Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, August 09, 2019

Now 5 couples together again all members of Rock Glen Resort.

Where are we today ?
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    After last nights supper, I took a nice walkabout around the Ridge and down the laneway to the road, it was such beautiful evening. Spotted Patsy walking back from her walk and back up the laneway we strolled. Then time to enjoy another campfires with good friends, Big git the fire going again.
    So more stories, laughs and good times until it began cooling down a bit and time for us the head inside and call it a night at 9 pm. Having all this fun wears us out.
view of their pond
at the end of the lane cattle grazing in the fields 
this be their place
Patsy heading back this way
the Ridge is the place
back up the lane to the campfire 
Bill got a nice fire going for us to enjoy
     This morning was up at 5:30 kinda chilly again, 52F outside. I put on a fresh pot of coffee so that Rob could join me at 6 am. Gotta be fresh coffee for Rob so we enjoyed his visit and chatting. At 6:30 he made sure Pat was up and ready to head out at 7 am they have more things to do today.
      Than at 8 am I took a drive into and around Durham for a few groceries , fuel the car and fill up our 5 gallon jug of RO water.  It was warming up but then a bit overcast, no rain predicted today, but a cool breeze.
       Below is the Conservation area day use beach on the river.
a nice beach here
quiet in the early morning
     Just up the road a bit on the  river is McGowan Falls.
small scenic falls over a small dam
         Back home, chatted with few of these guys for a bit and a light tasty lunch. Then I set up to restore our headlights  again on the car and the coach. They were due , usually 2 times a year.
this does nice job cheap and easy 
       Bill wanted to fire up a couple of his planes ,  good to give them some exercise, to make sure  they are still running good. He got one done , then a few sprinkles of rain so he put his stuff away again.
this one runs like new 
     I took nice walkabout down the lane and the road for a bit and back home again.
           At 1:30 Ron and Loree from Rock Glen resort arrived with their new truck and trailer.  Now we have all 5 of us together again, The last time was when were at Pilot Knob resort in California last  February. All together once again for more memories.
getting set up here
Freddie right here to see Suzie again
another great doggie fix
here we are all 5 rigs, in the wonderful camping spot
Thanks Bill and Patsy
water for Freddie
          Then shortly after 3 pm Happy Hour evolved  and we all got together .
LR Suzie,Loree,Ron. Bill, Rob,Patsy, Pat, Kim, and Ken
Freddie sitting with Bill
soaking the last of our corn for the Weber  Q
here we are lotsa room here
overcast but no rain happened
       About 5 pm home too whip up supper, Grille the soaked corn at the rest of our fresh mushrooms , plus our Framers sausage we enjoy Turkey and garlic.
not long this was wonderful
that was our tasty feast for today 
       Supper done and dishes done , looks like Bill has af ire going so we will join them for the evening. Any more pics from tonight you will see tomorrow .
      Once again thanks for taking the time to join us today and hope y"all had a good one as well
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. It appears that the ridge has become a regular campground. Are you all living off solar?

    1. it is a nice spot we are on solar some have 15 or 30 amp whatever they need it is all here for a few rigs.

  2. McGowan Falls while small are very beautiful and it changes with the seasons. Thank you for the headlight tip.

    1. They are very beautiful indeed, always nice to enjoy them while in the area. I found this does the trick for the headlights Turtle wax Headlight Restorer I get at Walmart in the States maybe Canada too.

  3. Going to get some of the headlight stuff for my truck. Really does the job I see. Nice walkabout you did and the waterfall pictures are lovely. Quite a group you all have going on. Have fun!

    1. It works pretty good for me. Always nice to explore new areas . We do have a fun group here making memo

  4. An impressive waterfalls. Nice to have the gang together and catch up with each other. Bet there will be lots of great Happy Hour stories.

    1. It is always fun with these guys and we all together again, Stories and laughs almost nonstop.

  5. You're having a regular RV rally there. Sure is beautiful country to be spending time.

    1. Yes we are having so much fun with good friends.

  6. Odd to see your regular Happy Hour group in such different surroundings, a lot greener for sure, Have fun!

    1. It is different but always fun and yes very green here now in the summer. Nice to hear from you guys again.

  7. It is so beautiful there. I can only imagine how much fun you are all having. Have a great time!

    1. This is It is a wonderful area to camp out even more fun with good friends.


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