Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Reliving old memories and making new ones, and another surprise party, moving on down the road.

Where are we today ? 
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     After Friday and Saturdays parties here in Durham camping with good friends. We secured our coach this morning and headed on down the road further east to Fenelon Falls Ontario  121 miles (195 kms) about 3 hour drive and wonderful scenic back country good roads.
todays nice drive
121 miles
Last nights sunset from ou dining room window
     We packed up secured the coach and hooked up the car said our good byes for now and headed on down the road at 9 am. This is another surprise 70th birthday party for my very good childhood friend Jim Kelly, we went to public school, and high school together, worked on our cars and motorcycles. and chased girls as teenagers. And because of him met my first wife. Friends for all those years sometimes apart but not for very long. Patsy took a nice portrait of us but do not have it yet, hopefully later.
this was a picture Pat's friend took
our crew from Rock Glen Resort
here at the Ridge
          Moving on down the quiet country roads hills and gullys. All of these roads I have traveled over the years some many , many years ago, lotsa cool memories.
         Making our way along past Devils Glen heading towards Collingwood. First sighting of Georgian Bay from the distance. As I child I remember always getting so excited we were almost at our cottage, most every weekend year round for over 10 years.
Georgian Bay Wasaga Beach in the distance
     Heading over the hill into Duntroon and spotted the Grain elevators in Collingwood where the ship yards used to be.
Made a right turn here heading through Stayner
 A lot of things have changed in 60 years but some still the same,  So many happy childhood memories here all coming back. Then through Anten Mills and Horse Shoe Valley, ski resorts here in the winter.
heading into Horseshoe Valley
     And a nice sight to see 2 Amish/ Mennonite buggies coming down the road. They were not here 60 years ago.
4 wheel buggy
a 2 wheel sportster
     We pulled into Sunny Acres campground at noon, and set up on a nice corner site, with electric and water, only here for 2 nights we can use the dump station on the way out.
a nice large site not much rain here
 as the grass is turning brown
we got all set up and relaxed in the shade
a wonderful 90F day with a light breeze
        The surprise party is at the other end of the campground so Jim will not know we are here if he is around, No doubt he is on the lake for most of the day doing what he loves FISHING probably for Muskie, it was a Muskie tournament today, but for children, so they fish for small fish not Muskie. Being a member forever with Muskie Canada. Time to arrive there is 3:30 so we will unwind here until then and make our way down by there site on the lake.
first person I saw was Ted Bishop. he went to the same high school as
Jim and I, we have hooked up many times over the years
we walkend down by the lake to see if he was done fishing yet
lotsa food on the BBQ chicken breasts  and some ribs all done
in the electric roaster
Jim arrived and very surprized
I found the perfect t shirt for him
so much wonderful food here
so tasty chicken , ribs, beans salads
right across was a beautiful beach on this lake
    Time for singing happy birthday and cutting the cake.
Christine cutting the cake while Jim watches
white and chocolate , love the fisherman on the cake
the young ones are first in line
chomping at the bit
a very tasty light cake not too sweet
Jim opening cards and gifts, lotsa laughs
     before we headed home a picture of us 3 his school friends, Me, Jim and Ted Bishop
still friends after  50-60 years, nice to get together
when we can
      We got hime about 7 pm and finished this posting after a fun day of catching up with good friends and some of Jim and Christines' family the last celebration like this was for our 50th birthdays!
       I did an early posting today of yesterday's surprise party if you care you can check that HERE  . so for now we will soon be heading on down to have more party fun making more new memories. And fun with my buddy Jim and friends.
         Thanks for joining us with all this fun we are having.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Jim really looked surprised when everyone showed up. Nice having life long friends.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It was so nice to see him again and catch up, He was really surprised , just came in from the fishing tournament and we were all there.

  2. You guys have had a busy few days!

    1. Yes we sure have so nice to catch up with good friends when we can.

  3. Nice parties, and that they all pretty much were a surprise. Are you all partied out now or are there still more to come?

    1. We have been busy with these surprise parties, We feel partied out, but actually have more friends to socialize with that we don't see often in the next week back at Rock Glen resort.

  4. It is nice that after all these years you have remained friends. I loved your gift to him and apparently he liked it too!

    1. It is nice to keep in touch when we can over the years, lotsa great memories. I jus had to get that t-shirt for him when I saw it, completely Jim loves women and lives to fish.

  5. Sorry I am later than you for the pix.
    Memories and time spent with dear friends is so special. Looks like another great party.
    The cake is cute! Just perfect for a fisherman.
    Enjoy your time in the park. That makes our grass look really green!!

    1. Patsy no need to be sorry I post when it works out for me and happened before you, I got it and appreciate it very much. The cake was perfect for Jim. It is pretty dry here compared to your grass. We do love this area it has been a few years, some touring around today.

  6. What a great gathering, great that the party could have remained a surprise with so many in attendance.
    Nice park right on the lake, enjoy your short stay there with your friends.

    1. Yes Jeff it was a fun party and great that he was surprised, Always enjoy our visits with Jim whenever we can.

  7. Love the pic of the three of you handsome men! What a wonderful last few days you've had with so many friends. He looks good in the shirt you gave him, too cute! Love the cake and all the food, yum! Bet you're ready to relax a bit now!

    1. Thank you, more fun memories , great to see these guys again. The food and fun was wonderful. Not a lot of relaxing for us for another week yet, Lots more friends to see wile we can.

  8. Another party! How fun. LOVE the shirt ... it's perfect!! and of course CAKE .. my favorite food!

    1. It sure was fun time, and the shirt I saw it a nd just knew I had to get to for Jim.Good food then gotta have a birthday cake.

  9. Looks like a fine party with some good food. Great that you have retained the friendship over the many years.

    1. It really was a wonderful party and he was surprised. So glad that we have been able to keep in touch over the years.

  10. It's nice to drive down memory lane with all those childhood fun times, and also great to visit with old friends :-) Love the T-shirt!

    1. Thanks Guys, the shirt was perfect for him And all those amazing childhood memories`ies coming back again , gotta love it,

  11. How fun! So glad that you friend was surprised. You certainly picked the perfect gift. Another great day.

    1. We had a Ball and that shirt was the perfect gift for him, after all the years we have known each other .

  12. Boy, that road looked familiar! Sorry we missed you at Bill and Patsy's this year.

    1. I figured you would recognize that road I have travelled many times over the years. it would have been b=nice if you could have dripped on by for a visit as well.


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