Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

A nice relaxing day getting a few things done.

Where are we today ? 
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    Another wonderful sleep and getting back to normal up at 5:30 this morning, when I like to get up. And a great warm day in the works, so got a very nice walkabout about 2 miles around the campground.  Nice and quiet after this busy weekend .            
 I was motivated with this cooler morning weather  and removed our screens to give them a good cleaning about this time every year.
nice and clean now will dry I can put them back in place
         Enjoyed a light tasty lunch then decided time to give our Weber Q a once a year good cleaning this involves a hammer narrow slot screw driver and about a hour or so of my time. Amazing how much carbon builds up especially seeing I use it pretty well everyday of the year. Scrapping and chips away until it is right back down to a clean grill again. Back together I rub the grate down well with oil both sides, Then fire it up on Hi for about 20 minutes or so, seasoning the cast iron grates again. Yup just like new and still works wonderful after all these years. Has to be the best BBQ I have ever owned. Even the original starter still works, gotta love this Weber Q.
they need a good cleaning
     After a while it is looking good. Much better than before rubbed with oil and now seasoned good for another year.
almost like new again!
        Then some afternoon relaxing reading time was perfect.
I started another new book an author I enjoy
Elvis Cole is a fun detective
our afternoon views 
    Just after 3 pm Gerry joined us for Happy hour. no Tucker today he is resting with Melinda after a hard days work. For her at least.
we flapped our gums and enjoyed some stories and a few laughs as usual
gotta love these kids enjoying the play ground across from us
    Gerry headed home to whip up their supper, and we enjoyed a bit more reading while our weber Q heated up.
another perfect day
    Then the rain began and came down in buckets for a while
yup we got this heavy rain
             Supper tonight was a treat we have not had for along time Hot dogs done in our Grill a Dog, usually on a campfire but works great on our Weber Q as well. I have had this for over 45 years and my kids and grands love it when they are here (not so much anymore) Have not been able to find this to purchase and we will treasure it as long as we can.
this makes amazing dogs
is cast aluminum  and does a great job
    Supper tonight 2 grill a dogs each and some Bushes baked beans we enjoy.
all nicely done on our WeberQ
as supper was about done the rains came down
glad we had  our awning down
love these beans
easy heated up on our Weber Q In the can
easy quick and tasty
the rains almost filled our fire pit
    After super we enjoyed nice quiet evening outside  reading for a while then Loree and Freddie  stopped by on their walk to chat for a while. So nice to see them again.
Freddie is such a wonderful dog
we really enjoy having him, and Loree of course
stop by when the are here
   This was a very relaxing day we both enjoyed, laid back and just kinda vegging out. Does it get much better? Think not.
     Want to thank y'all for taking the time ,to stop on by.

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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. That hot dog griller is really cool! And that was a lot of rain.

    1. It is cool we really enjoy it when we think of using it.
      The rain sure came down hard for a while.

  2. As kids we had a 2-dog version of your grill-a-dog, not sure if it's the same thing, but heated the hot dog so nice and even. We still use the clam-shell sandwich makers, same idea.
    Awesome rain!

    1. It would be similar this one was made locally here on Ontario cast aluminum, the others I have seen are cast iron. The sandwich makers are nice too we have one of those.

  3. That hot dog griller is cool. Nice day even when the rains came.

    1. It is a great way to make hot dogs, eve in the rain on our Weber Q.

  4. Wow that was some rain storm! We like making cherry pies in our clam-shell pie maker, two pieces of white bread buttered side down and cherry pie filling in the middle. so good

    1. The rain really came down for a while. Those cherry pies are tasty too, been a long time since I made them.

  5. Yikes ... that's a LOT of rain. We sure could use that here! Yeah, my bbq really needs cleaning too. One of these days!!

    1. That was a lot in a short period of time, No need to rush, I do ours once a yearend it does get a lot more use than yours. No need to rush.

  6. Wow, what's with all that rain. We power wash our Weber every few months to keep it looking new.

    1. That was a heavy rain for a short time.
      I have tried the power wash a few times with a commercial one even., but did not take the heavy carbon off the grill. Mostly from the meat, sauces and spices I use that you don't do.

  7. I wish I had your energy to clean our house windows and screens. I had never seen a grill-a-dog or for that matter even knew they existed.

    We so need the rains you are receiving in this part of Texas which is so dry.

    1. The grill a dog os kinda cool , on the fire or BBQ makes some tasty hot dogs wrap up.
      I pace myself with my chores a little;bit every day works for me.
      We have had our share of rains here for sure.

  8. What was your hot dog wrapped in? They look so yummy! Wow that was some rain pouring down! Nice you got your screens and windows clean, something on my list here at home! Your Weber Q certainly cleaned up nicely!

    1. The hot dog goes into the grill a dog with bread slices butter side down close it up trim the excess and toasts the bread and cooks the dog evenly , , similar to a POGO but no batter. light bread coating.
      Window s and screens cleaned is nice as well as our Weber Q, both good for another year.


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