Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, August 01, 2019

The rest of yesterday and most of todays's posting.

Where are we today ? 
Rock Glen Family Resort
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      This will finish up yesterday's posting and most of today.. Our good friends arrived yesterday afternoon and we have not seen them for quite a few years, so nice to get together again and catch up. Reliving old camping tails and fun camping together with these guys. So many fun times.
here they are backed in 2 sites up from us.
Shari-Lynn and Dave
      We chatted and amazing how the time just flew by. Melinda walked by with Tucker and stopped to meet them, Tucker Fixes for everyone.
Nice to see Melinda not in her work clothes
      Eventually we went home to whip up supper and the wagon ride was beginning right across from us.
full load tonight
         Supper last night a couple of boneless skinless chicken breasts on the grill mat with our Bourbon BBQ Sauce we love.
these cook quickly
     Added to that some chinese noodles with veggies and a small salad.
This sure hit the spot
    Then followed supper we joined them for a campfire on a very nice night, and once again time flew by, Before we knew it almost 11 pm ! Woe way past our normal bedtime, no wonder I was feeling  tired.
A beautiful night for a campfire
     We both had a very good night sleep after our late night and campfire. At 6 am was 52F outside, feeling kinda chilly. but I did get a nice walkabout the campground for 30 minutes , then home to putter around chatted with Dave and Shari-lyn for a bit the secured their coach and parked at a pull through site in the orchard and came back to visit a nd chat some more.
    Then shortly after 1 pm they took off to the Grand Bend Motorplex where they are going for the weekend. to watch the drag races they love. They have had the same camping spot for years from row with the races taking off right in front of them . lotsa friends there, campfires , good food and the races for the weekend.
chatting here enjoying our time together
 and this wonder summer weather
they left their spot in the orchard and headed to the races
drive safely and hope t see you again
         The rest of the afternoon week enjoyed reading in the shade until time for supper, Tonight a couple of Turkey Burgers and some fresh corn on the cob. Nothing like fresh local corn.
        3 pm Tucker dragged gerry over for Happy hour, she got a doggie fixe and he got his treats.
rolling in the shade
Tucker waits for the signal
John stopped by to confir with Gerry,
Tucker was right there for a hug
Turkey burgers fresh corn
nd english muffins in foil
a perfect sunny day blue skies
this guy walked by very chatty,
love seeing the kids having fun here
sure did the trick tonight
  Then at 630 we made our way to the clubhouse for tonight is Dart night again more social fun for us for a few hours 3 bucks each to play and maybe win something maybe not, not matter the fun time we do enjoy.
     No sunset tonight as it will be set before darts is finished.
     Another great day here with wonderful weather we enjoyed. 
     Thanks for dropping in and hope you had a great day as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. So nice to see friends after such a long time and it seems like you pick right up where you left off.

    1. It really was so nice to see these guys again and catch up after all these years.

  2. Always good to get back in touch with old friends and catch up with each other.
    A great morning for your walkabout at 52F, could use that cooler weather here!

    1. It really was wonderful to see these guys again. The cooler weather was nice change then warmed up nicely.

  3. A great but short visit with friends! Nice to have a fire, funny how that keeps you up later chit chatting but that always happens here too! Dinner looks so yummy, love our turkey burgers! The wagon ride is very popular, I love that. The little chatty guy is too cute. Somehow think he's cheating, by having his helmet in hand rather than on his head, but again he's not "riding" his bike :)

    1. It was a wonderful visit we all enjoyed, Dinner was tasty and we love these turkey burgers as well..
      He was cute chatting, but he a actually does wear his helmut when riding his bike.

  4. I bet if Tucker got off his leash, he would run directly to your rig. Love it!!!

    1. When Gerry comes over Tucker runs ahead of him off leash, right to our rig always excited to see Suzie.

  5. Tucker is one busy dog. He must have some politician DNA in him. ;c)

    1. It would make you think so, he makes the rounds to everyone.

  6. Nothing better than getting together with ole friends....especially ones you haven't seen for awhile!! I feel like I know I should send a treat in the mail hahaha!!! He sure loves Suzie!!
    That corn looks delicious!!

    1. Always great to meet up again with ole friends and catch up, it Has been a few years. Tucker impart of our lives and has been for many years , always likes a tree too.
      The local corn was excellent thanks.

  7. You certainly had lovely albeit short visit with your friends. Hope you win at darts. You never say but do you always eat dinner inside or sometimes outside at the picnic table?

    1. It was a very nice visit no matter how long they are always good. We normally eat inside (Suzie's preference) the food stays warmer unless there is a large group here which is seldom . Maybe a light lunch outside, sandwich or fruit.

  8. So glad you had a nice visit with your friends. How I envy the fact that you actually had to wear jackets around the campfire.

    1. We had a wonderful visit thanks, By 10 pm around the fire it was about 60F kinda chilly on our backs.


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