Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, August 02, 2019

Long weekend getting busy, and finally finished washing our coach.

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Family Resort
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      Darts last night was fun as usual and we made it home by 9 pm, Suzie an I both on the same team and no we did not win anything at all other than fun times for 3 bucks each.
another fun dart night and a good turnout
       A good sleep and up by 5:30 this morning 52F outside again but going to warm up again nicely.  I enjoyed a nice walkabout then just before 9 am headed out to Forest,  then Kettle point to fuel the car and a nice drive to the No Frills in Grand Bend a wonderful morning drive.
heading into Forest this morning a nice drive
        Here I picked up some Baby Back ribs on sale 3 bucks a lb and a few other specials, like our non alcoholic beer.  etc. Thinking this was Friday morning of the long weekend, Figured I could get in and out of Grand bend by 10 before there was too much traffic, WRONG ! The grocery store was very busy and when I pulled out to head into town the traffic was stopped , and barely moving at all still 2 miles into town. Hm. nothing we need that bad there, was going to stop at the Beer store and Liquor store, maybe Sobeys, oh well I can stop in Thedford on the way home where there is no traffic at all. Grand Bend is a major tourist destination in the summer and can be a zoo. I stopped at Juicy Fruit orchards on the way home to see if they had any white corn yet, not quite but the did have some field tomatoes, their first picking, nothing much better than fresh picked tomatoes. Then back home for lunch.
       This be the August Long weekend (Civic Holiday) the campground is beginning to fill up and will be a busy weekend here with lots going on if we wish to participate. The theme is Chocolate everything. Activities and a looks like a live Band Saturday and Sunday night as well.
they are open now  fresh corn beans, fruit and got some tomatoes
first batch of field tomatoes
           After lunch I enjoyed my e-reader for a while , then decided a good day to finish washing our coach after getting the roof sparkling clean again the other day, that makes the rest of it pretty dirty. Not long to do the coach from the ground less than and hour all done and shining again.  Can read a bit more than happy hour . Now a comfortable 80F in the shade with a nice breeze. perfect weather.
        Maybe finish the bit of waxing left I need to do tomorrow.
looks better now
         Shortly after 3 pm Happy hour evolved with Tucker running here followed by Gerry and his Granddaughter on her trike. Tucker knows the way with our without his leash.
right away on his chair a treat from Suzie
Gerry and his buddy
love her smiles a biker babe
    A bit later John stopped by to chat with Gerry as he was done work and Tucker ran right over to say hi!
another tiny treat for Tucker he only gets tiny ones
Hi Tuck!
Suzie went inside, he is waiting for her return
            Supper tonight will be a couple of Cowboy steaks I pickup up last week 1/2 price special 8 steaks in the bag , split them with Gerry and Melinda.We don' usually eat much beef but we do like it and can't pass up deal like that.  Soon fired up our Weber Q put on 2 baked potatoes, some fresh mushrooms and onions in foil, and our last 2 cobs of corn. For a tasty treat added a sliced up fresh field tomato just because we can and we have some, oh so good!
oh my smells so good
we had a feast and of course lotsa leftovers
my Tabasco steak sauce that I love too
    That was it for another great summer day we enjoyed,, The steaks are real tasty treat for us , but our tummies don;t think so , so we each took a pepcid AC to settled things down. Probably why e don't eat much beef.
     Thanks for dropping on by and hope ya' all enjoyed more of the wonderful summer weather as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Now that you had a wonderful week, hoping that you will Enjoy you long weekend.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

    1. We sure will and keep on having too much fun here.

  2. The baby is so cute and what a cool stroller/ bike she has going on. And Tucker and Suzie having there fixes. BBQ food looks so good.

    1. She sure is a sweetie and the stroller bike is a great idea. All in all it sure was a wonderful day. Ending with a tasty BBQ.

  3. What a great midsummer meal! Yum yum!

  4. That is a fine looking supper.

  5. Coach washing, just finished ours ... now for a coat of wax and then the windows. It's finally cool enough for the outside chores. You seem to inspire me to get things done.
    Nice feast you have cooked up there!

    1. It is nice to get those things taken care of when it is the right time and will look so much better.
      We did enjoy this rare treat very tasty.

  6. Your rig looks fabulous! Tucker certainly knows what side his bread is buttered on!!!

    1. Thank You, more polishing and waxing today and pretty well all done.
      Yes Tiucker sure does.

  7. Gerry's granddaughter has certainly grown since the last time I saw her picture...such a cutie pie!

    Your meal looks absolutely fabulous. I have been wanting a steak for a long time.

  8. She sure has been growing she is a cutie for sure, and our meal was excellent thanks . This steak was wonderful.

  9. That does look like a delicious dinner. Can't wait to meet you here.

    1. It was a wonderful dinner and hope to met up with you again.


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