Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Happy Easter ! and another wonderful day here ! Love the sunrise and an Easter egg hunt for the kids.

Where are we today ? 
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    The day is starting with a bit of sunshine but the forecast does not look good. First walkabout at 7:15 am  and got some sunrise photos and more pictures of the huge migration of the birds heading north. I just watched as they kept o coming , thousands of them for almost 15 minutes, truly amazing !
love the sunrises here 
     As I was headed to the lake I spotted these huge flocks of birds flying in formation all heading north. This is the second time this week I have seen this and really is amazing to see.
    There is a few more rv's in the park mostly down by the lake, wide open there but only have electric and water, dump station on the way out. Looks like only a few families will be nice for the family activities. Egg decorating at the clubhouse, a potluck and noon in the clubhouse, pictures with the Easter Bunny. and Easter Egg hunt, Bingo and a family movie time in the theatre at the clubhouse. As usual we did not participate, but just puttered around, getting ready  to hit the road in the mourning.
       Want to get this outside stuff done, check tires, dump sewage tanks, stow our satellite dish before the rain and thunderstorms happen (if they do) during the day.
     It is a comfortable 75F (29C), (sure did not feel that warm ) mostly overcast with a cool breeze. Did get a few more walkabouts done and made use of the free wifi and enjoyed more of our page turners. Even got to read outside for a few hours when the skies cleared, we actually found a spot mostly out of the wind beside our car.
looked wonderful and sunny for most of the afternoon
    Enjoying this wonderful weather that was not predicted we had no problems at all sitting outside with this warm sunny weather at all.
   And I checked out the Easter Egg hunt that was going on, The Easter bunny had set out a few hundred eggs around the mini golf and the fields, for different age groups.
easter eggs everywhere 
    The kids came  out in droves and had a ball. Filling their baskets and bags to overfilling!
            The in a larger area for the older kids did the same and out they came, everyone had a great time, baskets full of eggs.
the older kids got them all
           For supper tonight we decided on some Scallops Alfredo another tasty meal we enjoy and have all the ingredients right here, too cool and windy to cook outside, plus we had stored our Weber Q so we don't have to do it in the morning in the rain predicted. For the recipe you can click HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar.
These are excellent, we will finish off the bag we have in the freezer
wow did we have a feast!
it was wonderful
no leftovers 
     Now here I am outside at the picnic table  posting this blog at 7:30 pm and still  67 F (19C), really what is not to love about this weather? Supposed to have a thunderstorm but not yet, but that is just fine, soon time head inside anyway.
      But just before I did we had a nice sunset , now this was unexpected and a very nice day to end our last day here.
    Thanks once again for checking us out and hope you had a decent day as well !
    We will be on the road in the morning putting a few miles behind us and making our way back to Ontario. Just because we can,
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Where have we been this winter ?

Friday, March 30, 2018

Sunshine for a Good Friday, great weather, meeting up with fellow rver's and a few picks off my windscreen.

Where are we today ? 
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       Just another great sleep and waiting for the sun to rise. Yes its going to be a sunny day with no rain forecast, gonna love it. Now this is really a Good Friday !
    First walkabout shortly after 7 am I managed a few nice pics of the sunrise for a promised wonderful sunny day. Nothing makes you feel more alive than a warm sunny day.
      Carried on my walk enjoying this warm sunny morning. they have a couple of FAT tire bikes that we can use  if we wish here in the park.
      And I spotted my first Robin this spring, now I know it is spring time!
         Walked by some of the rental cabins and noticed some of the hail damage that they had a while ago, wow the damage is amazing , glad we have not run into it ourselves.
broken window and holes in the vinyl siding
even the air conditioner took a hit
         This morning I made up our Cranberry sauce with Orange zest to go with our Turkey breast for supper. This is so easy and so very tasty for the recipe you can click HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar.
begin the cooking
about 10 minutes later done !
       Right after lunch we took advantage of more of this warm sunny weather, give me a haircut outside, I set up did most of the hair and beard then Suzie comes over to fist all the spots I missed, what team we make! I be good for a while again, until we get back into warm weather.
      I had a request yesterday from Marlene for some pictures of our wind screen that I made for our Weber Q a few years ago. Very easy to make and I just used some scrap metal that I had, and really works like a  charm and only cost me a few bucks.
this sure does the trick when there is a breeze
a piece on the bottom and 2 hinges to fold flat for storage  
hinges for folding
angle brackets and butterfly nuts too assemble quickly

      We are members of RVillage a social media website for Rver's. Have been for over 4 years and have met quite a few Rv'ers when we are in areas that they are and we hook up. So today we met up with David and Cheryl Scoby Rv'rs that have a house in this area. We actually met them last year what a fun interesting couple they are.  They came over for Happy hour at 3 pm and of course the conversation just flows for a couple of hours so much to talk about and so little time.
Cheryl and David
          At 4 pm I fired up our Weber Q and set a turkey breast on my foil lined trivet to grill for an hour or so.
foil lined trivet
this what I call a trivet
a bit more than and hour and the turkey breast was done
and some cabbage wrapped with bacon
seasoned with garlic powder and pepper
it sure was a wonderful tasty super, cranberry sauce
and bacon wrapped cabbage was oh so good
     After supper put our Weber Q away and enjoyed a pretty nice sunset again. What a great way to wind up a perfect warm, almost hot sunny day.
      That was it, we made the most of this wonderful sunshine and enjoyed every minute of it out side, Sure hope you had some sunshine and good weather as well.
       Thank y'all for dropping on by.

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Where have we been this winter ?

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Still cool and overcast but got a few more things taken care of.

Where are we today ? 
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       Pretty mild last night again in the mid 50s F overnight. But the daytime temps never did any better and a cool north wind. So not much into walkabouts or sitting outside. Today, not much on the agenda either I picked up few things in Grove. Stopped at Walmart needed some oatmeal and butter, they did not have the bread Suzie likes and no fresh or frozen cranberries we wanted. Hmm so just down the street went to Harps (staff owned) grocery store, a very nice store all the staff very helpful . One cashier saw me looking around and asked if she could help I wanted cranberries but could not find any. So she called the freezer section and they have frozen cranberries in the back how many bags? I only wanted one so they were delivered for me right to the cashier. now talk about excellent customer service, love small towns.  With the cranberries we gonna grill a Turkey breast tomorrow and I want to make some cranberry orange sauce that we love.
we have seen 4 pair of Canada Geese here in the park today
guess they stopping by for a rest with us
not a sunny day at all
      Now was time for a light lunch  (another bowl of Bean soup, that gets better every day) then get a couple of loads of laundry done before the weekend while it is so quiet around here. The laundry is right across from us and a very nice clean one. 3 washers $1.50 EA, 3 dryers $1.00. And it has windows all around , nicely heated, exercise machines, couch, recliner and a table with 4 chairs, nobody here too perfect. I hopped on the exercise bike for a couple of miles then relaxed in the recliner reading while the machines did their magic a very relaxing way to spend a rather dull, cool afternoon doing laundry.
the laundry building right across from us
now this is a nice laundry room
that recliner called my name with my e-reader
    A bit more reading done and finished  my first John Sanford book (A Lucas Davenport novel), Rules of Prey, a wonderful page turner, the next book follows up Shadow Prey I like this Lucas Davenport Character.
     This afternoon again too cool to sit outside. so we enjoyed more reading and the use of the free wifi here. Noticed quite a few more rv's checking in today, with Easter weekend coming upon us.
this is a site like ours nice and dry to park on
     Eventually time to whip supper. And tonight gonna try out these very interesting Bratwurst something new for us so why not?
these look so tasty
this the view we had most of the day
     Fired up our Weber Q and grilled a couple of these Bratwurst.
nice to use our Weber Q again the windscreen sure helps
with these winds
this was so very tasty and our usual salad as well
sure hit the spot.
      After supper took the garbage out and spotted the sun setting looks like it might be a nice one.
not too bad at all, but not a desert sunsets that we love
a few minutes later this is what we saw
too cool
       Just another day enjoying this amazing lifestyle that we live, taking it one day at a time.
      Wanna thank y;all for stopping on by an hope you enjoyed a great day as well.
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Where have we been this winter ?