Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Not a bad day at all, overcast to start and then warmed up wonderfully

Where are we today ?
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       Very warm overnight, windows open and blankets off it was 67F outside at 5 am, not complaining just not used to it. No matter it will cool back down again. Got a couple of nice walkabouts early this morning, but there was a cool breeze and overcast, so no sunrise visible to start the day.
but down by the lake a few sites here and a view
of the Sailboat bridge into Grove
and who did I run into, but Patsy
she is fuzzy as usual
doing what I am doing
a walkabout the park
nice gazebo down by the lake
love the views here across the lake 
think these Canada Geese are following us home!
           Shortly after 8 am our friends Ron, Loree and Freddy secured their coach  and hit the road again, slowly making their way back to Ontario. We will see them again a few times this summer at Rock Glen Resort I am sure. Safe travels guys!
Bill has Freddy under control
Patsy and Loree chatting
these guys are all hooked up and on the road again
safe travels .
           By about 11 am the skies cleared and the sun was shining, perfect ! After a light lunch (I enjoyed Patsy's soup, thanks Patsy, very tasty) we found a spot out of the breeze and back in shorts and t-shirts again. by 2 pm was 77f , does not get much better than this for March here in Oklahoma. A perfect afternoon to relax outside and enjoy our e-readers. Nothing else on the agenda that needed to be done.
loving these blue skies and warm temps
           Another walkabout they are working on the fish pond and putting more rock in place, it is going to be wonderful when all done.
they are hard at work
the pool is open wheel chair ramp here
but it is not heated!
             Then at 3 pm Happy Hour, Bill and Patsy came over to join us for a bit, just a perfect day weather wise. Pretty quiet with out Ron, Loree and Freddy, but we still had fun. Flapping our gums and discussing our fun travels.
Bill, Patsy Me (empty chair) and Suzie
here is Patsy setting up for a group pic
          Soon time to whip up supper I made our salad pt a nice rub on our pork chops and grilled them on our grill mat.
not long and they are so tasty
now this really hit the spot tonight
       We have had a very nice day relaxing , reading, enjoying the sunny warm weather and a happy hour with our good friends.
      Then after supper back outside to read for a while and finish posting this blog pretty well done and at 7:30pm we are comfortable outside , yes a sweater but still 62F we will take all this warm weather that we can get! And enjoy another nice sunset just because we can.
not a bad sunset at all, we will take it!
       Wanna thank y'all for taking the time to stop on by for a visit and hope you had a very nice day as well.
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Where have we been this winter ?

Friday, March 23, 2018

Overcast, chicken soup, more info about this area, tornado shelter and a dinner out with friends

Where are we today ? 
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     Pretty mild night again great for sleeping. First thing I got our chicken bones from the freezer and let them simmer for a few hours to make a tasty broth. Then got a nice early morning walkabout down towards the lake, an overcast day and only got to 72F with a cool breeze.
did catch a couple of sunrise photos though
springtime yeah !
     Made a quick trip for some groceries to Grove about 8 am and back home then finished up my pot of chicken noodle soup for lunch and a few more as well.
sunrise heading into Grove
soup done
a very tasty lunch
       Walkabout after lunch for a bit, enjoying the fresh air but still overcast.
nice large rental cabins
love this bench
clubhouse is nice
small library and computer room
boats to use fre
that sailboat bridge into Grove 
kids enjoying the playground
      We have been here many times in the past and just happens to be on our route back to Ontario another of our membership parks (resorts of distinction R.O.D.) we can stay for free with full hookups including free very good wifi.
this is where we are
    And we have come close to a Tornado while here. Back on March 30th 2016 when we were here we had a Tornado warning and we were all herded in to the Tornado shelter that is maybe 100 yards from our site, an interesting evening for sure. You can read about that posting HERE  if you care.
a very secure building that we know is right here
if need be
the forecast looks good but we are prepared
     Another couple of times while in this area I went to visit the Hot Rod Museum a very worthwhile visit for anyone who likes these kind of things.
love this hot Rod one of the first I knew about many, many years ago
      Darryl Starbirds National Hot Rod and custom car museum last time I went there was Nov 2013 with good friend Rob Aljo you can check that posting HERE  the pictures of so many of his custom cars are amazing, plus we met Darryl in person, had our pictures taken with him and Rob bought his book that he autographed too cool,  and he showed us his workshop and newest creation.
          After some good reading time and chatting with our friends a bit outside the bunch of us, Bill, Patsy, Ron, Loree and us decided to go down the road to the Cherokee Casino for the Friday Prime Rib special. A nice get together and see ya later, Ron and Loree are heading out in the morning, guess we  will see them back at Rock Glen Resort.
     Arrived at the Casino at 4 pm hopefully for an early dinner, but not available until 5 pm. Oh darn, guess we entertain ourselves with the penny slots. Its been a while so we had fun for an hour won some cash not enough to cash out so we kept playing and we both had fun, Ok we made our donation about 30 bucks, but guess we can do that with our 10 days free camping here with full hookups and even afford a nice prime rib dinner as well. Only $10.99 and was pretty good, not great but was a nice was a nice treat and fun with our friends.
just down the road is the Casino
that be us
then again a pic with me, thanks Ron
nice salad and cold brew to start
my prime rib suppose to be rare, but not bad
only looks rare
Suzie's med well but more done
they were still very tasty and edible
and we enjoyed them
no leftovers
       What a very nice day we enjoyed. Visiting with good friends  and a fun afternoon at the casino and a very tasty meal. Giving Ron and Loree a nice send off as they make their way back home to Ontario.
       That was our fun day here and hope you enjoyed your time wherever you are.
       Thanks for stopping on by.
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Where have we been this winter ?

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Rock Glen Resort members get together on Oklahoma.

Where are we today ? 
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     What a wonderful sleep we had at this Walmart last night so quiet and perfect temperatures with a couple of windows open. Up early as usual got the coffee and computing taken care of waiting for the sunrise. Then a walkabout the parking lot and of course the store just because they are open 24 hours and we are in no big hurry today.
Walmart Sunrise
      Only 112 miles to go into our campground. So we pulled out just before 9 am and headed north, to Grove Oklahoma, Eagles Landing is a membership park of ours and we can stay here for 2 weeks free twice a year with full hookups, plus they have very good free wifi included . Yup we do make use of our memberships. And we do love this area. This is an (ROD) Resorts of Distinction Member ship park you can click the link HERE   we love the system and has saved us many thousands of dollars over the years making use of these parks that we visit.
mostly very nice roads to travel and very little traffic
stopped at a store along the way .
loved the jeep, a real off road machine
nice rig
     Not much further to go just enjoying the nice quiet back roads in the area.
a Bridge across the Channel for Grand Lake
passed by Darryl Starbirds Museum
have been there many times
if you like custom cars it is amazing
I will tell you more in another posting
      Here we are about 11 am checking in to Eagles Landing .Another place that we enjoy and feels like home, have been here many times over the last 12 years. Especially when we have friends here from our home park in Ontario Rock Glen Resort. Wow what a small world come all the way to Oklahoma to meet our neighbours !
a very nice park right on Gand Lake
      As we were pulling in Bill and Patsy (fellow Bloggers) were chatting with the people pulling out of the site were were assigned, another couple from Ontario. Then our friends Ron and Loree came over to say high with Freddy. Freddy always goes nuts when he sees Suzie and me. Camped with them many times over the years as well, plus we see them frequently at Rock Glen Resort.
Ron and Freddy saying hi to Suzie.
Loree came over with Freddy as well
     Now I got a couple of short walkabouts the park chatted with Ron and bit, will do more walkabouts tomorrow and while we are here.
the pool here is wonderful but not open yet
      A few more improvements here some nice waterfalls and ponds near the pool and of course fish in the ponds.
the fish in the pond. no fishing here!
           Here we are all set up we can enjoy a nice sunny afternoon reading outside in the sun. A warm 76f but a cool breeze, I am in shorts and a t-shirt but not Suzie gotta be over 80F for her to wear shorts, maybe tomorrow?
nice large sites here and cement patios to boot
Ron and Loree 2 sites over
Bill and Patsy behind us 
      Then at 3 pm we got together at Bill and Patsy's site for Happy hour so nice for the 6 of us to gather together and flap our gums . As usual the conversation flows and before we know its almost 5 pm time to head on home and whip up supper.
we all here except Me 
Ron took this with me but missed Patsy? far right.
          Back home I put together a salad and a couple of Salmon fillets on our Weber Q and enjoyed a very tasty supper.
salmon fillets
yup sure did hit the spot
       Now here we are sitting outside reading and posting this blog, the breeze has died down watching the sunset at 7:30pm and still 67 f (19C). I have my sweater on and still in shorts. Really what is not to love about this? And the sunset pretty amazing as well right from our patio,.
a perfect way to end a perfect day
      That was our fun day meeting up with friends again and settled in here for a week or maybe more just because we can. Why not ? Great weather, full hookups a nice area we enjoy, free very good wifi and even a nice tornado shelter if we happen to need it. And we have in the past.
      Thank y'all for stopping by and checking us out.
only 112 miles today a nice easy drive
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Where have we been this winter ?