Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, August 31, 2019

A sunny Saturday, Memorial cruise car show, BBQ then lawn mowing.

Where are we today ? 
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       Up at my usual 5:30 this morning and felt kinda chilly. Hmm checked the outside temperature 48F so our Blue Flame fired up and quickly warmed us up inside. Glad we hooked it up last week, sips at propane and totally silent.
       By 7:30 it had warmed up nicely so headed out for a nice quiet walkabout town for my first 2 miles of the day. Now just because we can enjoyed reading outside in the wonderful morning sunshine reading for a while.
      Then atenoon we drove over to Bright a couple of miles from here to partake in the Car show and BBQ in Jacob's Memory. He died last week in a single car crash a young 23 years old. He worked as a machinist with this father at Engine Technology Racing Engines in Cambridge Ontario. His Chevelle apparently developed over 800 horsepower. Did not know him but his girl friend Rachelle is the daughter of a fellow worker/supervisor from Egar Tool and Die (my last Job) and lives right next to where we park here at Camp Awesome in Plattsville.  I did not know until today that it was his car we heard leaving their place most nights when we were camped here. He was also a volunteer fire-fighter with the Bright Fire department for 4 years.
this route about 52 miles with about 200 cars
This is a Tribute video of His legendary burnouts if you care to view it 
Click HERE  the truck after his car I believe is his father's.

     We arrived at the park in Bright and waited for the cars to arrive, apparently over 200 and took quite a while to pass the park and pull in and park.
 some very nice looking vehicles 
about 40 minutes driving by and parking
     Long lineups looking both ways.
     A few even gave us some very smokey burnouts right here waiting in line.
he really smoked those tires
in memory of Jacob.

even this truck gave a good show
lotsa rubber left here on the highway
    We came to enjoy lunch as well put on by the firefighters Hamburgers and Sausage we were a couple of the first in line. Sausage or burger and drink 5 bucks, fund raiser for the fire department .
a huge very tasty sausage.
the short line
firefighters cooking
the cars were coming in and lining up
Some cool looking Machines
this one was pretty wild
the lineup for food got much longer
Most Likely Ron Gobels green Cuda
this is where Jacob and his Father worked
I believe this is his Father's truck
cool VW Bug with a turbo
amazing fast station wagon
        Now back to camp awesome gonna mow another section of Lawn another big circle. Now the yard is over 2/3rds done will finish the front tomorrow. While I did this Suzie visited here father in New Hamburg and stopped by to visit her brother and SIL Sandy.
more circles here in the yard
love doing them
            This was done shortly after 3 pm now to relax in the shade and read for a while before time to whip up supper.  Suzie returned for a later Happy hour we enjoyed chatting a bit and reading our page turners.
          Supper tonight going to grill some bone in chicken thighs I picked up on sale to go with our usual salad tonight.
enjoying this view and will mow it tomorrow 
    The chicken on our Weber Q done to perfection to go with our salad.
yummy , on the BBQ  crispy and moist
added to our salad was perfect 
    That was our day so far the next 2 pics are last nights sunset and the bunny that keeps coming back.
last night's sunset at 7:45pm
and the bunny came back again in the same spot
     No problems at all today enjoying this cooler summer weather and keeping busy as always. 
     Thanks for dropping on by and hope you enjoyed a decent day as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. So sad when a childs life is lost I know he wasn't a child but when your old they are young, but friends sure had a wonderful tribute for him and his family.

    1. It is so sad that this happened, and so quickly. They sure did a wonderful tribute.

  2. Hate to read about another life gone too soon. May his parents find the fortitude to carry on and accept this terrible loss.

    1. He was so young and had a great future ahead of him so very sad.

  3. Gosh, that's so sad he lost his life so young. What a nice tribute.

    1. It is sad but it happened and the tribute was wonderful.

  4. A sad loss for the town and a great memorial ride for Jacob.
    Other than the sadness, looks like a wonderful day you had.

    1. It was sad but nice to see so many participated in the memorial ride.
      Perfect weather as well.

  5. Sounds like a very entertaining day.

  6. Nice car show and what a great way to remember someone special in the community. THanks for sharing!


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