Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

More friends , more Happy hours, and remembering my younger brother, improvements here at Rock Glen.

Where are we today ?
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            Heading home after last nights campfire we crawled in to bed and was out like a light.
what a great campfire John Made
John, Wendy and the puppies
around the campfire we gathered
      John had some of the Chocolate Kahlua with hot chilies kinda tasty it was. I do like hot and spicy.
an interesting drink
     After supper Tuesday night they are finishing the concrete sidewalk around the block house across from us.
looking good
very nice improvement here
    I headed out about 7:30 thing morning for my first walkabout around the campground , first mile in and chatted with a few people along the way.
    Then I headed to Juicy Fruit Farms for some fresh corn that they have and we love especially the white corn.
beautiful clear blue skies, on an awesome day
they sell what they grow
fresh picked corn, Bi colour, or white corn we love
they even have yellow corn as well
no tomatoes right now later today
    After a light lunch I headed into Forest for a few more items and the Food Land had a nice basket of local field tomatoes that I picked up too many but a very good price and we wanted some anyway. Shared some with our friends.
we still have half a basket
     Now to relax in the shade for a while enjoying our page turners and over to visit with more friends that are here this week. Always nice to see these guys again and catch up for a while. We were invited for a meal with them but had already thawed out some salmon for us tonight so had to pass this time.
Always nice to meet up with these guys again
pretty well every year
once or twice
         Soon was time to put new batteries for my hearing aides, and check out the concrete sidewalks that they poured yesterday . They had been power washing all day so checked it out and was really impressed with the finished product. Instead of smooth concrete they made a rough surface so that it would not be slippery.
love the texture of it
 a very nice improvement 
think this os wonderful
      Now shortly after 3 pm over to visit with more friends and Happy Hour. All of us here again as well as Ken and Kim who arrived this afternoon. More catching up and more fun conversation and laughs. Always fun times with these guys.
      As the sun got warmer we moved to beside John and Wendy's trailer for some cooler shade.
Barb hobbling over with her broken foot
more comfortable here in the shade
    I took a few minutes to walk down 2 sites to check how our other friends were making out with their feast that we could not make today.
corn on the open fire
they getting ready soon
Dave picked up some firewood from Oli
for tonights campfire
       Home to whip up supper tonight a salmon fillet and 2 cobs of fresh picked white corn all done on our Weber Q , no pots to wash. This corn is so sweet and tender.
not long this was done to perfection
Salmon , corn and fresh field tomato
really did the trick tonight
    A bit later we will join this guys  for a campfire once again, just because we can. So I will wrap up this posting and get back to you tomorrow. Don't see these guys very often at all.
     Thanks for joining us today and hope you enjoyed a good day as will.     Below is a picture on Me and my baby brother Don would have been 57 years old today, but was taken from us at 38 years old , way too young. Him and I had a lot of fun together over the years.
Don, Me and my '56 ford I was restoring.
my sidekick back then

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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. I can understand the feeling when we lose a sibling at a young age. Something I'll never understand. It seems you guys are always having too much fun! We should come and visit. BTW, the sidewalk that was just textured, in Mexico we call it piedrita de Reynosa. I have no idea why it is called that unless it comes from Reynosa. Now I'll have to check!!! SLDS

    1. It is not a great feeling something I never get over but do have some wonderful memories of our times together over the years. We are enjoying this wonderful lifestyle and yes you should visit, you were so close a couple of years ago too bad we did not hook up then. Interesting about the sidewalk texture have never seen that before way too cool.

  2. Family and friends they make life full. Your day appeared wonderful corn-on-cob and fires the best of summer. The intensity of your loss is equal to your love for your brother. Thank you for sharing him with us.

    1. Yes they sure do. The perfect summer day , like you said including the weather.He was such a caring person, we had a very special relationship.

  3. Busy, busy but it's all great fun. More great looking veggies.

    1. This is a busyntime here for us. Enjoying the summer fun.

  4. Such a cute picture of you and your brother, so sad you lost him at such a young age!

    1. Thank you one of my favourites. He was my sidekick for all those young years and for most of his life. So many wonderful memories. He had dreams that he never fulfilled, so sad.

  5. Looks like a wonderful day of friends, food and good times.
    Continue to enjoy the good things while at R.G.

    1. It was a very nice day, good friends and good food. All is good here.

  6. Gosh ... an RV park doing repairs. That's something I don't see much any more. Great no-slip walkway. The corn? Yum yum!!! What a great way to prepare it over an open fire.

    1. They actually do keep this park looking good and put money back into it. It has to look good if they want to continue selling memberships. A large pot of corn over open fire is so nice when camping with friends.

  7. I like the looks of that big pot of corn and the group fun you always seem to be having

    1. Thank Larry this local corn is wonderful and a few groups off friends here all at the same time is sure keeping us busy having fun.

  8. Always cherish those good memories
    That big pot of sweet corn has my mouth watering. Still only peaches and cream on our travels

    1. Yes so many great memories and fun. Peaches and Cream is popular and sells the most that is why you don't see the real good stuff.

  9. Another lovely day in your life, surrounded by so many friends. This lifestyle is certainly working for you. Nice photo of you and your brother way back when. Another great memory.

    1. It was a wonderful day enjoying the company of our friends. this lifestyle sure does work no complaints here. More new memories made as well.


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