Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, January 02, 2009

January 2009

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Fri. Jan. 30th

Another warm day up to 90f (30c),and we are really enjoying it, we walked about a bit , went shopping in Desert Hot Springs, and drove near a windfarm with hundreds of wind grenerator s in the distance. In the parking lot was a very sharp PT Cruiser with a major customized job done to it, the kind of thing that you see all around California. Then back home to relax in the shade a do a bit of reading. Finally BBQ some yummy chicken wings for supper.

Fri Pics

Thurs. Jan 29th

Mild overnight 60f (15c) and a nice morning. I took the laundry at 7.00am to get it done early, so we could go for a drive. About 10.00am we took a drive in to Palm Springs is a small city population 42,000 located in the Coachella Valley 111 miles east of Los Angeles. We drove down Palm Canyon Drive where all the hot spots are, walked the sidewalk for a bit checking out the walk of stars, with many hundreds af stars on the sidewalk. A local Chinese Restaruant for lunch and then out to the west end of Ramone Dr. Here we took a short walk up the side of the mountain and looked out over Palm Springs and some Beautiful Mansions. We then travelled the length of Ramone to the east end past Gene Autry, Kirk Douglas and Bob Hope drives about 15 minutes to 1000 Palm Canyon drive. Here we drove through a bit of desert to an Oasis the Coachella Valley Preserve.

Then we walked about the gigantic amazing Palm trees, with an erie feeling as you walk thru the forest, in the middle of the desert. From here we continued thru the desert along Dillon returning home in time to sit out for a bit in the shade.

Thurs Pics

Wed. Jan. 28th

Was a sunny day and is a day that we can have yard type sales at our site. We did not have anything to sell so we walked the resort checking out things and chatting with different people. We also stopped for a bit and watched some people playing pickleball, its kinda like a life sized version of table tennis played on a tennis court, then back home to enjoy then sun for a bit and read.

Tues. Jan 27th

Cooler today about 60f (15c) and a cool breeze. Walked about the resort for bit then went for a drive to Palm Springs visitor centre for local information. Then to Desert Hot Springs for some groceries and back home to check email and surf the web for more info and a supper of Salmon with dill sauce and rice.

Mon. Jan. 26th

We left Quartzsite at 10:00am and headed west on I-10 into California thru some desert and over some small mountains then into the Valley where Indio and Palm Springs are located. We made it to Desert Pools Rv resort about 12:30 pm and check into our site. This a beautiful resort with full hookups, a heated pool, 3 hot tubs, library, wifi at our site, cable TV, mini golf, shuffle board, tennis courts, and 2 large laundramats, and a membership park to boot, only $8.00 a night. A beautiful view of some small mountains out our front window and large snow covered mountains behind the row of Palo Verde trees behind us. These trees look almost like pine trees but have long fluffy narrow leaves. We saw a rainbow later on with a sprinkle of rain. The weather cooled down a bit to about 60f (15c), but was still quite nice. Shrimp Fettucini Alfredo for supper and a tossed salad.

Mon Pics

Sun Jan. 25th

Sunny and warm again today 75f (23c), but a bit of a west wind.. We went back to a few vendors and Suzie exchanged some books at the book exchange. Then we took a drive to Celia’s Rainbow Garden, first started in memory of 8 year old Celia Anne Winer in October 1995, who was born in Hamilton Ontario.More on the Garden This is quite a beautiful desert garden setting, taking in some 12 acres of land with the work being done by volunteer help from many winter visitors, family members and donations and is still a work in process.

Later that day friends from Galvin Bay Ontario, Ron and Tammy came over to visit and enjoyed a smoked pork chop supper with us.

Sun pics

Sat. Jan 24th

Back to sunny and warm weather about 75f (23c) again. We checked email fueled up the car and picked up a few items from the store. We needed to go to the dump station to empty our sewage tanks so I took a short drive there at 11:30am there was 19 Rv’s in line (about 2 hours), not a good time to go. So back at home we read for a bit and I chatted with Charley a Frenchman from Montreal. An interesting fellow, who has been coming here 8 winters now, lives north of Montreal and builds race car engines in the summer months. He tells me to go to the dump station around 4.30pm, so we did and only a 10 minute wait, then back to home dirt and BBQ a Cornish hen for supper.

Fri. Jan. 23rd

Today was mostly overcast, with scattered showers off and on, but warm 75f (23c). We did a bit of shopping, looking about and some reading. I chatted with Laverne and Delores from Mildmay Ontario for a while, he is 85 years old, they have been coming here for 35 winters, because its too expensive to heat their big farm house with oil. By 4.00pm the sun was nice and warm then we sat outside until sundown (about 6.00pm) then inside for supper and watch a movie.

Thurs. Jan. 22nd

Warmer again overnight, open windows, light blanket, nice, with a day time high of 82f (28c). I walked the swap meets for a couple of hours, some new vendors and always new stuff, and I managed to get a good deal on a torque wrench that I have been looking for, to tighten the wheel nuts on our coach. Then chatted with the neighbours and relaxed a bit in the shade and BBQ’d a nice prime rib steak dinner. We heard a few rain drops on the roof after sundown, but don’t think it amounted to anything.

Wed. Jan 21st

A little warmer overnight, we had a couple of windows open all night almost feels like spring is coming. Today I made a steering wheel table from an old table someone had discarded, just need to find a cover for it in our travels, then we sat in the shade for a bit. A couple that we had met 2 years ago from Dryden Ontario (Oscar & Judy) found us in the desert and dropped by for a nice visit. After that we went to Silly Al’s for one of their famous Pizzas. This place is packed by 4:00pm everyday with seniors, music and karaoke and Happy Hours from 10:30 am-12.00pm and 3:30pm-5:30pm ,good food, cheap drinks.

1 pic

Tues, Jan 20th

75f (25c) today and Jack and Gayle arrived at 9:30am from Yuma (1- ½ hours), Steve and Barb from Picacho Peak(3 hours) , to visit for the day and take in some of the shows. We walked and checked out the vendors for about 3 hours, and picked up some Smoked Turkey Legs for a late lunch (yummy) and back to home dirt. I helped Steve get a fix for his dish receiver and we chatted for while before they had to head back home. It was a nice day of catching up with friends that we met at Picacho Peak. Later I got a picture of the lady that walks her 2 greyhound dogs everyday while driving her car. Then watched some TV after dark for a while.

Tues Pics

Mon. Jan. 19th

Nice and sunny warm again, did some computing for a bit, then went and got some water for our tanks. After a bite to eat I walked over to Rice Ranch to checkout some new vendors. I saw a real old hiway coach done up as smart RV conversion. Also a bunch on 1977 GMC rv’s, which were very unique and only produced for a few years. These coaches had front wheel drive, were all fiberglass with a nice low profile and quite a bit of living space. Then we sat in the shade for a bit reading. All the while watching the traffic, lined up for miles coming into town for the swap meets and the RV big tent show. At 3pm we went over to Gary & Pats (from Galvin Bay Ontario) for an awesome dinner of BBQ rotisserie chicken, potatoes, veggies, salad then chatted for hours.

Mon pics

Sun. Jan 18th

After checking email and picking up a few groceries , we had a bite to eat and walked over to more swap meets. Tyson Wells with a lot more vendors than a week ago, we walked for a few hours checking out all their wares, then back thru the big tent on the way back to get some more free rice from Minute Rice. ( I think we have a years supply now). Back at home dirt we sat in the shade and read for a bit waiting for our Roast beef to cook. Two neighbours from behind us dropped by and chatted for a bit, one from Ottawa and the other from Montreal area. Very interesting to talk to.Then watched a hot air balloon by the big tent. was interesting to see it light up when they fired the burners.

Sun pics.

Sat. Jan. 17th

The big tent is open with the rv show on thousands of people there. We were there at 9.00am and walked the vendors for about 3 hours and walked back to home dirt for lunch. Then sat in the shade 80f (27c) and read some of the information gathered. I road my bike for a bit and walked about chating with neighbours, then BBQ'd some porkchops for supper, another great day in the desert.

Fri. Jan 16th

Another bright sunny day 76f (24c), I checked email , then came back to home dirt. Puttered around a bit and went for a bike ride in the desert. We had been told that The Grubstake Chuck Wagon and Waterin’ Hole, was a good place for All you can Eat Fish and Chips on Friday so we decided to check it out for lunch. Wow! The first plate has 2 huge pieces of fabulous fish and a mountain of frys, even more if you like, (no sharing or doggie bags thou) it was worth the experience for sure. We checked out another market and swap meet to walk off lunch then back home. Just as we parked, a vehicle with Ontario plates pulled in behind us, Gary and Pat from Galvin Bay, who were not home yesterday when we found their rv. It’s amazing that they found us because I left note saying we were at La Posa West BLM land, which is thousands of acres of desert with many thousands of Rv’s as well. So we had a nice visit with them for a few hours. Still nice out we chatted with Santa Claus behind us ,as the sun was setting and were invited to watch an outdoor movie on his 8 x 8 foot scene with a DVD projector, now that’s roughing it in the desert in January.

Fri pics

Thurs. Jan 15th

In the morning I went and parked beside the Yacht Club and checked email and stuff. Returned home and Suzie and I went back to La Mesa Rv for another free lunch ( spaghetti & salad), there was a very long line today, but we just chatted with the couple behind us. They have been coming to Quartzite for 31 years in their motor home from Washington. He is 91 and her 85 so this year their daughter drove the coach down for them and flew home, in the spring she will do the return trip in their coach. We then drove around a bit and located 2 other couples from Ontario, but they we not home. Then back to home dirt and met a neighhbour, Harlan shuffling by in the desert with his walker!! Has been coming here well over 30 years and has never seen so many coaches coming in. I asked him if he was staying here all winter and he says “If I live that long, I’m 94” He has his own coach and drives down here from Oklahoma in the fall by himself (Betty died 19years ago). Absolutely amazing all these people still R’ving at their ages, hope we can still do it then!

thurs pics

Wed Jan.13th

A bright sunny morning, solar loves Arizona. Went to Rice Ranch Swap meat across the street and checked out the many vendors for a couple of hours. Suzie got a good deal on some books and I found a used floor vent cover to replace a broken one. At noon we went to La Mesa RV dealer for their free lunch.(they have free breakfast and lunch everyday but Sunday). Here we ran into 2 couples that we played darts with at Picacho Peak. Bob & Donna and Ken & (what’s her name). Their first time to Quartzsite and dry camping and they just love it. We chatted with them for quite a while then back to home dirt, for Suzie to change into cooler clothes, it was 88f (32c), a beautiful day. Relax and read in the shade then BBQ some chicken for supper. Check out the 2 pictures of the Red RV behind us, I do believe this is SANTA’S winter home.

wed pics

Tues. Jan 13th

Canadian Potluck

This potluck is put on by volunteers of the QIA (Quartzsite Improvement Association) and the CSA (Canadian Snow Bird Association) every year. This was a great event with so much food to eat and was only a $2.00 donation per couple. No supper tonight! There was 116 Canadians there,13 from Ontario. But we know there is a lot more in Quartzsite in the area. We sat with Norm and Connie from Napanee On., and ran into Ron and Bev from Galvin Bay, one of our home parks. After the lunch we took a drive and found another Ron from Galvin Bay (he forgot about the potluck) and chatted with him for the rest of the afternoon in the hot sun. The sun goes down here about 5.40pm (no mountain) then it cools down, time to go inside after a full day of fresh air sunshine.


Mon. Jan 12th

On the Road Again.

Warm in the morning, we relaxed packed up had coffee and were on the road about 9:30am. 45 Minutes later were on I-10, 7 miles from Quartzsite and could see at the white tops of the RV’s and tents in the desert. We checked into La Posa West (BLM) land and paid our $40.00 permit fee for 2 weeks of dry camping (no hook ups) then found a nice piece of desert dirt to park on. A lot of people from past years were here, we chatted with quite a few of them, and met new ones too, almost like old home week.

After lunch we walked over to Tyson Wells area and check out some of the vendors for a few hours. Then returned to sit in the sun and enjoy BBQ Hamburgers and fries for supper. Afterwards put together a tuna casserole for the Canadian Pot Luck tomorrow.

some pics

Sat. Jan. 10th

Arizona sunshine as usual, no clouds just a beautiful clear blue sky. Our internet here is shut off during the day so that the office can use it for business, so I drove 300yards and picked up a free connection from a neighbouring campground to update the Blog and upload pictures. Then got laundry done and chatted with a neighbour from Kentucky playing his guitar outside and singing while enjoying the warm sunshine. Lots of Rv's coming in with ATVs, to use the hundreds of miles of desert trails next to the resort.

Fri. Jan.9 th

Another bright sunny day, and a drive to the Historic Vulture Gold Mine. On the way we stopped to check out some vendors at the side of the road, good prices on fresh veggies and stuff. It was a nice, scenic desert drive to the mine site. At the old office we paid our donation, signed a waiver and received a hand drawn map of the site. Henry Wickenburg began developing this site in 1884 and at one point had a population of 5,000. Legend has it that he discovered gold while retrieving a Vulture he had shot in 1863. President Roosevelt closed the mine in 1942. The mine gave up 200 million dollars in gold and silver and its estimated 2 to 3 times this amount still remains. The 3,000 foot mine shaft at a perfect 35 degree angle and all the abandoned machinery was amazing. All of the old buildings in various stages of deterioration, many built circa 1884 were quite interesting, if only the walls could talk!! It was a very interesting day of exploring and a history lesson at a non commercialized site.

Again a nice scenic drive home and a nice view of a golf course in the middle of the desert!!

We returned home and had an awesome dinner of PEI lobster, generously given to us from Steve and Barb.

Vulture mine pics

Thurs. Jan. 8th Nice day for a drive, so off to Wickenburg AZ. established 1863 when Henry Wickenburg discovered the Vulture Gold Mine. We stopped at the Chamber of Commerce (the old train station) and picked up a guide for a walking tour of this old west town. An interesting tour listening to the different stories from recordings at various stops. Especially the Jail Tree where prisoners were chained to because they had no jail building. Then back home to sit in the sun and read for a bit. pics Wed. Jan. 7th Sunny and cool, 60f (15c), yard/craft sale day ,we can sell items in front of our coach. So I set up a table with 2 items and sold one after meeting many other Rv'ers walking by. Then I walked about with Suzie for a bit to check out other sales and chat with some fellow campers. About 1/3 of the Rv'ers here have an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle), because this is such a great area to explore, the desert right beside us, with endless desert and mountains to explore. The resort organizes tag-a-long rides and tours and even have a service ramp to service your own ATV. Next to the resort is a small Restaurant, Gene's Hickory Smoke BBQ where we picked up a HUGE smoked chicken for supper, (only $8.00) enough for at least 3-4 meals for us, very tasty! pics Tues. Jan. 6th We packed up on a sunny morning and were on the road at 9:00am. We stopped at the Flying J in Eloy for gas and propane then west along I-8 to Gila Bend and I-85 to I-10 then Salome road to Salome. Beautiful desert scenery, lots of huge Saguro Cactus, good paved road , no traffic, but have to watch out for cattle on the road, this is free range area, We arrived at Salome, they have a stop sign and a few buildings, nice quiet desert setting. Our campground just down the road is small, nice and clean, free internet ( slow!), nice heated pool and hot tub, and some Orange trees, yummy fresh free oranges. pics more pics Mon. Jan. 5th Overcast morning but not raining and about 60f (15c). We decide our last chance to gather pecans so take of with 2 car loads and try a different "pecan Hotspot". Well these roads were not paved, not even gravel, "MUD". We zig-zagged down this road about 4 miles slipping, sliding and throwing mud all over only to find the "pecan Hotspot" to muddy to get into. We found a paved road and headed back to the other spot and picked a few from the side of the road, when a woman stopped and told us not to pick anymore. So off we went back to camp with another experience, lots of pecans to crack and two very muddy cars to wash. Then we enjoyed the rest of the day and evening saying goodbye to our friends and neighbours. We head west to Salome AZ in the morning. Sun. Jan. 4th Cool and rainy all day today, not a lot of rain just enough to make the desert greener. A good time to go to Casa Grande for some groceries. Later I managed to chat with some family members on line. We watched a movie in the afternoon and enjoyed a delicious roast pork dinner. After dinner it was quite nice so we sat out for a bit with Spud and Suzie. Sat. Jan.3rd Nice day ride bike around and chat with neighbours and I baked some Banana Nut Muffins with pecans, Research and plan a bit for next destination as we are "On The Road Again" Tuesday Morning. We got together with neighbours and shared our digital photos, then I burned a CD for everyone so we would have memories to share. A delicious BBQ steak for supper and watch a movie. Fri. Jan. 2nd More warm sunny weather, and enjoyable day. Played darts after supper I came in 3rd place and Suzie 5th place, we are in the money again!!!! Thurs.Jan. 1st, 2009 New Years' Day After a very nice New Year's Eve, a bright sunny New Year's day. About 75f (24c) We had an enjoyable afternoon in the sun playing Dominoes with Jan & Spud. stopping at 4.30 for 2 hours to enjoy an Great dinner of Alaska King Crab, Salad and Baked potato. Then in the warm evening air went back out for a couple of hours for a fast paced game of LRC, I lost one dollar and Suzie won. Jan 1 Pics