Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Saturday Afternoon and the surprise Party

Where are we today ?
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   This is the the rest of Saturday. the afternoon surprise party for Rob and Pat. Rob's 70th Birthday and their 50th anniversary. Organized by their Daughter Sandra at Rob and Pats house while they camped with us up here in the Ridge with our RV friends.
   All of us here at the Ridge made excuses to head out for a different party and left at various times to arrive before they did.

we got there early enough to sit out in the back yard
chat with a few people
we met before
      We were told they were on the way so we all  went out in the driveway and awaited their arrival.
soon they arrived
Their daughter Sandra on the left greeting them
as we all yelled surprise!
and they were.
hugs and greetings from everyone
good friend Rose from Arizona was here
nice cake for later
heading in the driveway
all spread around the yard
enjoying the sunshine
    Soon it was time to eat, an amazing spread of food set up with BBQ's Hamburgs and hot dogs all the topping and some very tasty salads as well.
they are looking wonderful a usual
we all gathered around as they enjoyed the first dance again
an of coarse share the first bite of cake
   Then they all gathered around for some family photos and I took a few, nice to see them all together.
Rob and Pat on the right, Daughter Sandra, and their son Trace

       These be them all with spouse and grandchildren, Trace's Twin brother Trevor could not make it.
So nice to see everyone again.

Pat and her sister Donna
     After the party Dance and picture taking people began heading home, we arrived back at the Ridge and Bill started a campfire, our last one here for this visit. We sat out for a while and chatted but were all done in by about 8:30 so in side for a bit relax and called it and early night.
     Thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoyed a great day as well. The early part of yesterday is posted HERE. if you missed it.  Now here it is Sunday morning and we are heading on down the road to another surprise party!

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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Now THAT looks like a fun party!!! Congrats to them for 50 years!!!

  2. Now that was a fun day for everyone. Always nice to be able to surprise people on a special occasion.

    1. It sure was a fun day and they really were surprised.

    2. Looks like everyone had fun wishing all the best to the Happy Couple.
      Be Safe and Enjoy the next special occasion.

      It's about time.

    3. We all had a wonderful time thanks.

  3. What a fun and well attended party, they have lots of friends.

    1. It was a lot of fun with all their friends and family.


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