Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Mom's Birthday, mowing grass and stop by our old house

Where are we today ?
Plattsville Ontario
        Yesterday was Suzie's Mom's Birthday and today my Mom's birthday, so today we taking Ma for lunch. We do that eat a lot, that is, but always a nice way for an outing and time together. Nothing we can buy each other so this is what we do. 

        Today a short trip to the Village of Wellesley and Schmidtsville Restauarnt and Gift shop. We get there early, as always aline up for lunch, great home cooking at very reasonable prices.

Suzie and Mom
        Now Ma she don't eat much and usually just orders a toasted western sandwich and take half home. Today a BLT with Peameal Back bacon (Canadian eh!)
        Now Suzie ordered the senior portion of the pan fried fish, twice baked potato, fresh steamed veggies, coleslaw, fresh baked bread, dessert and a coffee only $10.99. a fantastic deal!
wonderful fish dinner
fresh made strawberry pie
        Then there was me, I had to try the fried chicken dinner, with fries, veggies, and coleslaw, and it was awesome too.
yes love my chicken 
nice gift shop 
         Back home to John and Lea's hopped on John Deere and another couple hours finished up the lawn mowing. It's now pretty hot so jumped in the pool for a bit to cool down, it was wonderful.
yep its getting warm, love it !
John busy power washing the deck
        Lea got back from her final school bus run and we relaxed on their new deck with a nice frosty beverage. The they decide to go to the Trails Edge in town for supper and we absolutely have to go, their treat. So off we go for a snack a few escargot and half dozen chicken wings to share. Not real hungry after that awesome lunch with ma. But it sure was tasty.
        Here we had fun there running into a few local people and their daughter, son in law and grandson stopped by for a bite to eat as well. So we all had a nice and wonderful light supper. Thanks guys. 
        Now you have to remember it's a small town, so on the three block drive home we passed our old house and people are sitting on the porch. We had been invited to stop by and Suzie's cousin and wife are sitting on the awesome wrap around porch we built, with their daughter (Suzie's second cousin). So we stopped to say hi and they gave us a tour, wow! We did a lot of reno's and a lot more was done since we sold it six years ago. It just amazing what time and money can do to an old frame house over 100 years old.

        This young couple purchased the house a month ago and got married on the front porch. A relative,  and the house is still in the family. Such a nice young couple. They came down the road to our coach and we showed them a whole mess of pictures we took during our renovations from 1992 until 2006. Then chat for a while such a nice visit.
Amber and Dan in our old house
        We just had another awesome day of retirement hanging out in our old Village of Plattsville.

        Thanks for the read! 

        Oh and, today we would like to welcome aboard a new follower, Jessica Wagler, too bad she does not have a website for us to follow. But I believe she lives in Plattsville and maybe even be related, Suzie needs to check into that.
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  1. Dan looks like a young Tom Cruise. Good looking couple.

  2. Why is it all the get togethers and all the parties are all about food? That seems to be the way with us too. I agree about the Tom Cruise look alike.

    1. Chatting around a nice meal is a great way to socialize, has always worked for us and I think a lot of people too.

  3. Happy Birthday to both Moms! Great looking meals for sure. My eye caught that Strawberry Shortcake of course!

    1. Thanks Rick, that was the last of Ontario Strawberries, and was awesome!

  4. Good looking food. Must be hard to choose.
    That's some awesome "camp ground" you have there too.


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