Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, August 31, 2013

St. Jacobs Market, family stuff and visit a friend in Woodstock.

Where are we today ?

         More great weather again today. Sunny, warm and a beautiful day. So first thing I decided to head into the St. Jacobs Farmer's Market, and beat the crowds on this long weekend. Called Ma at 8 am and picked her up to come along we were at the market before 9 got a good parking spot and checked out the few vendors I was looking for. Fresh air and exercise then back to Ma's for a coffee and make a few adjustments on her computer.
such a wonderful Market, but getting busy,
we can come back anytime
lots of fresh fruit and veggies
        Even quite a few buskers adding to the atmosphere.
stopped for fuel behind this fun looking classic car
         Now back home for a quick bite to eat before Suzie headed out to pick up her mother and visit her  Dad in the Stratford hospital ( Dr. McGyver, love the name). He is still having some stomach problems so will be staying there for a bit yet, really good to help with the recovery from his hip replacement last Tuesday. Still waiting from Gramma to be released from the Kitchener hospital to go to a nursing home too.
         Suzie has her work cut out for her this afternoon and I have a few errands to run in Woodstock. So a quick 20 minute drive there (we about 20 minutes from everywhere here in Plattsville). Heading into town thought I would check out Vintners Wineworks on Springbank in Woodstock. An old friend Dave Mercer has been the owner/operator for the last 4 years and this is the first time I have stopped in to see him. So much to catch up with after many years. Our daughters used to figure skate together 20 years ago and we made quite a few camping trips with the girls and even without.
         Dave has a very successful wine making business and is doing something he just loves. If you are in the area drop by and say hi. He does have some excellent deals on good wine kits and juices.
smiley Dave as usual
        Now back home can read for a few minutes before Suzie returned, then we filled each other in on our day and decided to order in a Pizza for a change, its been a long time since we did this and have always enjoyed Plattsville Pizza, almost as good as the pizza I made here in town for 10 years.
hit the spot tonight , no cooking for me
        Then we even had time to sit on the deck for a while, Suzie got her doggie fix. Brushing all the burrs from Buddy's heavy coat and Molly just waiting for me to pet her.
Molly relaxing, does look like a deer
Buddy loves the attention 
yes, Buddy you look good now,
nice puppy
          We chatted with John for a bit then head home before dark, its getting dark much earlier now, a good sign that summer is winding down.
          Another busy day and not sure what tomorrow will bring.
          Thanks for stopping in and hope you are having a great long weekend wherever you are.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday, long weekend and we staying close by here, just the way we like it.

Where are we today ? 
Plattsville Ontario
         Well heck, we were supposed to be moving today, but I guess its not happening. Suzie's Dad still in the hospital and MAYBE out tomorrow. Then we will move our home and park our coach in their driveway and help out when we can for a few days.
         Suzie left just before noon to pick up her mom, go to the Stratford hospital, visit her Dad there, then a Doctor's appointment for her mom in Tavistock and she finally got back here about 6 pm.
         In the meantime I had a few errands to run, putter about here (polish headlights on the car) and even got to finally finish a book I have been reading for a few weeks. Just waiting to see what we can do next.
head out river road
we are on the right
headlight on your left is done
           Once Suzie got home fired up our Weber Q to grill two small taters each and a few chicken thighs I picked up, we love leftover chicken too! Great sandwiches for lunch.
chicken and taters done
sure hit the spot,
we do love chicken on the Q
          So there, that was our day, long weekend here and we are not going anywhere (perfect don't need to fight the traffic !) Hang out, do what we need to to do and enjoy this great weather. Hope you had a good day too and enjoy the last long weekend of the summer.
          Thanks again for stopping on by.
 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Another great summer day here, getting family stuff done.

Where are we today ?
        Hey another wonderful hot day here, mostly sunshine and humid, shorts t- shorts and sandals. Me kinda loving it. Got the walkabouts done early and my project today is to wait for the guy to come and pump out our sewage tanks. Good deal here, he comes right to us complete pump out $30.00. OR, we can pack up the coach, drive 10 miles each way and dump for $10.00 but in the process use at least $15.00 worth of fuel, so makes sense to stay here. Plus we extended the porta potty lease for 2 more weeks, good deal here too. Oh yeah the guy that came here was George, wonderful name!
        Suzie off this morning to pick up her mom, pack up Grandmas' stuff getting ready to move to the nursing home, then take her mom to Stratford hospital and visit her Dad. He is doing well after hip replacement surgery Tuesday, but not eating yet, some stomach issues so maybe be there another day.
          While waiting for George, I did and interior clean on the car and gave myself a haircut, even got a chance to read for a while too.
          We got our sewage tanks pumped at 1:30 this afternoon then I took a quick trip to visit my Ma in Waterloo. Smoke detector making noises. Checked it all out and appears some spiders like to live in there, could cause an issue. Batteries test ok so looks like problem solved.
          Suzie back home to "Camp Awesome" about 4:30 just after I went for a refreshing dip in the pool.
our coach and car, Suzie's dads car and Lea's school bus,
ready for Tuesday morning
          Soon time to fire up our Weber Q and grill a couple Salmon burgers.
add some homemade potato salad, tomato, lettuce and dill sauce
really hit the spot on a hot day
but then a tiny piece of Elderberry pie for desrt
love elderberry pie
dab of whipped cream and YAHOO!
Suzie took the dogs for a run
then brush some burrs out of Buddies coat
         Busy yes, hot day yes, did we enjoy it yes. Suzie even got her doggie fix too, with three large dogs.
         Thanks for stopping on by and hope you had a great day too.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Busy with family stuff and enjoying the warm weather.

Where are we today ?
         Wonderful morning again, not too much fog, but mostly an overcast day. Got service( oil change) on the car done at the garage in town "Pettigrews". First thing 8 am, back to "Camp Awesome" by 9 and grabbed Suzie to go pick up her mom. Dropped them of in New Hamburg at Dennis and Sandie's, they are dog sitting the neighbors dog "Bengie"then I continued to run my errands.
Suzie and Bengie
        Eventually back to Plattsville at "Camp Awesome" I hopped on the mower and mowed a couple more acres of lawn. Filled up our fresh water tank and managed to read for a few minutes before Suzie got back home at 4 pm. She updated me with the family stuff and we discussed going to the pub down the street for chicken wings tonight (wing night). But hey we have the wings, hot sauces, we have the taters, we have the veggies and dip, So guess I cooking supper, always good and save lotsa money so why not?
         Just fire up the Weber Q, plugin in the Fry Daddy, make a few fresh cut fries, celery, carrots, broccoli and some dips we have a feast. 45 minutes later we are enjoying our Pub night here. Beer cheaper too!
fry daddy working away
yep hit the spot
      That was it, we were pretty busy today and a few more coming up.
      Glad you could stop by, hope to see you again soon.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Foggy, hot and busy day....

Where are we today ? 
         Wow it was foggy this morning, the pictures below were taken at 7:30 am an hour earlier could barely see 50 feet away.
        But by 9 am the sun burned through the fog and it began to get hot by early afternoon 26c but with the humidity feels like 36c (97F). No just hot but humid.
         Suzie headed into Kitchener for lunch with her gramma, and I hopped on the mower to mow some lawn. But with no breeze at all the faster I drove the mower the hotter it was. Now I love the hot weather but after about 90 minutes the sweat dripping from my sweat band was blurring my glasses, kinda hard to see any more. Time to call it quits, cool down with a dip in the pool and feel brand new. Fuelled the mower and put away in the shed, resume a bit tomorrow.
        Came back from mowing the lawn and there was this real cool Ranger Polaris parked beside our coach. Don't know who it belongs to but must know John and Lea, wish they had left the keys in it, looks like a fun machine.
Suzie home now
         I was given the update of stuff, gramma will be going to a nursing home this week and her father had his hip replacement surgery this morning at 9 am. With just a local anesthetic he was out of recovery and in his room by 2 o'clock all went well.
        At the hardware store this morning I found this real cool table top citronella table top torch on sale half price ($4.99), works awesome when them pesky skeeters come out and are bugging us.
Table top torch
         Suzie and I chatted for a bit then enjoyed our books in the shade under these weeping willow trees, I made up some potato salad. Then soon time to fire up the Weber Q grill a couple bacon burgers to go with the salad.
perfect for a hot summer day
       Suzie got to play with the puppies for a few minutes.
Suzie and Jersey
        Then a quick trip over to Dennis and Sandys, to see how Suzie's mom is doing and see what we can do to help out in the next few days. So those plans are all arranged (written in chalk), guess we just play it by ear.
         So there, another awesome summer day with more very hot weather coming this way for the weekend. 
         Thanks for stopping in and hope you had a great one too! Hop in the pool and cool off, feels great.
 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy Monday, a brand new week and a fresh new start.

Where are we today ?
        Monday is here, what to do?  Would like to go to Dennis and Sandie's but the township just graded the road with tar and chips and a huge drop into their lane way, don't think our coach will be able to make the transition in and out safely until things are finished there.
So think we stay here in Plattsville at "Camp Awesome" for a few more days, we only about 8 minutes away anyway.
         I made a quick trip to Waterloo for a Chiropractic adjustment and stopped by Ma's for a coffee and make a few computer changes, all is good now. Then back home for a bite for lunch and just puttered around for a few hours trimming some weeping willow trees where we are parked. Managed to go for a nice refreshing swim in the pool and relax with our books in the shade for a bit too.
this the view from out patio
        Then soon to fire up our Weber Q to grill some chicken and taters for supper. Got some small thighs and drumsticks, a piece of garlic bread and some steamed broccoli really hit the spot. Of course some left over chicken for tomorrow's lunch too.
low and slow does the trick, about one hour
love our chicken
        Well thats about it for today, lets see what will happen tomorrow, never know for sure.
        Hey thanks again for stopping by for a peek, love Mondays the beginning of a brand new week.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wonderful Sunday just puttering about a bit.

Where are we today ? 
          The morning after the party the night before and a wonderful sunrise for us. We came home and were in bed early last night. Up with the sunrise just like we  enjoy it. Some of these people never quit until 4 am, got rides or slept here in there vehicles (smart people).
nice sunrise
        Even Buddy was still here quite comfy in our living room. No rush to go out just enjoyed our company and the peace and quiet of our house. When Suzie got up took him out for a walk and back home to be with Molly, his mom.
        We just puttered around a bit this morning enjoying another wonderful summer day. Helped tidy up a bit after the party, a quick run to the store and socialize a bit with our hosts. Another familiar dog was dropped off to be doggie sitted, Jersey, you have met him before he just loves swimming in the pool.
Buddy on the left Jersey on the right 
Jersey cooling off in the pool
        A bit more puttering about and I cooled off in the pool too, so refreshing on a perfect summer day. Then grabbed our books to read for a bit and Ma arrived for a wonderful afternoon visit with us at "Camp Awesome". She even let me whip up a nice pork loin roast and taters on our Weber Q. So tender and tasty, we added a few salads, left over from yesterday to round off a delicious supper. Some mini pecan tarts for desert.
love my Weber Q 100
hit the spot
I think even ma enjoyed it too
         A wonderful visit we had and she headed back home to Waterloo, don't want to get home too late ya know when you 86 years old, neighbors will talk. Thanks for the visit ma.
       Now tidied up a bit, chat with Lea for a few minutes and home to call it a night.
       As we chatted in the driveway the three dogs checking us out, looks so cute.
thats Molly, Buddy and Jersey
        We had a great sunday hope you enjoyed yours as well. Thanks for stopping on by.
 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Perfect weather and a surprise party here in Plattsville.

Where are we today ? 

         Hey what can I say, just another awesome day. Sounding like a broken  record, but really can't help it that's just the way things are. Bright sunny day a bit cooler, great for sleeping and a walkabout the acreage here.
        Some wildlife here too, saw bunnies hopping around but too quick for me. Some bees pollinating the flowers and deer running thru the fields, just love it here.
the bees love these flowers today
nice sunrise warming us up
deer in the fields
          We helped with a some party prep and just enjoyed the day. A friend we have not seen for a long time, walking down the road stopped by for visit. Have known Bing for close to 30 years. So nice that he stopped by and we could catch up.
           As the afternoon progressed people began arriving here for a surprize 40th birthday party for Lea's son-in-law Aaron. Of course the standard party here is a Pig Roast and pot luck. Aarons friend brought his pig roaster and got things cooking. Everyone else brought huge pot luck salads and deserts.
         Well over 60 people arrived, lots of kids and lots of games. It was a perfect day for the pool, kids just love it.
Thomas not so sure yet
pool fun 
the BBQ crew
pig roaster doing its job, not a Weber
a few cars back here
yard games
Molly loving the fun
buddy hiding in our house
John has been delegated the official slushie maker
he is really good at his job too 
pig is almost ready
perfect temp
kissing the pig!
lotsa salads
oh so good
then too many deserts
awesome peach cheesecake
yep was soo good
        Did we have a great day? You betcha! Did we eat too much, yep we did. Would we do it again absolutely.
         Guess what now time for us to turn in and Buddy is not moving from our coach, No way Jose! Cannot budge him he really likes it here, peace a quiet no people, no kids just nice and quiet. That's why we are here, looks like we have an unexpected guest for the night, no problem he is a really nice dog.
         Thanks for visiting us at here at "Camp Awesome" (compliments of John and Lea our amazing hosts) in Plattsville, always seems to be something going on.
 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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