Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Fun visiting family and relocate with more friends not far away.

Where are we today ?
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     Wow a great sleep last night until 6:30 this morning, pretty rare for me. was 68F outside  then and quite foggy , but we are in no rush today  A short walkabout , chatted with Cathy and Clare for a while.
looking west 
our nice parking spot here
        After Suzie had her shower and we enjoyed some nice conversation with them inside before we hit the road. What a fun visit we had so nice to catch up with her Aunt and Uncle again,.
Cathy and Clare
      Now enjoying the wonderful back country drive to Patsy and Bill's Ridge, to meet up with some good friends we have camped with many times over the years.
gotta love these quiet roads to travel
       Passing through Chesley Ontario right past BIG Bruce ,always nice to see him again.

     Headed into Hanover and stopped by the Canadian Tire gas bar fuel our coach for a good price, Seeing it was noon, we parked for a bit and enjoyed a light tasty lunch before carrying on to Patsy and Bills. Arriving there just after 1 pm. A bit of a detour around Durham past the conservation area that we know well.
nice relaxing country driving 
here we are at the Ridge 
heading up the laneway
     Kim and Ken had arrived too we parked in front of them, Rob and Pat's trailer to the left and Patsy and Bills on the far left.
we are all set up
by 3 pm was time for Happy Hour with these guys
6 of the 1o of us have arrived 
     Before we knew it flapping our gums and catching up was 5 pm time to whip up supper for us, Headed home put 2 cobs on corn (in the huskies, soaked in water) and grilled a turkey Burger for Suzie and a Chirozo burger for me. While Suzie enjoyed here reading time.
not long this was all done perfectly
corn and burgers done in no time
love this yellow corn we got yesterday
 at the market so sweet and tender
yup this did the trick
         Supper done and dishes done blog posted for now going the enjoy a campfire with our friends .
         More fun and games here over the next few days and enjoying this wonderful weather.
last nights wonderful sunset
between the house and the barn
Just before we headed in last night Cathy
brought a large bowl of fresh popped popcorn
she was making for the grands
and shared with us
oh my don't need any more
but we ate the whole bowl!
         Glad that you stopped and by and hope you enjoyed your summer day as well

55 miles, one hour travelling the scenic back roads

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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Looks like some great "community" camping going on. You know you are having fun when you are sore from laughing.

    1. Yes Barney we are having too much fun here and just the way life should be right?

  2. Nice to meet up with your friends again and still waiting for a few more. Have fun!!

    1. We always have fun with these guys here, always nice to catch up whenever we can.

  3. Looks like a fun few days coming for sure. Enjoy!

  4. Oh my, I can see that the next few days are going to be even more fun than normal. Let the good times begin!

  5. You'll be having some nice Happy Hours and lots of conversations on this campout. Lots of good times coming.

    1. Yes Jeff we will be reliving good times and creating more.

  6. How fun you all get to meet up at the ridge. I see some great happy hours in your future!!

    1. Yes Nancy lotsa fun times for us, now just need a few more plus you and we will be back together again.

  7. It was a short visit with Suzie's aunt and uncle. How nice that the owners of The Ridge are able to host a large number of friends at their property. I am sure it is going to be a very enjoyable stay.

    1. A short visit is better than none, It has been a few years, plus they had there daughter and grands arrive as well. And At the Ridge Patsy and Bill are full-time as well, have the room and enjoy the company in the summer. We always connect somewhere in the winter as well.


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