Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Zurich Bean festival, car show ,on a sunny Saturday and doggie fixes.

Where are we today ?
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        Another cool night for sleeping and up just before 6 am 52 F outside. Coffee and computing did a very short walkabout then just before 9 am it had warmed up nicely we headed out to Zurich Ontario to check out the Zurich Bean festival it has been a few years. This is their 54th year for this event.
        We found a parking spot on a side street and walked down the main street past a hundred or so vendors and right to the park to check out the car show over 800 cars here on display, I was in my glory (not so much Suzie) We quickly checked them out and enjoyed some truly interesting and creative vehicles here.
        The most interesting and one of a kind was this first Rat Rod below, all custom made and the young owner /builder there was proud to show off his custom designs. As he said it will never be finished.
1929 Dodge Rat Rod
   Every where you looked was something interesting and original.
cool interior
love the door handles
how about the mirror brackets?
    Then a few more interesting cars I enjoyed looking at.
1940 Ford coupe I always loved these
monster engine in this hot rod
1957 Lincoln MK 11 hand built less than 3,000 made
very rare
1956 Ford just like mine
how is this for a 1971 VW beetle
hot rod?
     Lots of cars not too crowded and the right music played for the era .
custom built 1986 Zimmer Golden Spirit
one cool car
loved the color of this chevy
 panel delivery 1956 I believe
interior of a 1966 Econoline Van
            Then back out side into stroll the streets and check out the activities and vendors.
centre stage this band was excellent
Flip side play some awesome music
central seating area
        Lots of food options take you pick.
games and rides for the kids
     Then back to the main  street I chose a bowl of beans (of course, bean fest) and a hot dog, Suzie enjoyed a hamburg and shared my beans. all this for $11.00 a pork chop and bean dinner was $15.00 but we could have shared that and had left overs. This hit the spot for us.
yummy lunch
we relaxed a table in the shade
the covered tables were getting full
time for us to head out
       Just wandered a few more vendors and headed out of town as the crowds began to build.
Tye dye is coming back again
I have 2 of these
even fresh fruit and veggies looked good 
fried pickles anyone?
     As we left town just after 11 and the traffic coming into town was starting to build. Back home by noon to a relaxing afternoon. Putter around, check our tires and oil, fill out fresh water tank, recharge our softener, even chatted with a new neighbour for a while, we are on the road in the morning. That hitch itch is calling us and needs to be scratched again.
     At 3 pm happy hour evolved, Trucker dragged Gerry over to join us, Right on his chair with Suzie looking at me for treats. Not yet, Tucker, I want to pour a  beer first then I will bring you a treat for Suzie to give to you. He know's the routine.
woof, where is my treat? No yet but soon
what no treats here yet?
he is good waits for the signal 
Ron came by to join us and Tucker greeted him as well  
Ron, Tucker and Gerry for a lively happy hour
flapping our gums 
    Soon time for a light supper , tonight we will share a thin smoked pork chop. very quickly heated on our Weber Q about 2 minutes a side heated perfectly and cut with a fork.
smells, awesome
did the trick tonight after a tasty lunch
         After supper outside Loree stopped by on her walkabout with Freddie and we had a nice visit. always love when her and Freddie stop on by.
Freddie is such a beautiful dog
         Last night a neighbour stopped by to chat and Suzie got another doggie fix. They all love Suzie.
A neighbour dropped by to chat last night and Suzie got
a doggie fix with beautiful Hardy
   Almost missed last night's sunset but hopped in the car and managed a quick shot as the sun was setting
last night's sunset
   Another  fun  day we enjoyed here having too much fun.
   Thanks for dropping on by and hope you had great day as well.

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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! The Bean Festival looks awesome! 800 cars and trucks! WOW! Lunch looked yummy too! Love the 29 Rat Rod! Very imaginative the door handles! A nice happy hour to end your stay and a delicious dinner! Doesn't get any better! 53 days until you leave, incredible!

    1. It was a fun day we enjoyed, the car show was fun and a tasty lunch, The Rat Rod was awesome, The day wound down very nicely right to the end. Not long before we head south again.

  2. I've seen that orange Ford at a car show we were at in E.Ontario a few weeks back. Love that sunset pic. With the turbines.

    1. Thanks for us Karen we do get some nice sunsets here.
      We have seen that Fire at a few car shows, love it

  3. What a neat festival. The cars looked awesome, I even spotted a Cutlass Supreme in the crowd.

    Suzie could be the next "dog whisperer" all the canine's LOVE her. I can not believe you all have a chair exclusively for Tucker, he is a lucky dog!

    1. Thus is a fun day there was a couple Cutless' there , just about everything.
      The dogs do love her, and of course Tucker loves his chair too.

  4. Love the old car shows. Big doggie fixes for Suzie.

    1. The car show was fun as was the rest of the bean festival.
      No doggie fixes for a while now.

  5. That rat rod? MY kind of car. How cool to drive it down the highway. It's so fun that you guys check out places like this everywhere you go.

    1. Love that Rat Rod too a real cool machine. We like to check out local activities wherever we go just because we can.

  6. I enjoy seeing those old cars.

  7. Great festival and car show! Always a pleasure to see the old cars restored and cared for.
    Safe Travels!

    1. The bean festival is always a good time , we like to che k it out when we are in the area.
      It is so nice to see these old cars and all in excellent shape.

  8. Very neat cars, especially that Zimmer. Ontarios seems to have a lot of markets and festivals. Not so much here. Safe travels today.

    1. That Zimmer sure would be a nice ride, i thought of you when I saw it, LOL..Lots of larger cities around this area and farm country' , keeps thing hopping here in Southern Ontario. Soon all the Fall fairs as well.


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