Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, November 19, 2012

Clermont Florida south to Fiesta Keys, and an Awesome Sunset too !

Where are we today ?
        Well today we have a destination in mind Fiesta Keys Resort in the Florida Keys. A mere 351 miles but we are primed for the trip , much longer than we usually do in a day but we can do it. Slide in, jacks up, hook up our toad and hit the road about 7:45 this morning, hopped on the toll road and headed south.
        We got off the toll ($24.00 later) at Fort St. Lucie to fuel at the Flying J and decided to try I-95 a free road to see how it is. Well not too bad but a very busy interstate taking us thru West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and Miami, many lanes and traffic but still went pretty good, until we hit the end of I-95 the almost thru Miami on hwy 1.
351 Miles  (534kms)
Toll road

hwy 1 thru Miami
          Then onto Hwy 1 heading to the the Keys. A good two lane road, not too busy and a bit of nice scenery along the way, very relaxing.
Boats everywhere
        Small towns and villages along the way, lotsa touristy places and campgrounds and boat ramps everywhere. We are driving on a hwy made on sandbars between the small islands, water on both sides of us, pretty cool.

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our resort right ahead of us on a sandbar
Got here about 2:30 and checking in
our site
the ocean from our site
        Now this place is a destination, nothing really fancy but location is what brings the prices. A waterfront site here is $125.00 a night with full hookups. We got a pull thru site only $110.00 a night. Love the prices eh??? Would we pay this ?  Never. We came in with our ROD (Resorts of Destinction) membership and we can stay a week free. Thats why we are here don't ya know, free is the magic word.
        Met a nice couple Mike and Diane neighbors next to us from Ontario as well, near Ottawa about three hours from our home area. And of course they have a dog for Suzie to play with Driver a nice friendly golden lab.
you takin my picture?
        We got the word that at 5:20 pm the sunsets over the water and we have to bring a drink with us and enjoy this special moment with a few others here.
         Meet everybody and try impossibly to remember names, took a few shots of an awesome sunset to share with y'all and add to our memory banks.
chatting, watching and waiting
Suzie is the Lady in Red with the hat
         Ok got our first great sunset this winter, back home to fire up our Weber Q-100 and grill up a wonderful smoked pork chop to share, add a tasty rice pilaf and we have a wonderful supper after a fun day heading south.
        Thats it we here, weather is great, have nice neighbors  and all is good.
        Just wanna thank y'all for stopping by and taking a peak, hope you had a great day too!

Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter
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  1. I love the keys. It makes me want to go again. It's a wonderful place to be!

  2. Free? Or included in your membership costs?

    1. After all costs and dues it costs us $2.73 a day for our memberships whether we use them or not. We actually pay no overnight fees to the campgrounds

  3. It does not get much better than that. Sure hope that we we eventually drove there rather than fly there that that ROD park will still be there.

  4. Careful George You could come out of there with a tan!

    1. No problem, we have a year round tan, just from being outside everyday, not sitting in the sun either.

  5. Looks like it should be another fun week, you sure got off to a great start. Enjoyed your sunset pictures. Have a great Tuesday!


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