Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Cooler rain starts then dried up and much warmer to have fun with our friends

Where are we today ?
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           We ended up last night after supper around a wonderful campfire. And Happy hour carried on a very warm evening until about 9 pm when we headed home.
Bill got a nice fire going
    So we grabbed out chairs and gathered around good friends Rob and Pat came out from their house in Durham and joined us as well, Their trailer is here but they have a few things to take care of there at the house yet
LR. Ken, Suzie,Rob, Bill, Patsy, Pat and Kim hiding in the smoke
     As usually the conversation flowed , good stories, tips and laughs make for a fun evening around the campfire.
getting a bit darker
these ladies in deep conversation
then caught a nice sunset as it heading down
    Another good nights sleep enjoyed this quiet dark area here with friends. Up before 6 am 66f coffees and computing done but overcast skies and a bit of rain so did not get out for much of a walkabout this morning.
In front of us Ken and Kim's car parked
Kim heading for a walkabout
       Bill was puttering around in his Hanger so I stopped by to bother him and he gave me the tour, looks really awesome since he started to build it this time last year, pretty well finished and usable now. Bill show me his newest plane project the Telecast and it is a monster plane.
the tail section wow.
the body of the plane is 9.5 feet long
and the wing span is 15 feet
       Then I took a quick trip to Durham for a few groceries and back home for a tasty lunch. Toasted BLT with these huge  beefsteak tomatoes. 1 slice covered the whole sandwich. wonderful.
nice mural at the main intersection in Durham
     After lunch puttered around for a bit inside then outside started to rain again so put our stuff away and inside just in time for the rain to stop again at 1:30 sun shining and hoping the rain will be done for the day.
the view from their trailer across the pond
storm clouds heading this way but mostly missed us
   We did get to relax outside for a while, Rob stopped by to chat them Bill and Ken joined in for a while catching up with each other.
the guys and Suzie chatting here
ladies over there girl stuff
 really not Suzie's style
         Then 3 pm time for Happy hour and a fun time as usual, stories laughs and fun times we all enjoyed .
nice to enjoy a Happy hour together
         About 5:30 I headed home to whip supper, preheat our Weber Q and grill the chops.
        For supper tonight I made a Tomato, Onion  Cucumber salad with this fresh produce for that recipe yo can click HERE on my recipe blog top right sidebar. To go with a couple of pork chops on our Weber Q.
we do love this salad in season
just a few minutes a side and the chops juicy and tender 
another great day and wonderful meal
       Having fun with good friends, Rob and pat here camping again , dishes done and more social time later no doubt.
     Glad that you dropped by and if we do more tonight you see it on tomorrow's posting.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Glad you got up in this beautiful country again!

  2. That salad made my mouth water just looking at it. I copied your recipe and intend to give it a try this weekend!!
    Looks like you have some really good friends their to enjoy happy hour with!!

    1. The salad was very tasty thanlks we rally enjoyed it.

  3. Looks like a fun time in a very relaxing place!

  4. Nice place for everyone to come together. The plane is huge.

    1. It is a nice spot here to hang out and enjoy some fun times with our friends.

  5. I love the firepit or is it called fireplace? I would be very popular if I had one of those in Terlingua. His place looks big. Enjoy the time with your friends.

    1. I guess it would be a fireplace and works really well. Nice to have here.Thanks we always hive fun together wherever we may be.

  6. Looks like a nice gathering around the fire.

  7. Another great day! This free-style living is addicting with good friends.
    The salad looks good, I'll copy it for a family get-together. Not Bill's type of salad though.

    1. It is very addicting enjoying good company.
      A very tasty salad we enjoy.

  8. Our first blog reading since Sunday how nice to see you all at Bill and Patsy's! What a party going on! Love the salad, my mom used to make the same :) Like Bill, not Ken's type either, but certainly mine! Will get caught up on blog reading/writing maybe later today (or not, as we are on the move again)..

    1. Nice to hear from you again. we do enjoy this salad very tasty. Good luck with catching up and safe travels. Would be nice if you guys were here as well.

  9. Boy, that RC plane he's building looks almost big enough to fly a man in. You'd volunteer, wouldn't you? ;c)

    1. It is huge for sure, no volunteering here thanks, maybe you?

  10. That is a nice simple salad, great way to use my fresh tomatoes and cucumber. Thanks for sharing. You all are having a great get together. I'm sure that you are creating new memories.

    1. It is a very tasty salad perfect with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.
      We always have fun together and new memories are always good.


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