Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

An awesome day all'round !!

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        Gotta love these great days, early morning sunshine no clouds and almost warm at 6 am. And thats just the beginning. Coffees and computing for a bit, sharing Suzie's PC is tough but we survived.

        By 9 am we find out that her mother is getting out of ICU and moving into a real room! This is a good sign now she is on day one of here recovery. Regular visiting hours are back and everybody lets out a sigh of relief. 

        It was so nice this morning that Suzie was able to relax  out side and get back to brushing Omer. This only happens in nice weather, because of his very thick coat thanks to his Saymoyed mother.
        While she was doing this I got back to waxing a bit more of our coach again. I finished the passenger side from the ground as high as I could reach from the ground. Maybe tomorrow I will get the ladder out. Its easy to do wax if I keep on top of it.
looking better 
lotsa brushing
        Now a bite for lunch then I dropped Suzie off at her Dad's in town so she could go with him to visit her mother for a bit. After a quick stop at the store I returned back home and hopped on the Grasshopper for a couple hours of mowing the lawn, while some ribs were slowly roasting in the oven.

        Now at 3:45 Suzie called me to relay a message that the repair on my Mac was done and she would like a ride home. Perfect, I hopped in the car to pick up my all repaired Mac from Carbon Computing in Kitchener. These guys are good, a new DVD burner (under warranty), more ram and a larger hard drive and ready to pick up in just over 24 hours! Oh after I got my Mac I even remembered to stop by the hospital to pick up Suzie. Then back home shortly after 5 o'clock, Sandy had the potatoes and veggies cooking and the BBQ'd ribs and sauerkraut all done.
Tasty rib dinner
        Now supper done and off we go to watch our grandsons soccer game at 6:30 pm. 
Omer watching a squirrel in the tree.
neighbors horseback riding.
too bad this one is blurry
        The weather kept on getting better clear skies and no wind, bright sun and still quite warm.  
It was a good game but we lost 2-0
        I noticed again today we have another new follower an rv blogger Daxkitten. Why not stop by and check out their blog Travel Bug.

        Glad that you could all join us again today so that we share all our awesome happenings. Good thing come in threes right? Better weather, Suzie's mom is getting better and my Mac is back and all better !! Don't think it gets much better than this.  

        And did I mention that Suzie is just thrilled that my Mac is back too, I can leave her PC alone now, she  afraid I might screw it up.
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  1. Glad to hear about Suzie's mom. Your rain clouds are gone. Ours are still around. Weather really sucks here right now but July is just around the corner. That usually is a much better month. We're just tired of the rain.

    1. Ir does not take too much to get tired of the rain. Hope things clear up soon for you

  2. Your wax job is looking good! Nice to have the Moc re-built.

    1. Thanks and now I a have a pretty high speed Mac, wow!

  3. Sounds like you had just about a perfect day and a great looking dinner to top it all off.

    Glad to hear Suzie's Mom is out of the ICU - that's great news.

  4. Thank you for the shout out and link in your blog. Very nice of your.


  5. You had a busy day, lots to do but fun relaxing things. I thought you had just recently waxed the RV???

    1. I like to wax it about twice a year, not that it needs it, but I enjoy doing it and only do sections at a time when the weather is right and I am in the mood. Keep's this 13 year old paint job in good shape.

  6. That pic with Suzie brushing Omer is cute and reminds me of us doing the same with Molly.


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