Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, August 05, 2019

A nice day trip and visiting with Uncle Clare and Cathy.

Where are we today ?
Durham Ontario  area
 clic a pic to enlarge it
    Another great sleep and we are excited to get on the road again. Got  a short walkabout first thing this morning then puttered round and began getting ready. to get going again.
     Our plan today was to head north, and all the traffic, by pass Grand bend and follow NWY 21 along Ontario's west coast  of Lake Huron.
a nice drive we have not done for many years
a wonderful quiet country drive
Passed by Hayter's Turkey Farm where we get our Turkey Burgers 
north on hwy 21 along the  west coast
Lake Huron in the distance
          Then passed through Bayfield  honked our horn and waved for the Bayfield Bunch , will not stop by uninvited  and were on a mission anyway.
Al, Kelly and Feebs not far from here
Hi guys!
Bayfield Harbour
     Then we stopped in a Goderich plaza, relaxed bit enjoyed a light tasty lunch.Then headed north on Hwy 21.
by the Goderich airport
have camped here years ago
love this provincial park
wind turbines everywhere along this west coast
nice Church close to Point Clark
abandoned house covered with vines 
        Taking the back roads to visit with Suzie's Uncle Clare and Cathy.
         We arrived shortly after 1 pm and enjoyed some catching up conversation  with them, It has been a few years. This be Suzie's  Dad's youngest brother.
Clare and Cathy
       We got parked and the lot next door had a couple of "looking horses" as Clare called them , more like pets to just look at.
nice looking horses right beside us
     For supper tonight Suzie wanted me to make up a bunch of pork back ribs for them ,  not a problem. I got them on sale last week so ready to go. Wrapped in foil with sauerkraut on the Weber q outside. for a couple of hours, threw on some potatoes to bake sliced up some fresh fresh tomatoes and cucumber.
taters and ribs on our Weber Q
while this was cooking we
 flapped our gums catching up
ribs fall off the bone tender on
 to the grill mat to glaze wit a tasty sauce
         Ok now we had a feast oh so tasty.
Cathy made some Blueberry cheesecake to end this feast
was excellent

Inside we enjoyed a very tasty meal
ending with  Blueberry Cheesecake from Cathy
   Another fun day reconnecting with Uncle Clare and Cathy out here in the country close to Owen Sound.
  Thanks for stopping by, this had been a long day and probably many typos but too late and internet too slow for me to proof read, it is what it is.
     Hope y'all had a great day as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Hope the weather stays cool for you. It's after 10 PM and still 80F in Marion ID. We'll return to Dayton in a couple days.
    Nice relaxing drive to catch up with family. Dinner looks great!

    1. It was close to that here last night at 10 om as well, now 68F at 5 am.It was a nice drive, fun visiting and a tasty dinner.

  2. Nice county drive and now visiting with family after long years. Good food and good conversation.

  3. Those ARE nice looking horses. I just loved that country, although I didn't go quite that far north. I always thought it was loaded with people, but the back roads are quiet and beautiful.

    1. They are nice looking I knew you would notice and right beside our coach too. The roads are good and not usually too busy except for a few beaches and tourist areas.

  4. A great day to move locations and a nice stay with family. Enjoy!

    1. It ws a wonderful travel day, taking ur time and enjoying the scenery. And of course family time is always fun too.

  5. Nice day's drive, we love that area already. G.

    1. It was great days drive not much traffic and nice scenery along Ontario's West coast. Lots of places to explore`e around here too.

  6. I can not get over how green and beautiful Canada is. Love the back roads you take, it is like you guys had it to yourselves.

    How nice to be able to visit with family after so many years. Enjoy your stay.

    P.S. Your dinner looks divine!

    1. Thank you some very beautiful country side around here that we really enjoy. The back roads so quiet and peaceful . It is always nice to catch up when we can.
      Dinner was excellent thanks.

  7. Lovely afternoon and dinner. I"m surprised that Suzie'a Dad didn't join you. Hmm, I think he is further away, right? Nice that you were able to get together.

    1. It was a great afternoon and dinner, Her dad is over 3 hours away and he does not drive much anymore.


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