Mar. 16th "On the Road again" at 9.30 am heading north from Sedona on I-17 from 3,500 ft to 7,000 ft elevation at Flagstaff (about a 1 hour drive). Nice scenery and lots of pine trees and some snow still in the bushes. We passed an overturned Fed Ex trailer that held up traffic for a while. Then I-40 heading east we stopped by the Meteor Crater but decided not to pay the $15.00 entrance fee to see a hole in the ground. Here we had lunch then carried on to the Flying J (1.00pm) at Winslow to fuel up and park for the night. Driving thru town on the historic Route 66. .It is bright an sunny and we have the internet in our coach to catch up a bit. Then fettucinni Alfredo with shrimps for supper and a movie in the evening. Mon Pics 

Sun. Mar. 15th Bright and sunny day today I went to the Cottonwood Library early and checked email and updated our blog. Returning home we puttered about a bit and sat outside and read for a while chatting with new neighbours from Oklahoma and British Columbia. Then a grilled chicken breast for supper and the rest of our tuna casserole. 

Sat. Mar. 14th Well today is a busy day for us. At 8.30am we are off for a Vacation property time share sales presentation at Sedona Pines. Upon arriving we are greeted with a fresh coffee and a a salesperson to tour their beautiful property on a golf cart. Then back to the clubhouse for more coffee, juice, muffins or bagels. At the end of the lovely 90 minute presentation we picked up our gift just for attending, 2 free First Class tickets for the Verde Canyon Railroad Wilderness train (value $79.95 each) departing at 1.oopm.from Clarkdale. (we had booked this on friday) We drove there thru Old Town Cotton wood and checked in at the train station at noon. There was entertainment a lunch counter, museum and gifts shop here to explore while waiting for our departure. Everything here all new and very nice and clean including all of about 20 rail cars that were climate controlled and refurbished with open air viewing cars for every enclosed car. The first ckass tickets were awesome. Our coach had very comfortable livingroom style furniture, with a full service bar, Free lunch buffet, champagne and bottled water. The trip was narrated inside and out pointing out certain highlights, with peaceful background music and amazing scenery that again the pictures do not do justice. The 20 mile trip thru the canyon to Perkinsville took 2 hours. Here we stopped for 15 minutes, almost on the front porch of this one lonely house with some livestock wandering about, for the beautifully painted engines to change ends and begin our journey back to Clarksburg. The 2 hour return trip had different sunlight and shadows the views were amazingly different. The 600 foot tunnel, the bridges, caves, rock formations, and colours, the Eagles Nest with an eagle in it, and even a Bald Eagle soaring over the canyon. Just before Clarksburg is a huge black mountain or copper ore slag 500 million tons deposited from the smelter that operated from 1913 to 1953. Then after a full day and full bellies we returned home to relax. Sat. Pics

Fri. Mar. 13th Warm morning again and we decide to take a drive thru Old TownCottonwood to Clarkdale and then Jerome (elevation 5,200 ft) With mining being a big thing here in the past we saw some old smelters, and a a Ghost Town in Jerome after climbing some winding mountain roads with awesome vistas. The Ghost town had a great collection of old buildings and trucks, even a working saw mill. With 2 mine shafts that were covered covered and lots to see we strolled around enjoying the sights. From here into Jerome and lunch at the Haunted Hamburg a great place with world class hamburgers. The whole town is built on the mountain side with very steep staircases and winding roads, and of course a lot of restaurants and artsy places to shop. A good place to visit. From here back home to relax for the rest of the day, with a bit of rain and cooler weather. Fri Pics. 

 Thurs. Mar, 12th Today mostly sunny with some cloudy periods. We think that just hanging out today is good. With using the internet connection in the office we checked our email etc... (its high speed but not wireless so only one person at a time) I washed our coach in the morning and walked about the campground and along the river. Some very beautiful views and sounds from the river. After lunch we sat outside and read for a bit then BBQ'd steak, baked potato and squash for supper. Thurs. pics 

 Wed. Mar.11th Another clear warm day. After going to Cottonwood for a few groceries and stop at the library for the internet. WE took a drive along Page Springs Road past a couple of Wineries onto 119, and over to 179 to the Village of Oak Creek. We Stopped at the Red Rock Ranger station to purchase a Parking Pass, which is required at the scenic lookouts and pullovers. From here more awesome scenery including Bell Rock and Castle Rock. We stopped at Bell Rock and hiked the trail for a while admiring the scenery. Heading into Sedona we find that this road is under construction, so slow going but gives us a chance to look at the area quite well. The homes and buildings Adobe Style coloured Red , Grey or green really blend into the area, with low maintenance properties, nicely groomed gravel lawns a few irrigated shrubs and Adobe style walls around the property instead of wooden fences. We stopped by Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village, a charming replica of an old Mexican Village with beautiful high end shops and restaurants, very nice to stroll thru. Next to Los Abrigados Resort & Spa, a high end time share property. We found quite a few of these spas and resorts in the area. From here we drove back thru Sedona and stopped at the Page Springs Fish Hatchery (across from our campground) and strolled thru the woods for a while. Then back home we sat by the river reading in the afternoon sunshine and watched 2 ducks and 2 otters playing in the river. Then a hot chicken sandwich , mashed potatoes and a tossed salad for supper. Wed. Pics 

 Tue. Mar. 10th A beautiful sunny morning today temps about 70f (22c). The river behind us, the birds and the buds on the trees fresh air real nice. The big trees with no bark are sicamore trees, very old and very hardy. The other trees here are cottonwood. We check our email at the office at 9.30am then got in the car to head towards Sedona (10 miles away). Our first turnoff was Lower Red Rock Loop which took us a short drive past some amazing scenery,Red Rock, Red dirt and high end homes, all in a high desert setting. From here a bit nortjh into Sedona with stunning views of the mountains and rock formations all in various shades of red. Very noticeable is that most of the buildings and sidewalks,ans walls are also shades of red. Even the typical stores fast food places etc.. are shades of red with buildings than blend in. There is so much to see and do like jeep tours, plane tours, helicopter tours, ballon rides, train tours, hummer tours,hiking,biking, horseback riding depending how much money you want to spend. We choose to take driving tours, with free maps and guide books of the sights to see. First we drove from the tourist centre up to the airport with a breathtaking view of the whole city of Sedona and the Red Rock formations in the background. Then we walked about Old Town Sedona with a stop for lunch and checked out a few of the expensive shops.From here we headed north into Oak Creek Canyon towards Flagsatff a 16 Mile drive uphill from 4,000 to 6,420 ft elevation. A beautiful drive thru the Coconibo National forest with steep winding roads and many switch backs (180 degrees turns). Lots of trees and vegetation even traces of snow near the top. Once at the top we viewed the canyon and some Native American crafts, then decended the same road back to Sedona with totaly different scenery on the way down. We returned back home about 3.30pm and sat by the river reviewing some of the pamphlets that we picked up and relax before supper, Tuna casserole. Maybe duck soap after! Tues. Pics

Mon. Mar.9th Sunny and warm , but time to hit the road 9.00am, so away we go to Page Springs resort near Sedona.We have travelled east I-10 and north on I-17 to see the beautiful yellow and purple flowers at the side of the hiway and the desert. We passed a huge Dome to find out it was the University of Phoenix Stadium, really impressive! We arrived at our destination at 1.30pm an elevation of 3,500 ft and only about 58f (14c).Having climbed to 4,000ft elevation only to take a 7 mile downhill road (with runaway truck ramps),to 3,000 ft then back up to 3,500. The Scenery here is quite different than we have seen for a while, more green and trees, shrubs etc and even some signs of the red rocks of Sedona. The resort here is small but very nice nestled in the bush, our site is right on the small river,very peaceful.Supper tonight was 1/2 of a $4.98 huge rotiserie chicken (that we picked up on the way in) with a baked potato and veggies.The listening to the peaceful water babbling behind us was very relaxing, with a near full moon over the hill across the river.

Mon. Pics Sun. Mar. 8th Again cool in the early morning so I turn on the furnace for a few minutes , Hmm the control is not working properly cannot change zones, temperature will not go down only up, airconditoner not working. so I check on the internet for a controller and find out they are not made anymore but a replacement with 2 circuits boards for the airconditioners is for around $400.00. Well Gamblers RV parts in Quartzsite is only 20 minutes away so I make a quick trip. Yes they have one (the last one in stock, the lady says they don't make these anymore, I know). For $150.00 I happily drive back home and install it. Works perfect except it will not turn in the airconditioners. I checked again on the internet to look for setup and came across a simple fix for our broken one. Take apart spray buttons with electrical contact cleaner and wow works like new!!!. So back to Quartsite for a refund, nice people there. We got the laundry done today and chatted with a new neighbour, read our books in the sun for a while then BBQ'd pork chops with spanish rice for dinner. 

Sat. Mar.7th Cooler overnight 45f (8c) good for sleeping, by 10.00 am is up to about 70f (20c) and sunny for the rest of the day. Fresh baked cinnamon buns in the clubhouse this morning at 9.00am, yummy. Then a quick drive to town for a few groceries and just hung out at home today, outside all afternoon we shelled pecans and chatted with a few neighbours, read for a while then a hot beef sandwich with fries and steamed broccoli for supper.

Fri. Mar. 6th About 75f (24c), but still sunny. Walked about the resort for a while and by the river. New Bamboo sprouts come up real fast overnight. Watched a boat on the river with a couple of fisherman trying their best in the fast moving water. We sat in the sun for a while in the afternoon and read for a bit while our slow cooker blended all the flavours of a roast beef dinner with onions, garlic, potatoes and carrots together.

Fri pics Thurs. Mar. 5th A little cooler today about 79f (26c) and sunny. Picked up a few groceries across the river in California. We walked about the campground and across the street to the Ehrenberg Cemetery, with unmarked graves, all that's left of the original town site. Present day Ehrenberg is about 2 miles down the road, population about 1,000. It is nice to see our Canadian Flag at a lot of these campgrounds in the United States. Many of their customers are Canadian like us. We walked down by the river bed, a couple of small beaches here, but the water is quite cool and very fast moving, California on the other side. The huge patches of Bamboo growing on the river bank about 15 to 20 feet tall, for a nice shelter. Then back to home dirt for a bit more reading and a yummy spaghetti dinner. 

Thurs. pics Wed. Mar. 4th Again a sunny day, and seems cool at 82 f (27c) ? not sure why, maybe we are getting used to the heat or maybe its the fact there is no humidity, very dry but nice. I restrung another venetian blind today and washed it and the valance outside. Walked about a bit then we sat outside and read for a while. Supper was a BBQ chicken and rice pilaf. The picture below is of the table cloth that we purchased in Mexico for the steering wheel table that I made. Table Pic

Tues. Mar. 3rd It was a warm night, all our windows were open, nice and refreshing. Most of the day was overcast but quite warm 98f (36c) in the afternoon, we must be getting used to it. I went shopping in Blythe California, just across the river 2 miles, but a different time zone, I left here at 9.05 am and got there at 8.10 am, like going back in time! Puttered around our coach for a while, a walkabout, talked to a few neighbours and read in the shade for a while, then I made a loaded pizza for supper tonight.

Mon.March 2nd Nice sunrise this morning in the quiet desert and the creosote bush outside our coach looks majestic. I went to the Yacht Club to check email, on the deserted streets of Quartzsite. Back home we packed up and travelled west 20 miles to Colorado Oasis Resort in Ehrenberg AZ. This a membership resort so free camping, full hookups,cable tv, free internet, pool, hot tub and even a small beach on the Colorado River. We have a nice cement patio and were able to have shade there all day as it was about 96f (35c). We turned on both of our air conditioners, to exercise them and cool down our coach a bit. Then BBQ smoked pork chops, baked potato and grilled asparagus yummy. 

Mon. Pics Sun Mar. 1st. Again bright and sunny, warm over night and about 90f (34c) by 11.00am. I checked email again and grabbed some groceries at the General Store,they have a great meat counter there. The town, campgrounds and vendors are vacating quickly as the weather is getting too hot. Soon will be over 100f (38c). Us snow birds are beginning to head north. Our neighbours Norm and Connie from Morrisburg Ontario had a strawberry social at 1.00pm (their 8th year) with about 40 Rv'ers, including Ron and Bev from Galvin Bay, from Canada and many states. With fresh California Strawberries, shortcake, ice cream and whipped cream. A good time was had by all with a lot of goodbyes and hope to see y'all next year. Ron from Galvin Bay dropped by for a bit and visited, then we sat in the shade and read for a while until another beautiful sunset at 7:00pm. We are leaving the desert here in the morning. Sun Pics