Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Sunny busy day, driving for a visitation passing many horse and buggies along the way.

Where are we today ?
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      After my Chiropractor adjustment yesterday I felt so good no more back and hip pain, Got a very good sleep last night and raring to go this morning. Started with some exercises, coffee and oatmeal, computing enjoyed a nice sunrise. Then a pain free walkabout town 1.5 miles a great way to get going.
      I was going to run  a few errands then a message on our phones at 9 am Suzie had her Chiropractor appointment at 9:45. Oops she thought it was tomorrow. So a quick change she hopped in the car and headed into Waterloo. I enjoyed another short walkabout and read out side in the wonderful warming sunshine about 78F perfect.
      She was back home for lunch and relax a bit then about 12:30 we headed to Durham Ontario for a visitation for our Good Friends Rob and Pat's Aunt Mary who passed away the other day. She was in her 93rd year and failing. Such a sweet lady she was,  we met her only once at her husbands funeral Uncle Charlie 2 and 1/2 years years ago. So sorry for their loss and condolences to the family. RIP Aunt Mary. We did get to Chat with Rob and Pat for a bit as well as their son Trace and his spouse. Also a couple of other people there as well.
relaxing here a bit this morning
    Headed out enjoying this nice country drive on scenic back roads. Not much traffic except...
      Check out the next 7 pictures, this is Amish/Mennonite country, we have travelled for years and see the odd horse and buggy but never this many in one day ! Especially on a Wednesday afternoon. All different styles of buggies from small to very large.

a 90 minute drive each way
        When we left Durham  headed home and our route took us right through Millbank Ontario right past Anna Mae's and was soon time for supper, seeing we were right there we could not resist plus the car was turning into the parking lot all by itself. Ok we gave in and had to enjoy a another tasty feed of their famous Broasted chicken that we love. They do have the great home cooked meals as well, the other specials today were pork ribs or a roast beef dinner. Heck we can do that at home the chicken is a treat.
not too busy yet on a Wednesday afternoon at 4 pm
no wait we were seated right away , of course you
 have to walk past the bakery and a gifts first.
we shared a tasty caesar salad to start 
I got 3 pics white meat,  fries sauerkraut
 and a cheese bun right out of the oven
Suzie 3 pieces, scalloped potatoes,
 coleslaw and a white bun she brought one piece home
     Now she does love her desert and today her favourite Elderberry pie, take that home for later.
we took this home yummy
love this buggy table right behind us
was occupied when we came in
     After full tummies and another craving taken care of after a busy day we headed the rest of the way home to camp awesome arriving at 5:45 pm .
     Now to relax outside on this still very nice late summer day, finish this posting, and read for a while before it cools down and we head inside.
     Glad that y'all dropped in for  a visit and hope you enjoy your day as well.

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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. It seems you guys have been attending just as many funerals as I have lately. Your meal at Anna Mae's looks delicious as does the desert.

    1. There has been too many funeral lately but as we get older so does family and friends, we all get there someday.
      The food at Anna Mae's is excellent we are partial to the chicken though, And the elderberry pies a favourite , we used to pick those berries and make our own.

  2. The pictures of the buggies were fun to see and that pie looks yummy!

    1. Always enjoy seeing the busses heading out. The pie, excellent.

  3. That sure was a lot of buggies, maybe they were going to a meeting or church.
    Those meals at Anna Mae's look really tasty and of course the pie made my mouth water.

    1. Not sure where they were going but there was several groups some going in different directions.
      The food and bakery items are all homemade with good portions too.

  4. Tasty looking food, for sure. Been a long time since I was in Amish country. The buggies are so much fun. Good to see you two doing well.

    1. The food here is always good. We live in Amish country see so many of these people in the stores, markets etc..
      We are doing wonderful, thanks hope all is well with you and Mo too.

  5. That is a seriously big buggy. It must be the bus!! My mouth always waters when you talk about that broasted chicken!! It's nice you have great places to eat out on occasion.

    1. There is a few of those bus like buggies with 2 and a few with a team of 4 horses. Their broasted chicken is the best always made to order. We do have some great places to enjoy great food.


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