Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, August 16, 2019

Summerfest Weekend, great weather and an awesome fish fry tonight we enjoyed. Pet Pig!

Where are we today ?
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      These later nights and busy social times are catching up with me. I came home at 9pm from the campfire . Soon to bed and slept until 6:45 this morning wow, but I do feel well rested . And right back at it again today, more fun times here.
      I enjoyed once early morning walkabout temps about 65 f quite comfortable. Then a quick trip to Strathroy for some deals at the Super store the I can get points for. These points add up quick Next time I will have enough for $20.00 of free groceries. Usually about once a month.
    Home for a light lunch and enjoy some afternoon quiet time in the shade enjoying our page turners.

       A few pics from last night's campfire with friends and of course Henry on Suzie's lap.
Henry with Suzie
then to jump on Bill's lap as well
       This morning's walkabout by the pool a table tennis area.
The band will be here tomorrow night
         After a few more walkabouts chatting with  a few friends, Time for a nice long hot shower. And trim my hair and beard while Suzie does the  final trim for me, we do make a great team!
Linda dropped by with her puppies
 and right away to see Suzie
        About 3:30 over for Happy Hour with this bunch of friends, Lots of stories and many laughs as we always have.
Henry again right to Suzie for a rub
     A bit later this couple walked by taking their pot belly pig for a stroll.
Henry was not sure what to make of it
Looking and sniffing, what is this?
hm does not smell like a dog
     At 5:30 we headed down for the Fish Fry tonight. got a table and waited, chatted with friends as they arrived .
Good friend Ron Font is cooking the fish
our table was perfect
More friends arrived and joined us
      When our number was called we went up for a wonderful hot fresh cooked pickerel/walleye and homemade fries, and of course fresh buns and 2 choices of coleslaw , I choose the creamy one.
now this was an excellent, Fish fry. lightly
breaded and done to perfection only 10 bucks each
      Shortly after 6 pm  we headed home made more table space for others. Suzie did our dishes , I finished this posting and back to visit our friends for an campfire for a while.
this couple here with the kids
are travelling well
     That's about it for now, gotta party some more then call it a night. See how long I last tonight, heck I am not 20 anymore and burn out pretty fast.
     Glad that you stopped on by and hope you enjoy a nice day as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Yes best get your rest. Another full day and it looks like tomorrow you will enjoying a concert. There is no way I could keep up to you. Good for you for enjoying the awesome life you have. What was the difference between the two coleslaws at the fish fry?

    1. It has been a busy couple of weeks, and finding harder to keep up. We choose the creamy coleslaw the other was more course with a vinegar and oil dressing.

    2. Thank you. I would prefer the creamy. Don't think I have that other dressing with coleslaw.

  2. I get tired just reading about all this fun stuff. Well they say your only live once so enjoy!

    1. We get tired too, bit it has been a pretty fun time. Too bad it all happened at the same time. Would be nice to pace it out a bit more.

  3. Lots of good times there with friends. Campfires and happy hours, that is what makes summer such fun! The fish fry looks great! I prefer the creamy coleslaw too.
    Enjoy the Bon Jovi band tonight.

    1. Yes we have had many of those this summer and it is going so fast. The fish fry was excellent we really enjoyed it.
      The band will be a fun treat for us.

  4. That Henry is a lover dog. How cute!! I SWEAR I'm getting a Fry Daddy. Your fish always looks fantastic!! Enjoy the band ... I'm sure you will stay awake!!

    1. Henry is a sweetie for sure. We love our fry daddy and can take care of a fried food craving pretty quickly .
      Don't really know their music but will be a nice treat.

  5. Sounds like a fun day and that fish fry look delicious!

    1. It was a fun day and the fish fry was excellent as well.

  6. All your partying lately is making me tired!! LOL...Glad you're having so much fun! The fish fry looked awesome! Better than most restaurants it looks like! Give me a dog over a pig any day..haha. I really like the fact they do so many family oriented activities there!

    1. LOL making us tired too. The fish fry was excellent and a decent price as well. Yeah no pet pigs for me either.There is always fun activities for the kids as well as adults, something for everyone.Plus the pools, splash pad, mini golf , playgrounds etc.

  7. I was once a partier but I do not think I could keep up anymore. You and Suzie are really having a ball. I can not get over how much dogs love Suzie.

    I had to smile when I saw that pet pig and Henry baffled by what it might be...too funny :D

    1. We do mange to keep up somewhat but fade early in the evening. Nice to see these guys again.
      She never had a dog as a pet only farm dogs. And we really don't want one at least not right now.
      It was funny to see Henry really checking this pig out.


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