Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Happy 71st Birthday

Today is George's birthday.

It seems unusual to celebrate it on a Wednesday and not this past weekend. He has said for years, that Canada celebrates his birthday every year.

Depending on where we are, we would go to Anna Mae's in Millbank, Trail's Edge in Plattsville or Skeeter-Barlow's in Forest. I think these are our favourite places to eat. This year we wouldn't be able to go to the restaurant, but we could still get take out. I will celebrate his birthday with family when we can.

Happy Birthday Sweetie

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Saturday, May 09, 2020

Not Much Happening

I seem to be getting back into my routine. I compute in the morning then read. Added to this, I now  also listen to our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau about 11 am and Premier Doug Ford about 1 pm.

I do like hearing what they have to say and find them very informative. They both want to keep Canadians safe. The other day, I saw the following posting on Facebook:

I’d rather stay in Quarantine
for the whole Summer,
just as long as I don’t have to bury
one of my family members, kids, or loved ones!

Our current situation is not what I'm sure anyone of us wanted but the above says it all. Thanks Monique. Also thanks to all who post positive on Facebook. Our mental health right now does not need negativity.

Usually about 4 in the afternoon, a gentleman in the next building plays 4-5 songs on his trombone in 3 locations around the 3 buildings as a thank you to all the first responders. I believe he also starts at noon and plays by the hospital and senior resident's in Stratford. What a great thing for him to do.

You all know that I like petting dogs and George would say that I was getting my doggie fix. Well, that has not changed. As the building is filling up, more dogs also arrive, so I continue to meet dogs. Below is a picture of Scooter and Tucker.

Thank you to first responders.
A lady in the first building has been making these and for a donation, we can get one. At last count, there are 7 on my side of the building. She is kept busy doing this. These on all 3 of the buildings.

Today, I was looking forward to the Canadian Snowbirds flying over Stratford but unfortunately, due to the weather, they had to turn back to Trenton. Maybe it will happen tomorrow.

Stay safe.

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Thursday, April 02, 2020

Staying Safe

Finally doing some decorating by getting pictures up. I had thought I was to going to ask for help to hang the following pictures. With everything that is going on now with the Covid-19, I decided to do them myself. Measuring the wall, pictures and the space between, so they look kind of balanced. The first set of pictures was a challenge but I got it done. Mistakes are not visible. Patting myself on the back. Ha ha.

Left is flowing well from Plattsville, center no description required and right a gift at our wedding.

Quails that were hanging in the RV above the door.

Family group picture from our wedding.
The picture on the cedar chest is from our honeymoon. The old clock I got from my grandmother before she passed away. As a young girl, we lived with our maternal grandparents. They had several clocks that you would wind up. The key to the clock is still there. I haven't got it going yet as it needs to be perfectly level in order for it to chime. The clock sat on an entertainment in the house, but we couldn't get it to work until we were purging the house.
Souvenirs from my trip to Egypt. (before George)
I had the tools to put the pictures up. George made sure that we had hammer, screw drivers etc. There is a case here that includes everything, including a level. So when the pictures went up, I made sure to use the level. If the pictures above look crooked, it is because I took them crooked.

To stay safe during this time, I go out to the grocery store when needed. I am following the suggestions from our government to help slow the curve of the virus. In some ways, it isn't hard for me to do, as George was the one to do the shopping and I was reading.

I have finally read 2 books since October, which is unusual for me as I could read a book a day. I'm starting to get into a new routine. It will take time as my mind wanders. I start a project, go to another and eventually finish each project. I have a project to put up more pictures that are of my family as it has grown. At the moment it is not completed as I need more pictures printed and then frames as well. This I consider a non-essential project, so it will wait for better days ahead.

Unfortunately, at the moment another non-essential project is the RV. I was really hoping that by now it would be closer to being ready to sell. I haven't been out to it in the last couple of weeks. It still needs a couple of compartments looked at, compartments cleaned as well as the living space. It will have to wait for now.

Yesterday, I wanted to do shake and bake chicken in the oven. Now, I know that we had shake and bake chicken packages, but do you think I could find them. Not sure if we ran out (which I find hard to believe as George always replaced something when we were low) or if the package was expired and therefore, it found the garbage. I then improvised the Honey Pecan Chicken recipe (thanks Deb) on the blog minus the pecans which I didn't have. I must say, it turned out pretty good. I used a chicken leg which took a lot longer than the chicken breast in the recipe.

Know that I am safe, eating well and getting my rest. I hope all you readers out there are doing your best to stay safe and healthy as well.

God bless you all.

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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Still Busy

In my last posting, I forgot to mention that I went to Grandson #4's hockey game. On his first shift on the ice, he got a breakaway on scored his first goal. He repeated a goal on his second shift. He ended up having 3 goals. His mom said in a Facebook message that she thought he was showing off to me. That could be, as it is the first game I have seen him play since October. But he is an awesome player. George was always taking pictures of his games. We were only able to see them in October and sometimes in April when we got back. We always made a point to see the games. This game was the first game that was during the day. All the other games were at night and I'm not fond of travelling at night.

This past Monday I went out to the RV. It was such a nice sunny day that I didn't want to miss out on being outside. I just couldn't stay in Stratford and not go outside. I started going through compartments. First to see what would stay and what would go. I was able to take some stuff out and store it in my brothers quonset hut to be dealt with later. Whatever is in the electric and wet bay are staying with the RV. I was able to through all the compartments on the driver's side. The only thing they need now is to be cleaned. On the passenger side I cleaned out one compartment. The balance will wait until good weather happens. One of the compartments has a tool box that there is no way I would even attempt to lift as I know it is heavy.

While at the RV, I also was inside and removed items that we didn't need when we moved into the apartment. So, the inside is almost empty and some of what remains, will also remain with the coach.

The last couple of days, I have been getting organized to do our taxes. They are basically ready to file except there is at least 1 piece of paper that I made need for Income Tax 2019. I get mail here at the apartment as well as the previous address. I'm not in a hurry to file the taxes as I want to make sure I have everything I need. In previous years, I didn't file our Income Taxes until mid April anyway.

I have been waiting for the following to be completed. I found the original picture that appears on the blog and had it printed. I then went to Michael's to have them frame it in a frame I got inexpensively. It took 2 weeks for to get a mat and be then framed.

They did a good job
Now it just needs to go up on the wall.

A comment was made on the blog about me buying something smaller that I could handle. Unfortunately, at this point my RV'ing days are over. I'm not sure I would be comfortable travelling by myself, keeping 2 vehicles and setting up a smaller RV even though George taught how to do everything with the RV. I believe he knew that I wouldn't be RV'ing anymore. But that doesn't mean that I won't travel. That day will come. For now, I know I can always go to Rock Glen Family Resort and rent a cabin. That is the my current plan.

Also a comment about a sewing machine. My mother taught my sister and myself to sew. We always had a sewing machine at home. I was never as good as my mother but I did learn the basics. A sewing machine might come in handy but for now I think I will just borrow my sister-in-laws. I actually saw a small one at Value Village here in town that I almost bought. But, I decide to leave it as I don't have any sewing projects in mind and I would also have to find a place for it.

So far, my cooking disaster hasn't been repeated. Today, I started a beef roast in the original slow cooker. I've been smelling it all day and it is up to temperature. Good thing for Google to let me know what things should be cooked to. As I was writing this my potatoes boiled over and made a slight mess of the glass top. Crap, something to clean. I guess I can also do work make projects.

Fall apart beef

Yummy supper
Thanks for all you comments in the previous blogs.

Going forward, day by day.

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Sunday, March 08, 2020

Almost Feels Like Spring

Not exactly sure what I have been doing but I do something everyday.

The other Friday, I throw out supper. I had put a chicken breast in the new slow cooker in the morning with a cream soup (I did this previously in the bigger cooker). But it never got up to temperature of 165 F, according to the internet. I heated up frozen vegetables, fried some potatoes and put that together. I checked the chicken, it still didn't look right, so I added chicken chunks to the fry pan. I attempted to eat what I made, but I didn't trust the chicken, so in the garbage it went. Hate throwing out food, but I wasn't taking the chance on food poisoning. Not sure if it was the slow cooker or the chicken, since the soup was current. That was my first disaster in making a meal. I've been really good at cooking my own meals without using Skip The Dishes. A hot dog was then what I could do quickly.

We had an accumulation of snow the last weekend in February. I had planned for this and got what I needed regarding groceries so I didn't have to travel. I took a couple of pictures of the result. I thought it was rather cool as we had a west wind and looking closely, the drivers side had an area that reminded me of someone surfing, with the way the curve of the snow was. When it stopped, I cleaned the car off. I wanted to avoid having to scrape the windows and the sun did melt the snow remaining on the car.

This past Monday, I planned on putting ties in the duvet cover. When I bought the cover back in October, the cover did not come with ties. The ties help to keep the duvet in place. Over the last couple of weeks I found material (an apron that George used in the restaurant) and cut it up to use for ties. My sister-in-law brought me a portable sewing machine. I started the process of getting the ties sewed into the cover, except the bobbin ran out of thread. Now, I haven't sewn in years and it was a machine I wasn't familiar with. So, to fix this, I packed up the sewing machine, duvet and duvet cover and went to my sister-in-laws. Success, ties sewn in the duvet cover and tied.

I have been working on a list of repairs done on the RV since 2006, sorting through manuals etc to go with the RV and listing some things I know that I will sell. Yes, the RV will be sold. I just need now to take a look at what is in it and decide from there. George knew that I won't keep the RV. Hooking up the car to the RV is beyond my capabilities. He also knew that I would have to create a new life for myself. What a smart man. My brother made a comment a while ago that he thought the RV was empty. Fat chance. I told him, only the top half is empty. He was a tad surprised at that.

I purchased Command hooks that are meant to be used to hang brooms etc. They have been in the corner of the front closet and often times fall, which is a nuisance. Therefore, the hooks. Now, they stay in place and are easily removed.

The other day I saw the garbage truck pick up the garbage. I have seen them before but I was able to take pictures of the process. When we first moved here, I wondered how the garbage and recycle was picked up. What a cool process.

The garbage bin

Near the front of truck, an arm of sorts was raised
The arm lifted the bag out and into the truck
The arm putting the bag back in container.
During the process, the operator loosened the ties, then when the bag was over the truck, pulled and the bag opened. The garbage was now in the truck. I found the process very cool.

Today was a Spring like day (50 F, 10 C). The forecast for the next 14 days, we will have above freezing temperatures. Wonderful. Will see if that happens. Hopefully it does, because I would like to get out to the RV and take a good look at the compartments. See what to keep and what to sell. Of course making a note of everything.

Going forward, day by day.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Busy Couple of Weeks

About 2 weeks ago, my brother-in-law delivered the china buffet that was at my brother's. I had emptied the boxes prior to the buffet arriving. Needless to say everything needed to washed. Everything has been boxes since 2006, so a wash was necessary. I used the dish washer for the first time to wash anything that wasn't crystal as I believe crystal needs to be washed by hand. 6 more boxes empty.

Because of the various moves of the boxes, I was very surprised that only 2 sherbets were broke and one chipped glass. There was a box that travelled with us. It had china dishes, crystal wine glasses and good utensils, to be used for a special occasion. What I surprise I had, that everything was intact. Can't believe that for some of the roads we travelled on were very bumpy.

While my brother-in-law was here, he also did a minor repair on my spoon rack. George had given it to me one year for Christmas. It was in pieces as he didn't have time to put it together. So, the spoons needed to be at least washed, except of course for the silver ones. We actually had some Twinkle downstairs in storage which made that job much easier.

I accomplished some purging in the linen closet. There was no way I needed all the towels, tea towels, dish cloths, wash cloths and rags. The majority went into a bag and I delivered it to a Thrift Store that they can sort through for rags. During my purging of the towels, I then had a lot more storage I could make use of. I was able to move the shelves to what I wanted to put on the shelf. Of course, I moved shelves several times and they might be moved again. Who knows, time will tell. I'm sure you notice that the bottom shelf seems very empty. There is a plan for that space but I need to get something out of the RV or downstairs in storage. It may not make a lot of sense, but I like the idea of having George's tools handy for me to get to. Thank goodness he was thinking when we took things out of the RV.
Of course during the process, I re-organised stuff in kitchen and laundry area. When we first moved in, we wanted to move some shelves for stuff to be in it. Because of the me first adjusting the shelves in the linen closet, I was able to figure out how the clips work. The clips have a locking system on them and it was suggested to take the doors off and pull the shelf out. Well for me that is not a good idea as I am really good at taking things apart but I'm challenged when putting it back. So, I was able to move several shelves in the laundry area without taking the doors off.

This past weekend, I went to the RV to get what I was looking for. Found some things I was looking for and some I couldn't find. Mind you, I was able to open all the compartments but one (frozen shut). Maybe what I want is in it or I didn't see what I wanted. While at the RV, I did empty a couple of areas inside the RV to go through another day.

Also, while at the RV and talking with my sister-in-law, she found out that I have done a couple of meals in the slow cooker. She suggested we go to the New Hamburg Thrift Store and look for a small one. I was in luck and found a little one for a really good price. Found couple of more picture frames that I will use for another project. While at her house, she had a couple of things that she was purging and I could use. So another great find.

The following project has taken a while to accomplish. I wanted to create an area that shows the merging of two families. The first row of pictures are from our wedding and the balance pictures of George's 70th birthday party.
During the past couple of days, I have copied some of George's recipes to a word document. Not all the recipes on the blog will I use. I have accumulated 30 plus pages of recipes. They are now printed and in a binder that is 5 1/2 by 8". I much prefer a book type selection of recipes instead of always checking the internet. Of course, any recipe I find on the internet will go into my binder.

As you can see, I have been busy with several projects, with more in mind. I have managed to keep busy. I have started to get to know some people in the various buildings. I've been to coffee time twice, worked on a puzzle with someone I have met and yesterday there was a wine tasting from Bell's Winery here in Stratford. They will make wine from kits to suit what you like. It was very interesting but the red wine they brought, I definitely didn't like.

Thank you all who commented on Daughter #2 tribute to her father. It took her a while to compose it. She had asked her brother to read it at the funeral, but he declined as he would need a box of Kleenex's. I tried to warn you about the Kleenex's as every time I read it, I need the box.

I am doing Awesome and taking care of myself as George would wish. He would not want me living in the past. He would want me to go forward with my life without him, even though he is in my thoughts every day.

Going forward, day by day.

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Sunday, February 09, 2020

Getting Things Done and a Post From Daughter #2

Where I am today? 
Stratford, Ontario

I have been keeping myself occupied with getting things done.

The kids and myself have gone through George's clothes. The majority has gone to Goodwill and some to family members who can make use of them. We also went through pictures and other items.

I have been working on several projects for pictures. One was to put more pictures on the viewer, so I can have play it with the most important pictures. But I ran into a snag, that has something to do with FAT system and NTFS system. Not willing to deal with that at the moment.
Displayed in the kitchen where I see it everyday.

In living room, a present from my siblings at our wedding.
One day this past week, I went shopping with my brother and sister-in-law. Some of you know how much I like shopping. I'm really good at going into a store, not finding what I'm looking for and walking out empty handed. George always said that I can be in and out of store in 5-10 minutes. Well this time, I had success. We went to Habitat Restore and I found a lateral file cabinet for $25.00. Minor damages, but mostly not visible. Then we went to Festival Furniture. They sell used office furniture and I found a desk that was suitable for $225.00, delivery included. The file cabinet was put in my brother's vehicle and the desk was delivered the following afternoon. Why buy new when used works just as well. With these 2 purchases, I was able to empty 5 containers and get everything put away. Needless to say, I had a busy afternoon but also productive.
File cabinet and desk in den.
When George and I were living in Plattsville, we got a dining room buffet from my parents and refinished it. When we retired, it went to my brother's place not thinking that I would ever use it again. Well, it is coming back. When it gets here, I should be able to empty the balance of the boxes that are in the den. Not sure what is in them, but I know the boxes contain items that we kept. This will make shopping very easy and I'm sure there will be surprises as to the things we kept.
Buffet, not including the items currently in it.
Thanks for your comments. I continue to take care of myself and will continue to do so, as George would wish. Before you continue reading, you might want to get some Kleenex's.

The following is what daughter #2 posted on Facebook.

Well; took me a while, but I guess I have to start accepting it... missing you Dad.


Well Dad we laid you to rest. Not something I ever pictured doing. Its been almost a month ... it feels like so much more ... I cry every time I edit this, I cry thinking about you not here ... I am the baby so you will have to bare with me ... I think I have put off posting this in ill acceptance that you are gone. Where will I go for that positive don’t give a shit opinion...

I couldn’t stand up and say something at your funeral Dad, but you know that. So I’ll write and post and hope that you’re up there reading it.

My heart has been heavy for months knowing this day was approaching. I’ve cried and cried hoping it wasn’t real. I dreaded the day you would leave us. I cry daily knowing you have ...

I guess I always just took for granted my happy go lucky Dad that would always grace me with his presence and positive advice every spring and leave me with something to think about every winter... the southern bird that you had become .. I was proud and fiercely jealous all at the same time.

Watching you weaken over that short time was one of the hardest things I have ever had to experience but you kept us all in line with your positive thoughts.

Thank you so much for the last Christmas together Dad, I know you struggled to stand and speak from your heart to all of us but it was so beautiful and truly will be something we will cherish beyond years. If only we could all have such courage. You broke my heart ...

Watching you leave us was so hard; I will never forget watching your last tear fall wiping it away and telling you it was ok ...but I was not ok

Your visitation and funeral where absolutely beautiful Dad but you know that. We sent you off in your fedora, your suit, a silly tie; of course your vest just in case. We snuck in some goodies; great scotch and some OV. I know there were probably more tears shed than you wanted but its pretty hard to imagine life without our happy go lucky Dad.

The spring will be unimaginable knowing you will not be returning from the sunny south greeting us with all your stories and little treasures you bring back. And of course every detail of every deal you found; whether it be groceries, outings, gas and of course booze.

We will do our best to continue traditions you have left with us.

It sometimes was hard to know all the events and things you missed during your winter journeys but you made us all realize how important it was to get out and do the things you love and to live life to your own individual dreams.

I have so so many fond memories of the restaurant days with you. You taught me so much. Many may not know but you would keep all my hand written orders so later you could go over all my spelling mistakes with me. Or how you would make me sweep the floor numerous times until I got all the dirt but never would tell me each time where you still saw dirt... an old friend reminded me recently of the big dinners you would put on for everyone after the figure skating carnivals, because you were just that guy!

I’ll never forget how you would drive me to god knows where to get my skates made and sharpened where Elvis Stojko (figure skating enthusiasts would only understand) had his made and sharpened. I cherished those drives with you but probably never showed you the true gratitude I had.

I ‘ll never forget the kind of man you were when I was old enough to pay attention to things like how you would prep dinner before Suzie would get home and tidy up the kitchen just in time for her to walk in the door to the fresh glass of wine you had just perfectly timed for her. And you never stopped being that man for her.

To be honest I thought the blog was silly at the start but it turned out to be quite the idea after all dad. I read it much more than I ever let on to you. More to keep an eye on you or see what you were cooking. Now we all have this special place to always go and read your words.

When asking my oldest what they thought of when thinking of Grand Dad of course they said beer and laughed, which you probably laughed too, they then quickly moved on to memories made;

They wanted to make sure it was said that:
Our kids will always remember your determination to make sure that the last thing you did with them every year was carve pumpkins with them at Thanksgiving, before you heading south, the eldest of the grands as dad would say will have over a decade of these memories. I will never forget your sadness this past year over not being able to do this with them.

They specifically stated they will always remember Grandad making as many hockey games as he could before heading south and taking soo many pictures while on the ice. They would always ask which pics made the blog. Oh and of course breaking quartz rocks open that you would bring back.

All of your grandchildren are going to miss their silly happy GrandDad sooo much.

Words cannot describe the pain I feel knowing you are actually not coming home this spring Dad...

And oh Charlize the love you showed to her. I toted her along to the hospice most days always found it hilarious that even in your last days you made sure we knew, that you knew she was there; even with your hearing aides out. I never realized how much of an impact this was on her until after you were gone as we got in the car and she said “let’s go I gotta visit my grandma Sue and Grandad.... I am just so happy we had the visits we had. She knew you were sick and something was happening; I know you smile when she said “shhh that’s grandpa he’s sleeping” ; as she stood by your casket.

I remember you saying once to me not too long ago “looks like the third really is a charm” and then later remembering you always said that about Suzie. I took that as your approval Dad. I knew you liked him.

I will never forget very near to your last day you shaking Robs hand and saying, I am doing great and smiling your big smile at him. You broke both our hearts. But left us shaking our heads a smiling later. But that’s you.

Your last text to me Dad when I knew you were still 100% you ; you said to me; after I had had a rough day; “ you made it this far kid, keep on going..” and those words will be with me as I move into this life without you.

There are so many things I wanted to say over the years and recently though didn’t because usually I only had to look at you and you would just know.

I will never forget how you taught me how to drive stick up an icy dirt road... constantly throwing it out of gear while up hill saying ooops what do you do now... over and over... you taught me so much.. I thought you were such an ass ...

I will miss your check in’s to see if I was ok. You would always tell me when you would see I wasn’t happy and wanted to discuss how I should change something so I was. I was usually determined to deny what you were seeing, but now wish I would have welcomed those discussions more with you.

I will cherish all those last kisses when 1 was never enough..

I will continue to use hot sauce on everything but now will think of you every time...

I could go on forever... I will miss you so much more than all those words above can ever express. I just cannot believe you are gone...

Cheers Dad , till we meet again

I am sure you’re making it awesome up there.

Love You Always, letting you go has been so hard ... but I know you are with me...

Your youngest
Daughter #2

My reply to her posting:
Jessie, Always remember your Father's positive attitude and the way he lived his life. He would want you to carry on as he would have if he was here. He appreciated each and every visit with you, your siblings and grandchildren. Thanks to the 3 of you and family for helping me with packing up our belongings from the RV, moving to the apartment and unpacking. Your Father wanted to make sure that I had a place to live, (he knew his time was short). Thanks for helping me through this difficult time and willing to travel to Stratford when I needed you 3 to help. Your father got his wish to spend quality time with family, friends, Christmas with both sides of the family and New Year's with me. Thanks Jessie for your posting.

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Where We've Been, What We Saw

Where am I today?
Stratford, Ontario

Since my posting a week ago, just know that I am taking care of myself.

One of the first things I did was making an appointment with the family doctor. I have had a sore thumb for a while and it was determined that it is arthritis. I then went to my chiropractor/natural path for back adjustments and to ensure that I was taking the vitamins that I need. I only take what he suggests as sometimes supplements don't work together as they should. I always eat 3 times a day and sleep when I feel it is necessary. Usually in bed by 9 and up maybe around 6 or 7.

Last week I also had appointment with the funeral director and I was provided with a list of things that needed to be taken care of. What a wonderful list. This has made process of changing names on accounts etc much easier. The list has been accomplished and I don't think I forgot anything.

 In between me making phone calls and going to appointments, I started to go through the blog to record the various things we have seen during our travels. I thought this list would be beneficial to others, but I have realized that it is always a quick way for me to relive our memories of the places we saw and the people we met. Our object was to see as much of the United States as possible during the winter months. When we would visit a new area, we always looked around for things to see and do. It could be an attraction, museum, flea market or just go for a drive.  We didn't see everything in the area at once, as we knew we would go back again and we did. That is why we travelled, to see the sights and learn something new. Both of us did not do well with History in school but we learned a lot while travelling.

There a couple of things we still wanted to see but that opportunity was not going to happen. For all of you reading this, live your life to the fullest and follow your dreams. Life is too short not to.

The change in the blog profile I did, does seem to work. You can get my email address from there, but you can still send an email to George as well, since I look at it daily.

The list includes the date, city or close by city and the attraction.
Date City Attraction
10/31/2006 Nashville, TN Opryland Hotel
11/02/2006 Nashville, TN Lane Motor Museum
11/02/2006 Nashville, TN The Parthenon
10/31/2006 Nashville, TN Opryland Hotel
11/06/2006 The Natchez Trace Parkway
11/06/2006 Tupelo, MS Evlis Birthplace
11/07/2006 New Orleans, LA French Quarter
11/08/2006 Abita Springs, LA Dr. Wagner's Island Swamp Tour
11/09/2006 Abita Springs, LA UCM, Unusual Collection Museum
11/16/2006 New Orleans, LA Garden District
11/18/2006 Mandeville, LA Farmers market
11/19/2006 Abita Springs, LA Abita Springs Brewery
11/20/2006 Lafayette, LA Acadian Village
11/22/2006 Rockport, TX Port Aransas
11/22/2006 Rockport, TX Mustang Island
11/27/2006 Rockport, TX Goose Island State Park, Big Tree
11/26/2006 Rockport, TX Fulton Masion
11/27/2006 Corpus Christie, TX USS Lexington, WWII Aircraft Carrier
12/06/2006 San Antonio, TX Alamo, Riverwalk
12/10/2006 Benson, AZ Tombstone
12/10/2006 Benson, AZ Boothill Cemetery
12/13/2006 Benson, AZ Gammons Gulch
12/14/2006 Benson, AZ Bisbee, Queen Mine
12/17/2006 Tucson, AZ Tucson flea market
12/30/2006 Phoenix, AZ Phoenix, Mesa Flea Market
12/30/2006 Tucson, AZ Ghost Town/Gold Mining Town
02/05/2007 Quartzsite, AZ Palm Canyon
02/12/2007 Algodones, MX
03/05/2007 Parker, AZ Parker Dam
03/06/2007 Lake Havasu London Bridge
03/08/2007 Oatman, AZ
02/23/2007 Calexico, CA St. Thomas Swap Meet
02/26/2007 Niland, CA Slab City, Salvation Mountain
03/13/2007 Las Vegas, NV Freemont Street
03/15/2007 Boulder City, NV Hoover Dam
03/17/2007 Williams, AZ The Grand Canyon Railway to Grand Canyon Village
03/26/2007 Memphis, TN Graceland
03/28/2007 Memphis, TN Peabody Hotel, Ride the Duck
11/17/2007 Abita Springs, LA St. Joseph Plantation tour
12/03/2007 Benson, AZ Kartchner Caverns
03/27/2008 Unadilla, GA 57 Diner
03/29/2008 Unadilla, GA Angel City
03/29/2008 Unadilla, GA Massee Lane Gardens
04/10/2008 Myrtle Beach, SC Dixie Stampede
04/11/2008 Myrtle Beach, SC Murell's Inlet
04/16/2008 Myrtle Beach, SC Broadway at the Beach
04/19/2008 Myrtle Beach, SC Alabama Theatre, Oak Ridge Boys
11/05/2008 Lafayette, LA Tabasco Pepper Sauce Factory
11/12/2008 Jamaica Appleton Estate Rum Tour
11/13/2008 Grand Cayman Cayman Turtle Farm
11/13/2008 Grand Cayman Hell
12/17/2008 Tucson, AZ Old Tucson Studios
12/19/2008 Phoenix, AZ Mesa Flea Market
01/31/2009 Los Angeles, CA Venice Beach
02/01/2009 Palm Springs, CA College of the Desert
02/04/2009 Desert Hot Springs, CA Joshua Tree National Park
02/09/2009 Salton Sea, CA
02/22/2009 Winterhaven, CA Town of Felicity
03/13/2009 Sedona, AZ Old Town Cottonwood in Clarkdale
03/14/2009 Sedona, AZ Verde Canyon Railroad Wilderness Train
03/18/2009 Albuquerque, NM Historic Old Town
03/19/2009 Albuquerque, NM Sandia Peak Tramway
03/26/2009 Grove, OK Har-Ber Village
03/27/2009 Grove, OK Darrly Starbird's National Rod & Custom Car Hall of Fame
04/04/2009 Branson, MO Noah, The Musical
11/15/2009 New Orleans, LA
11/18/2009 Abita Springs, LA Pontchartrain Vineyards
11/24/2009 Luckenbach, TX
11/25/2009 San Antonio, TX Riverwalk
12/14/2009 San Carlos, MX The Soggy Peso Bar
12/22/2009 Mazatlan, MX Golden Zone
12/30/2009 Union, MX Mexican town
12/31/2009 Tres Rios, MX Sea Turtle Sanctuary
03/07/2010 San Carlos, MX Dolphin Show
03/13/2010 Mesa, AZ Mesa Market Place Swap Meet
03/20/2010 Tombstone, AZ Boothill Cemetery
03/20/2010 Tombstone, AZ
03/24/2010 Carlsbad Caverns, NM Carlsbad Caverns
04/10/2010 Brownsville, KY Mammoth Caves
04/13/2010 Bowling Green, KY National Corvette Museum
04/13/2010 Park City, KY Diamond Caverns
04/20/2010 Wapakoneta, OH Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum
10/31/2010 Grove, OK Darrly Starbird's National Rod & Custom Car Hall of Fame
11/04/2010 Grove, OK Har-Ber Village
12/18/2010 Palm Springs, CA College of the Desert
12/30/2010 San Diego, CA Old Town San Diego
12/30/2010 San Diego, CA Seaport Village
01/05/2011 San Diego, CA San Diego Zoo
01/30/2011 Parker, AZ, north Desert Bar 
02/13/2011 Ozona, TX Auto Museum
02/15/2011 Luckenbach, TX
02/18/2011 San Antonio, TX Riverwalk
02/28/2011 Rockport, TX Goose Island State Park, Big Tree
03/07/2011 Conroe, TX Historic Crighton Theatre
03/12/2011 Willis, TX Olde Security Square Flea Market
03/19/2011 Abita Springs, LA UCM Museum
03/26/2011 New Orleans, LA Historic Gretna, LA
04/02/2011 Foley, AL Lambert's Café (Home of Throwed Rolls
10/30/2011 Mandeville, LA Mandeville Trailhead Market
11/05/2011 Covington, LA Acquistapace's
11/19/2011 Rockport, TX S.O.S. Science on a Sphere
11/19/2011 Rockport, TX Aquarium
11/21/2011 Rockport, TX Rockport Little Theatre
11/22/2011 Brownsville, TX
11/23/2011 Corpus Christie, TX USS Lexington, WWII Aircraft Carrier
12/29/2011 Cabazon, CA World's Largest Dinosaurs
02/02/2012 Parker, AZ Bluewater Casino
02/04/2012 Oatman and Kingman, AZ
02/12/2012 Bullhead City, AZ Don Laughlins Riverside Resort and Casino Museum
03/17/2012 Whitney, TX Homestead Heritage 
03/19/2012 Waco, TX Dr Pepper Museum
04/02/2012 Davison, MI RV Hall of Fame
10/26/2012 Spencer, NC North Carolina Transportation Museum
10/27/2012 Salisbury, NC Salisbury Trolley Tour
11/04/2012 Daytona, FL Daytona Flea Market
11/10/2012 Orlando, FL Downtown Disney
11/10/2012 Celebration, FL
11/17/2012 Leesburg, FL Historic Old Town
11/17/2012 Belleview, FL The Market of Marion
11/21/2012 Key West, FL
12/28/2012 Pensacola, FL National Naval Aviation Museum
01/06/2013 Biloxi, MS Biloxi Visitors Center
01/17/2013 Pass-Christian, MS Busted Wrench Garage
01/19/2013 Pass-Christian, MS Flea market
03/09/2013 Houston, TX Trader's Village Houston
03/20/2013 Houston, TX Sam Houston Museum
03/31/2013 Hurricane Mills, TN Loretta's Lynn's Ranch
11/02/2013 Hermann, MO Swiss Meat and Sausage Co.
11/04/2013 Stanton, MO Mermac Caverns
11/09/2013 Grove, OK Har Ber Village
11/12/2013 Grove, OK Darrly Starbird's National Rod and Custom Car Hall
12/01/2013 Glen Rose, TX Fossil Rim Wild Life Centre
01/08/2014 Calexico, CA Swap Meet
02/12/2014 Blythe, CA Blythe Intaglios
02/15/2014 Palm Springs, CA College of the Desert
02/23/2014 Oak Glen, CA Oak Tree Village
03/06/2014 Yuma, AZ Yuma Terriroial Prison
03/07/2014 Yuma, AZ Yuma Indoor Marketplace
03/12/2014 Yuma, AZ Castle Dome Museum and Silver Mines
03/20/2014 Tucson, AZ Pima Air and Space Museum
03/22/2024 Tombstone, AZ
03/26/2014 near Benson, AZ Chiricahua National Monumet 
04/04/2014 Cleburne, TX Chisholm Trail Outdoor Museum
11/03/2014 Robins, GA Museum of Aviation Foundation
11/05/2014 Destin, FL Henderson Start Park
11/10/2014 Pensacola, FL National Naval Aviation Museum
11/16/2014 New Orleans, LA
11/19/2014 Abbeville, LA Betty's RV Park
11/21/2014 Avery Island, LA Tabasco Pepper Sauce Factory
11/22/2014 Abbeville, LA Touchet's Bar, cajun jam sessions
11/29/2014 Houston, TX Trader's Village Houston
12/28/2014 Palm Springs, CA College of the Desert
10/29/2015 Hermann, MO town visit, Stone Hill Winery
10/31/2015 Yukon, OK Express Clydesdales 
11/04/2015 Albuquerque, NM Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
11/06/2015 Albuquerque, NM Old Town Albuquerque
11/11/2015 Truth or Consequences, NM tour to various towns
02/10/2016 Julian, CA Julian Pie Company
03/18/2016 Why, AZ Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
03/18/2016 Ajo, AZ Ajo Copper Mine
03/27/2016 Thackerville, OK WinStar Casino
10/31/2016 Moab, UT Arches National Park
11/01/2016 Moab, UT Colorado Riverway Scenic Tour
11/06/2016 Parhump, NV Death Valley
11/08/2016 Parhump, NV China Date Ranch farm
11/09/2016 Parhump, NV Parhump Valley Museum
11/12/2016 Bullhead City, AZ Colorado River Historical Society Museum
11/12/2016 Bullhead City, AZ Davis Dam
11/14/2016 Oatman, AZ
11/15/2016 Laughlin, NV Don Laughlins Riverside Resort and Casino Museum
11/18/2016 Lake Havasu, AZ London Bridge
11/19/2016 Lake Havasu, AZ Havasu Landing Casino
12/11/2016 Quartzsite, AZ Tyson Wells Stage Station Museum
02/22/2017 Bard, CA Cloud Museum
03/10/2017 Huachuca, AZ Empire Ranch
03/12/2017 Huachuca, AZ The Fairbank School House
10/25/2017 Searcy, AR RV Fog Dr to repair foggy windows
11/04/2017 Roswell, NM UFO Museum and Research Center
11/12/2017 Deming, NM Rockhound State Park
11/14/2007 Deming, NM Pancho Villa and the Pink Store
11/16/2017 Deming, NM Deming Museum
11/26/2017 Bisbee, AZ Historical Museum
11/26/2017 Bisbee, AZ Queen of Copper Mines
11/29/2017 Sahuarita, AZ The Titan Missle Museum
11/30/2017 Sahuarita, AZ Asarco Mining Tour
12/17/2017 Welton, AZ Wellton Pioneer Museum
02/14/2018 Yuma, AZ Martha's Date Garden
03/09/2018 Whitney, TX Homestead Heritage Museum
10/23/2018 Gettysburg, PA Gettysburg Visitors Center
10/24/2018 Gettysburg, PA Gettysburg Visitors Center
10/25/2018 Gettysburg, PA Lincoln Train Museum
11/09/2018 Biloux, MS Biloux Visitors Center
11/11/2018 Biloux, MS Maritime and Seafood Museum
12/31/2018 Imperial Sand Dunes, CA Plank Road
03/20/2019 Thatckerville, OK WinStar Casino

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