Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, August 12, 2019

Awesome weather, visiting my Father, and more quality time with my good friend Jim.

Where are we today ?
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      After another fun surprise party for my good friend Jim and see Ted again plus all of Jim's family as well as the excellent meal we got back home around 7 pm last night. A bit later Jim came over to visit with us last night and chat for a while until after dark and it cooled down, Christine arrived a bit later to join us as well more catching up, just the 4 of us was really nice.

     Not long afterward we were in bed sound asleep very quickly. Up this morning at my usual 4:30 am it as a chilly 59 outside but as the sun came up the temperature quickly climbed. After a few coffees I enjoyed a nice quiet walkabout this quiet campground about 7:30 and down to the lake, first mile of the day. What a beautiful area that we love. In the Kawartha's vacation country of Ontario .
love the views across the lake here so peaceful
Jim's boat here
nice quiet beach in the early morning
          A bit later we took a drive through Fenelon Falls to Bobcaygeon, areas my stomping grounds back in the 70's, 80's and 90's many times, when my Father had a cottage and then house in Bobcaygeon, He and his wife are buried in the cemetery there in town so I wanted to go and visit with him for a bit , while we are close by, it has been a few years. Dad and I had so many fun times together and along with his wife Shirley back in the day.
Just had to come by and chat with him again
     We drove about town past this stone cow that I remember step sister Kim and I walked on by to the local bar in town late at night. Too funny she wanted to take this cow along with us.
this was the Bar we headed to was
called the Doctor's office, a real hopping place
we were much younger single and more foolish
         Then Suzie and I strolled the streets and checked  out the lift locks like we like to do .
these locks are so cool to see in operation
a few boats waiting
walking across the gates to the other side
then check out Bigleys a very expensive tourist place.
but have been here forever
a cool 57 Chevy Pickup on the street
heading back a couple of boats
coming through the locks
more boats on the other side waiting
hey a unicorn on the river!
    Then making our way back to camp stopped at the Fenelon Falls lift lock to check it out, Why not we have the time. There was 4 boats in the lock waiting for the water to lower and take them down to the lower river level.
waiting for the water too go down
not long the gates opened and they carried on
a cool operation
and away they go
we walked up river a bit and checked
 out some of these houseboats
just because we could
they have bicycles here you can use to ride about town
interesting house boats we can rent and tour the lift locks ,
 and the whole Trent canal system maybe someday

this would a be a cool way to explore the lakes
now this guy has very large Yacht we chatted with
AQUAHOLIC is the name
    Back home we enjoyed a light tasty lunch , Then shortly after my Buddy Jim came by to visit while Christine took her Grand Daughter to the beach. What a fun afternoon Jim and I had , (Suzie as well) Chatting with him and rehashing so many of the last 60  years filling in the gaps here and there.
Jim, me and Suzie chatting where did the 3 hours go?
          Then about 4;30 I made up a simple salad to take the their place for Supper , using up the leftover chicken from yesterday at there friend Dale's ( he did the ribs and beans yesterday).
back at Dales while he reheated the chicken
an we had another feast just the 6 of us at Dale's place
what a tasty meal we enjoyed.
    After supper we enjoyed a lively game of cards that was fun, They had to teach me and I ended up winning, beginners luck?  Too bad we were weren't playing for money, don't remember the name of the game but was easy, and quick paced.
 lively card game we all enjoyed
soon tine for us to head home
    Jim was heading back to his home has some doctors appointments tomorrow , Glad that he could stay here today and visit with us, We will try to get together  more often in the future.
     Any who it was a fun day we  enjoyed here and back on the road in the morning to Rock Glen Resort catching up with more friends again,  "The party never ends,"  it seems like.
     Thanks  for taking the time to visit.  Sunday morning we got a few group pictures of us good friends at their Ridge, taken and Patsy did this one below, I borrowed it from her blog Chillin' with Patsy.
thanks Patsy for taking this great photo
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. You certainly had a lovely day wandering about, visiting your Dad, the locks and old memories. Even better that you got special time with your good friend Jim. As I always say, it is so important to live each day to the fullest.

    Interesting table extension in the RV to play cards on.

    1. It sure was a wonderful day visiting some of my old haunts, beautiful cottage country scenery. And a great time with Jim it was a full day for sure. . That was just another table set up next to the other one.

  2. What a great day once again with good friends and wandering around the locks. That shirt you gave Jim really was a winner he seems to really love it.

    1. Yes JO it was an excellent day, checking out places have not been to in a while. Jim does like his shirt for sure.

  3. First and third lake pictures are very good!! You guys sure keep busy.

    1. Thank you there is some wonderful scenic views it this part of Ontario.

  4. Great walk around town to view the locks. Quite interesting how they work. Lake pictures are awesome with the reflections showing off the still water.

    1. I always like to stop and view the locks and the boats that come through them, And the lake views areaways wonderful wherever we are.

  5. There's nothing like going down memory lane. I love to watch boats go through the locks. We actually were on a boat going through the big locks in Lake Huron and later the Erie Canal. Looks like you've had a really nice summer with friends.

    1. Watching the boats in the lift locks here is always fun. And yes a very busy summer visiting with friends .

  6. We used to own a lakefront property on Pidgeon Lake in Bobcaygeon and your pictures brought back memories. We did the locks on the Trent-Severn Waterway with our own vessel. In fact we went through so many locks over time with our boats that the count is close to 300! locks. I think we'd like to visit that area again with our camper.

    1. It is beautiful areas to explore we actually camped around here in a few places for over 18 years. When it was more affordable and we had some membership parks too. The lock would be fun for sure and you have done them.

  7. What a beautiful area! I know we've seen locks in a few places, pretty cool. The house boats would be fun to rent and travel for a few days..I know here they're pretty expensive, but maybe one year. Nice that Jim came to visit and you were able to chit chat for 3 hours! Great to have friends like that. Then to end the day with a great meal with more friends! Nothing better.

    1. This is a beautiful area we have enjoyed, for many years. Nice to come back again for a visit. Yes the house boats here are pretty expensive as well, but we could give it a shot someday. Chatting the afternoon away with Jim was a real treat and then another fine meal with friends.


  8. Looks like a fine day you had and the canal system is neat.

    1. Yes Larry it was a great day , this water way is amazing to travel.

  9. Glad to hear you had a nice time stomping around in my "old country". My son still lives in the area. it has been TOO LONG since I went for a visit down that end.

    1. it is wonderful country to visit and explore, we were due for another visit after a few years.

  10. You're quite the traveler's this summer.

    1. Yes Stew we sure have been almost like the old days, exploring all of Ontario.

  11. I enjoyed the pictures of the lake with the clouds reflecting on the water. Actually, I enjoyed all of the pictures. Believe it or not I have never seen a lift lock before.

    Nice area with so much to do. You all have been busy bees lately.

    1. Glad that you enjoyed these pictures it is a wonder are we love, and the gift locks are amazing to see.We do love this area.
      Yes we have been very busy and more to come.


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