Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A fun day visiting friends in Frostproof Florida

Where are we today ?
        Today is gonna be another one of these awesome days again. And we have a plan to go visit some friends from one of our home parks in Ontario (we have two). Phil and Judy follow our blog and happened to notice that we are in Clermont only about 65 miles away from where they winter in Frostproof Florida. Love that name Frostproof sounds like the perfect place to live.
a nice easy drive
        After a couple emails we arranged to drop by there for a visit today about 1 pm. Easy to find outside our resort, turn left and head south on I-25/27 make a left turn and into their resort 90 minutes later. So nice to get together with old friends, that we have known for over 6 years now. And kinda cool that we can get together here in Florida. Perfect weather not too hot or windy. Got there at 1 o'clock.
they have a nice place here
         Now chat and catch up, a few jokes, a beverage or two and a big bowl of popcorn then before we know its getting close to 4 o'clock. Hmm time just flies when your having fun. Say our good byes and head back home arriving shortly after 5 just in time to whip up supper. Thanks guys for your great hospitality, see you guys again in the summer, or maybe even sooner, ya never know.
        On the way down and back we passed many orange groves, (oranges everywhere) and this huge factory Florida's Natural where they process all natural orange juice.
        Thats it for a nice tour today, we back home, gonna whip up a tasty supper, boneless chicken breast, sautéed in butter and some hot sauce, leftover noodles from last night and a fresh tossed salad. Quick easy and so tasty.
        Supper's done, a walkabout then call it a night. Inside to compute, read and watch a bit on the tube.
        Glad y'all could drop by for a read, stop by again if you care.

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  1. It's always nice to meet up with friends no matter where you are.

  2. Hi George and Suzie

    Isn't it nice to meet up with blog readers !!

    Looks like you are having great weather !!

    Thank you so much for checking in on us from time to time ...

    Take care ... TnT

  3. Can't think of a better name than Frostproof for a winter vacation!


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