Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Relocating again, meeting with more friends, and even more fun times

Where are we today ?
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      After a wonderful 2 days here visiting with Jim, his family and friends and  exploring this area again, A great meal last night with them and a fun card game. We had a wonderful sleep.
      Up early this morning as usual puttered around a bit , a short walkabout , the secured the coach, hooked up the car and stopped at the sewer dump on the way out we were on the road at 9 am. A about a 5 hour travel day that room us 6 hours no rush 379 kms, (235 miles) .
 nice travel day we enjoyed, about 6 hours on the road
started with wonderful back roads 
then the highways moving right along
   We stopped at Milton too top up the fuel oil in our coach then further along to the On Route Rest area at Cambridge to enjoy a relaxing picnic lunch.
they do have some nice picnic areas here in the summer
we always enjoy this rest area
    Then heading farther west making our way to Arkona.
again not much traffic
got to HWY 402 getting closer.
         Shortly after 3 pm we checked in and set up on our favourite site again, Perfect !
all set up and relaxed
got a text from John to join them for Happy hour
       Oh my no rest for the wicked, I guess we are wicked. So we joined then John, Wendy , Bill, Barb, as well as Al and Sandra were there. Plus a couple of puppies.
always fun times with these guys over the years 
       We chatted for a while then home to whip up supper. Right in front of our site they are pouring Concrete for new sidewalks .
our coach right behind
gonna look nice when done
 Supper tonight just a tasty salad and added
 some cooked chicken breast
   Well we have relocated again and even more party time here with lots more friends that we enjoy hooking up with. Now after supper back to join them for a campfire , oh my this is wearing us out, but at least we can still do it!
   Thanks for joining us and hope y; all enjoyed your day as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. L-O-N-G travel day! It does happen,glad you took your time for a safe arrival. Nice doggies, will be a welcome for Suzi.

    1. It was a LONG travel day for us in the summer. But we took our time and the doggies for Suzie was a bonus too.

  2. And the good times continue to roll. Maybe tomorrow you and Suzie can catch your breath.

    1. This whole week will be busy with more friends arriving . At least we will have some quiet morning time.

  3. Good to hear tha you arrived safely to your favorite campground. You guys have been on a continuous party these past two weeks, enjoy, like you say at least you can still do it.

    1. Thank you, we back here again for a while, and these continuous parties do wear a person out Gotta rest when we can.

  4. I love those short travel days. Makes me think I got a lot done in practically no time at all!!

    1. It was a good travel day and getting things taken care of, back at our home park again, no overnight fees, gotta love it. And fun more fun with good friends

  5. Are you and Suzie turning into "Party Animals"???? Sounds like you two have been having a wonderful time spending time with friends and just enjoying life. Not to mention you have been doing it in some beautiful areas. Keep on enjoying...Hi to you both from Tom and I.

    1. Feels like we are party animals non stop, Lots friends to visit with and catch up.
      Nice to hear from you guys again, hope all is well there.

  6. Glad you got your favorite spot back! Happy hour looks wonderful and then to the fire later in the evening! You two are certainly keeping busy having fun! Dinner looks yummy!

    1. We do like this spot for many reasons.
      Happy hour was fun and then back after a yummy dinner for the campfire fun.


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